Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 7 – Spring 2021
Series 7 – Inevitable Changes
Thursday 27th May 2021
The lost gallery of quintessentially simplistic and beautiful blossoms

It’s a gorgeous blue sunny and warm day today, albeit l am still somewhat sluggish, l am on quite high dosage painkillers – and although they are not prescription tablets, because l don’t take any kind of tablets or medication on a regular basis they can have a rather annoying side effect or two with me … l am taking them under advisement for my dental pain because my mouth is in a precarious position and it causes me now daily pain. You will have read yesterday that l was at the dentist for it and l now have a dental recovery and repair journey beginning on the 21st June, so l must be forever mindful of how l treat my mouth. The tablets make me a little woozy and award me stomach issues.

Severe mouth, jaw, gum and tooth pain and discomfort have been companions of mine for nearly five or six years now, so at the slightest twinge l tend to be a little alert these days, but at times even l can miss it. Suze was here Tuesday for a walk and l was running a slight fever during the afternoon, l was overheating in my body as well, and l put it down to a rough night’s sleep, but Suze suggested when l said my jaw was painful if l was starting to get an abscess?

All that remains of the beautiful blossoms from last week.

I didn’t think l was, just put it down to the daily dose of pain l have had for the last x amount of years – but by Tuesday night, the pain was starting to worsen and my fever was getting higher. Wednesday morning at 3am, l awoke to chronic pain in my mouth and knew there was an issue at hand and l suffered with an exceedingly poor night’s remaining sleep, rang the dental surgery half eight yesterday morning and was very lucky to receive an appointment for the same day. The luck continued with an astonishing dental plan cost that allowed me to basically get a full repair starting from next month at a totally fantastic price.

Excellent news … l still have major discomfort today BUT l now have the knowledge that light is at the end of the tunnel for this problem.

Have you noticed at times that if you receive ‘good luck’ in one area, that you receive bad luck in another? Ever happened to you? Like the unbalanced equilibrium issue – give with one hand and take away with another in order to achieve a weird ‘balance’ of sorts?

No? It happens to me quite a lot actually ……….. happened yesterday – l got that good news about my teeth, then my companion cybershot camera broke!! Despite being taken care of in the right way, the internal card corroded and everything was destroyed, the camera itself had been a little sluggish in the last week and now, it’s just hanging on. So l had to order a newer model just to be safe. Not the same as the cybershot, but l have arriving tomorrow a Canon IXUS 185 Digital Camera. It has a 16 x zoom as opposed to my 10 x zoom and is a renewed model. Then suddenly after l did that the older camera decided it was only pranking me and decided to work again …………………. ????????

However, it’s never bad to have a backup and l have learned when things like this go slightly awry there is usually a reason for it. l lost several photographs in the process inside the camera for some reason .. but today during my walk the photos l took this morning were fine and rather astonishingly the photos that were lost suddenly appeared in my PC when l was downloading.

I am thrilled about that because they show you the truly beautiful blossoms that were in the graveyard of St Clements church last Friday that are not there now because of the terrible weather we had here this week, and the blossoms were stunning – however you can see for yourselves in the last gallery.

Anyway, this afternoon, doped up on painkiller as l am, l am going to take full advantage of the weather and l also have a summer garden to plant out so l’ll leave you with the beautiful greens of this morning’s stroll through the church and the lost gallery too. The photos through this post are of the graveyard of St Clements church as they were this morning in the sun whilst the gallery displays the beautiful blossoms of late last week.

Thanks for reading, catch you next time

24 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. Absolutely! My living situation resolved beautifully and now I’m in massive back pain. Everything was going great with the fam and then my son in law had a massive car accident. Never ends…

        1. Good, l am pleased Paula – there is just way too much shit in today’s world and no more is needed. The last thing needed on top of that material stress is physical stress too for you and all the family.

  2. I get nervous if too much good comes my way, but I’m comfortable when the balance stays tipped on the negative side.🤪🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ We humans are an odd bunch, that’s for sure.

    My cybershot is still in my drawer, practically unused. The camera on my phone works well. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m sure i will use it at some point. I was expecting to upgrade my phone, but had no idea the camera would be so good🤷🏼‍♀️

    I’m happy to read you’ve got Sunshine! That natural vitamin D is good for the spirit😆

    Beautiful cherry blossoms! Flowering trees are beautiful. Most flora is beautiful.

    1. Yes had a busy day, but as l sit here responding to comments tonight, the pain killers are now ripping my stomach apart – such is life .. as Paula says it never ends.

      1. I wonder why they can’t give you a medication that won’t trade one pain for another.
        A few medications the doctors had me try (wanting to get me away from opiates🤦🏼‍♀️) gave me stomach pain that felt like metal shavings mixed with broken glass. It was worse than the pain it was supposed to help.🤦🏼‍♀️

        It really *IS* always something. 🙄

        1. I asked about stomach liners and antiB’s – but they said just use the highest dosage of ibuprofen which here and over the counter from the Chemists are only 400g.

          I was reading recently that the NHS are trying to steer away from awarding people painkillers now.

  3. The Universe always balances my good news with bad news but sometimes gets confused and balances my bad news with more bad news.

  4. I do like a nice stroll through an old graveyard – I’ve got an old Powershot that is doing wonky things with the memory card…

  5. Wow! I feel your pain with the dental issues, which we discussed yesterday. My hubby has issues, as well. Swishing with peroxide will help with infection and also apple cider vinegar. I have a water pic, best purchase I ever made, which is very helpful! I’m surprised your doc didn’t give you antibiotics. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.

    1. Hey Eugenia, the NHS has started to veer away from prescribing AntiB’s to patients these days sadly.

      They know l have pain now daily, and have said the best l can do is buy over the counter pain killers which here in the UK for me is only ibuprofen 400g’s. They acknowledged that my discomfort would be great, but come the start of my dental recovery, the pains should lessen.

      My damage really started way back in 1989 when l was hit by a train door as it came into the station, and an old guy opened it before the trained had stopped on the platform. it hit me full in the face and although not killing me dead, it fractured my jaw in several places and started the slow deterioration of my mouth. Dental practice at the time didn’t think about xraying the damge, merely pulled three upper molars which were aimed towards the back of my throat ……….. twenty five years on from that point dentists were able to basically say that the 1989 incident was the responsibility for my mouth’s issue but l was never in a problem to be able to finance the recovery and my father wouldn’t help, so l had to muddle on.

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