Dear Blog – 13.01 – 19/05/21

Introducing Millton!


No, joking!!

“So have you decided what you are going to name it then?” Suze asked after stepping through the front door and looking down upon the open boxed treadmill base.

“Name what?” I asked baffled.

“Your treadmill. Can’t keep calling it the brute, the beast and the battle tank, give it something nice.”

Name a treadmill, what on earth for? It’s a treadmill, l didn’t name the last one and l never named the bike?”

“Well you name everything else why not this?” Suze joked.

“Erm, okay, how about Milly?” I answered.

“So, are you saying that you would stomp over someone called Milly then, and why would it have to be female?”

Milly could be male, it’s no sex really, it’s putting a Y on Mill.”

I am joking with you darling …” Suze chided me smiling

“Well l suppose l could call it Millton like a butler?”
Butler Millton Reebok GT40S Treadmill.

Butler Millton in truth didn’t take that long to put together. It comprised mostly of two main pieces and a handful of little pieces that needed to be tightened up with the aid of an Allen key. But it did need two people to shift it around and hold pieces together whilst the other keyed things tighter. I didn’t use it last night, but l did this morning for a half hour welcome back work out!

The Reebok GT40 S Treadmill has 16 speeds and 12 power inclines, a massive running deck, twin motors and is if anything quite impressive as a monster in terms of overall floor space – l think back to the other one l had and it was seriously dwarfed. But then, l have learned a lot since my first treadmill .. as l wrote a couple of weeks ago, you learn more about treadmills when you have a broken one ….

The last model – below – [Homcom Motorized Walking Treadmill] was a midget in comparison to the GT40S. It was only a ‘Walking Mill’ as opposed to a Running Workout Mill – therefore it had limitations. Although, I never breached them – so in my eyes it had even less endurance than l originally believed it should have possessed, but it was a much cheaper model bought by a seller who then bumped a higher price on it specifically for the indoor pandemic market of recent times and therefore giving a buyer the impression it was a better model than it really was.

When you then begin to chase all the details back you come to realise that my walking routine as in once, sometimes twice daily for anywhere between 15 – 45 minutes of walking time far exceeded what the Homcom could actually physically cope with. It was a model to be used less than more and likely to be used perhaps once or twice a week only.

But we all live and learn.

It was suggested to me to look into the purchase of a much bigger model, a more commercial machine that could take more of a hammering and so that’s exactly what the GT40S is designed for – runners who do use it a lot and really exert pressure to the components. Walking modes therefore are a breeze to this machine. I’ll never run on it because my right knee simply couldn’t take the continued jarring impact.

I don’t run anywhere now if l can avoid it and the last time l ran hard and fast was in 2015 when chasing after Scrappy on the Isle of Wight when she herself was chasing after Seagulls but oblivious to to the approaching hovercraft!! K9 Adventures [20] – Salty Sea Dogs’n’Gulls! That was the last time l ran like l had a lit firecracker up my arse and that was quite possibly the time that l did do the most telling damage to my knee anyway running after my dog on a sandy beach.

Savvy Engineer Suze

Yesterday, Suze who for the record is my immediate ‘go to savvy engineer’ was able to have this brute up and running 35 minutes after we first shifted it out of the cardboard box. When l first stepped onto it – l nearly shot straight off the end as it was set to a prespeed of [6mph] which was quite fast as an unexpected speed upon starting from scratch and in comparison, the HomCom’s top speed was only 6mph, whereas the new model’s top speed in 9.9mph.

My warmup ‘get back into the routine of Treadmill exercise‘ workout speed this morning as a comparison started at 2mph and l finished on 4mph. I will have another couple of stints on it today and work towards the speed that nearly flipped me off yesterday! However no rush, for today l also added in an incline of 4 and after 30 minutes l was sweating, not heavily but l was hitting the same sweat levels as l was when l was on the older model at 6mph after 45 minutes – it was a good workout!

Suze also had a small go on it yesterday and we have decided that she will be over at least once a week minimum to walk on it too as an addition to her own walking routines. She is very aware of models like this as she used to use bigger commercial treadmills years ago when going to the gyms daily when preparing to run marathons. I was planning on getting her one, but after seeing the overall finished size once constructed, we realised her house would be just too small even to have one folded up somewhere.

But so far l am suitably impressed with it … even if it is an enormous brute of a butler called Millton!

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch up with you again at some point!

23 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.01 – 19/05/21

  1. Very impressive, your Milton. I like it. Suze is looking great, and happy. Say hi to her and give her a hug from me. What a big help she is to you.

    1. We are indeed a big help to each other Sadje. We were discussing this the other day – we have always been great friends and that is where we still are 🙂

      She is doing really well, but still faces lots of problems with the cancer recovery phases.

        1. Yes absolutely Sadje. When we are younger l don’t think we truly understand the friendship between two people, but as we age we discover the depth behind a good one 🙂

  2. Welcome Butler Millton! 🥳 Your old one does look rather wimpy by comparison.

    Suze looks great in red! Looks like she needs some extra weight, just like I do. Is she still having trouble eating?

    I’d love to have something like that for when I need to be at the house. But I have no space, and worse, I have a Ben😱 I doubt the warrantee covers the things he’d think of🤦🏼‍♀️😂

    Happy walking! 💌

    1. Yes Suze has always looked good in red 🙂

      Trouble eating is very much one of the main problems with her increased weight gain, mostly to do with swallowing and lack of saliva production making swallowing very hard, but also, so too are and is the lack of taste – she then loses the want and desire to eat, it’s a nasty circle.

      Butler Millton is a bloody great monster – l am thankful l do have the space, because if l did not and l went by the mental measurements alone, l would have a serious issue … also grateful l don’t have kids or pets running freely around.

      1. Oh, pets… I just got an image of Zeus, who was chasing his tail this morning, on a treadmill madly running to try to get a bone tied to a string🤣🤣 That would be hysterical.

  3. Hey, Rory! Looks like you’ve got a great treadmill this time! I’m so glad to know the assembly went well. His new name suits him, too. I hope you will enjoy many a happy mile together. 😊

    You and Suze make such a good team! It’s wonderful to know you have each other to depend on. She is remarkable. Please give her my love. I continue to hold you both in my HEART, wishing you well.

    1. Hey Betty many thanks, l always tell Suze everyone sends her regards so thank you also 🙂

      It is a good mill for sure, l can see the few pounds l have gained in the last three weeks will be gone before long 🙂

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