What are your bookie odds then?

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I was reading this article the other day online which discussed the type of character we are when it came to how we had our books arranged in our lives. It was an intriguing read and did make me ponder further when l then walked around my house and looked at my books and their locations and did l have a particular style or preference with regards to my books?

As you can see in the gallery above – l have books in all formats – by row, by stack, by random stack and abstract – all the books are handled at one point or another – but l don’t just have books but l also have magazines – of everything you can see above, it doesn’t display the Kindle which holds a further 60 books – but that just sits in a flat position and all the books are digital so they don’t count in the whole how are they stacked question debate. My books live in the kitchen, in the bedroom on the bedside stand, on the floor, in shelves and display shelving and on tables …. there is no deliberateness to how they are displayed – of sorts, some are displayed as a visual presentation but still read.

I am currently in the throes of hard reading once more as l study business concepts so l have a good supply of material by my bed, but gone are the days when l used to have bookshelves filled with nothing but books as now shelves and units are home to other more practical items. I have possibly 200 books to read across all genres. I read very little fiction now as opposed to non fiction and self-help, gardening, journalism and writing and how to’s. I go through long phases of non-fiction over that of fiction and that at times dominates how l have my books available in the shelves.

Over the years l have had thousands of books in my homes. As a teenager l used to specialise in horror and the occult and between the years of 1978 – 1981 l had in my bedroom alone nearly 3000 books on various topics all the way through various genres on huge wooden and breeze block purpose built shelves that lined the longest wall of my bedroom measuring six feet high by twenty feet in length – it was a lotta book!

Also when young l ‘simply had to, no question about it’ have my books in alphabetical order by writer and used to go nuts if someone pulled a book out and reinserted it into the wrong area, but as l aged l decided it was easier on the sanity front to have the books in genre order only. These days however, l have my books in loose genre as in in the kitchen, l have my gardening books as the kitchen in closet to the garden for reference, l have my bear reference books in the loungeroom and l have my favourite childhood books in a display unit by the front door – everything else is just as is and where as is.

The article What the way you arrange your bookshelves says about you listed six main groups of bookie, these being, alphabetical, genre, colour coded, chronological, by value and stack n pack. I realised that when l was a youngster, l was an alphabetical as l read hundreds of books a month and needed them quickly and as l aged l became more genre orientated but now l am mostly stack n pack with genre overtones …..

Below are the brief explanations to each grouping ….

AlphabeticalWhat it says about you: You’re a voracious reader who wants to find any book in your (probably vast) collection quickly.
By genreWhat it says about you: You’re cultured, you’re interesting, you know a lot about a lot.
Colour codedWhat it says about you: You’re a visual thinker with a creative eye. And lots of time on your hands.
ChronologicalWhat it says about you: You know your history. You have an academic bent. You’re the person your friends text under the table when they’re at a pub quiz.
By valueWhat it says about you: Books have shaped you and are the trophies of your past. You may also be a touch sentimental.
Stack ‘n’ packWhat it says about you: You have a what will be will be approach to life, and don’t believe in too much order. You may also have a small taste for danger.

.… so now you have read them, and hopefully the main article too ….. what style bookie are you?

Let me know your thoughts below. Cheers.

58 thoughts on “What are your bookie odds then?

  1. I’ve never had a particularly large book collection, as I’ve always used the public library a lot. Those books that I do have are organized by genre.

  2. Almost all my reading material is on my Kindle. Hundreds of books to read and to be read. I got rid of most physical books when my ex and I sold our place. Simply didn’t have space for all that stuff in an apartment. But I still had a bunch! When I moved here to my condo, I got rid of even more. Now I have all my favorite old books, or meaningful ones, in ONE small storage box in my closet. They are arranged so as best to fit in the box, that’s all. When I get a new physical book, which isn’t often, it stays out on a table until read. When finished, I either give it to someone else or donate it. I simply do NOT want my place all cluttered up with stuff!

  3. I’m a stack n pack, and genre. Within the genres are groups of authors.
    I don’t buy many physical books because space, but I DO have copies of favorites!

    Hmmm… does that describe me?? Maybe so… maybe so.

    1. Stack n pack sums your character quite well as does genre, you are like me with regards books l feel .. when you say copies l am guessinjg you mean digital copies?

      1. I buy physical books of favorite authors, and books I re-read often. (When I was still reading)
        I also have tons of digital books in my tablet.

        Copies in this context just mean physical books. I don’t usually buy a digital and a physical, though I do have a few doubles.

        1. I have too many books and can understand Paula’s sentiments with regards minimalist book keeping, but as l agreed with betty there is something more appealing about a hard copy of a book over that of a Kindle copy.

  4. I’ve always loved books! Store them by genre, on shelves in the living room and family room. As I have a wide range of interests, they are on many various topics. Although I don’t read much anymore and do have quite a few Kindle books, would still rather read a physical book as opposed to a Kindle book.

    1. Hey Betty, like you, l too have a Kindle, but l prefer an actual physical book to hold, l feel lazy using the Kindle to read books and it doesn’t have the same emotion.

      1. Yes, I agree. I can’t quite define the specific type of emotion involved, but a kindle is definitely a less satisfying read for me.

        1. I can’t speak for you, but I definitely am. I like good, old comfortable ruts. 😀 I was going to say maybe it’s a Taurean trait, but then thought of my brother born on my 14th birthday. He’s such a Techie! 😊

        2. In some ways l am very old fashioned Betty, a dying breed l was once called, or to be more precise an old dinosaur kicking and screaming and reluctant to be dragged into the 21st century [that was said only 6 years ago as well hahahaha!]

  5. Most of my books are arranged by writer. One shelf dedicated to Agatha Christie, another to Heyer and do on…..

  6. Books are shelved first by genre and within genre alphabetically by author’s last name. I think the largest number of books I’ve had filled 50 book boxes (the kind you get from movers). The amount is way down now, I dumped a lot of books because I was no longer interested in the topics they covered and/or I knew I was never going to look at them again and I needed the space. I still buy the odd book now again…but mostly I read ebooks from the library or from Kindle Unlimited or Freebooksy…(No I don’t have a Kindle I have an iPad)

    1. I have an iPad, and l have Kindle inside my iPad 🙂 Or maybe it is the Kindle feature … l don’t know – Suze inserted the application .

      I don’t have many books these days, some are emotional keepsakes books and memories from yesteryear … so genre inside genre, very much a genre’alist bookie then 🙂

      1. You have the Kindle App – I also have apps for Nook (Barnes & Noble), Overdrive, Apple Books. I find it easier to access books when all the poetry order, all the novels, all the plays etc. Neat and tidy.

        1. I think the fact that there is an App just makes it at times maybe too easy to hoard books … l have bought loads of books recently and l am still to find the time to read them 🙂

  7. When our shelves were teeming with books in the cottage, it was alphabetical order by author.
    Our DVDs and videos were the same (we had hundreds of each), unless it was a franchise, in which they were all kept together separately. Don’t have that many now and the books are just put on the shelf where they fit.

    1. Hey Di, l used to store my DVD’s in actor alphabetical and now these days, l may have forgotten where they are? at one point l had 2000 DVDs then gradually whittled down and more so when you think that with the likes of regular Tv, Netflix or amazon, it does make you wonder why we would ever have films?

      1. Ha true! Happy belated birthday Rory, I believe it’s recently passed.
        We gave over 300 to charity and completely filled their shelves. We had the complete DVD set of the original CSI seasons 1 to 9 which they sold as a job lot for £75 within ten minutes of putting it out! Have a good weekend.

        1. Hey Di,

          You did well to get £75 for DVD’s these days. When l first started selling mine way back in 2011 [l had finished by 2017] l was able to get great money for boxed sets, then as the years progressed and more and more viewers started tuning in in greater numbers to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Cable Television, monetary values dropped.

          I remember in a car boot selling 30 boxed sets of 80’s Horrors and making a fantastic sum of nearly £800 for what really only amounted to maybe 200 discs and yet by 2017 l was lucky to get a mere £100 for 300 DVD’s. My 2000 or there abouts made me a total of £1700 with the main amount of value being accrued between 2011 – 2014, after those years the values plummeted .

          Between 2004 – 2010 l used to buy and sell on a regular basis as a side hustle – film DVDs as it was back then a very lucrative business indeed via eBay. Mind you l was still able to buy and sell VHS cassettes as well. The last videos l sold were in 2012 when one was still able to sell for £5 a box, now you would be lucky to get 50pence a film on that format.

          Thank you for B/D wishes and here’s wishing you also a lovely w/e 🙂

        2. We didn’t try to sell our DVDs and vids, just gave the lot to a charity shop when we had the Big Sort Out after buying the boat.
          We did car boot sales for revamping the kitchen and replacing the front fence before we sold the cottage though, and raised over £600 which was more than enough for what we wanted to do.

        3. Very true, sadly, way too many traders now dominate the wares . The last one l went to was perhaps three years ago, and l think that Suze and l were perhaps one of maybe 10 actual personal couples selling household wares whilst the remaining 200 cars were traders.

  8. I guess I fit the genre category as I try to group things by category so I can narrow down where a book is when I need it. But things deteriorate toward random in between reorganizations.

    1. Hey Geoff, sometimes random abstract works better than organised you know. Bit like that Forrest Gump line …

      “My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’” -Forrest

  9. I enjoyed the article very much, thank you for sharing it. I’m a total bookie! I sort by genre and by value first and then a few things simply have to go where they’ll fit if they’re oversized or difficult to shelve. ☺️📚

      1. Yes! So much so! I would say I have too many but I don’t think one can have too many books 📚 🤗🎶

        1. True… I think then I would get easy to find and classics on kindle and save the in person books for old, eclectic, art and hard to find. There’s a charm to even the end papers and personal inscriptions! How lovely it is to find a book personally inscribed 50 years ago or more. And the ones that have a bit of decorative detail on each page. Ah. ☺️

        2. A lot of the old books as in hard copy with paper sleeves usually are, more so if they are not ancient, but a hard back book in the 20’s to the 40’s was considered a really lovely gift to receive 🙂

  10. I’m all electric. Very few hard bound or paperback books. Like Paula, mine are all on the Kindle app on my iPhone.

  11. My books are on my Kindle, except books where my work has been featured. I have published work in a few anthologies, which I buy the physical book.

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