Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 7 – Spring 2021
Series 7 – Inevitable Changes
Tuesday 18th May 2021
It’s way too wet and just not moist enough!

It’s raining again …. more rain and not just rain, but seriously heavy downpours – squallish – is that a word? Maybe, from the word ‘Squall’, they just arrive suddenly and violently, windy , dark and wet. I mean l know, l say the wetter the better and that is applicable to so many things … but currently l need the drier the better.

I can’t help but think of a terrific post l read yesterday on Ashley’s blog that is making me laugh just thinking about it now – l laughed hard reading it last night as well – you may have seen it already, but in case you haven’t you can check it out here … Word Aversion: What Words Gross You Out?

It all started really with Grace informing us that the word Moist is quite hated … which l find surprising, as l happen to like the word moist, as in not wet, but not dry either …. moistened and to moisten are good words also. I think of many things when l think of the word ‘moisten’ … mostly gardening – but not all! But mostly, or moistly perhaps – gardening …. my seedlings need to be moist but not sopping – l am surprised that people don’t dislike the word sopping more or even soaking – and more so if they don’t like the word moist!

Currently outside is far from moist, it’s sopping and soaking and not soaking away fast enough to even just leave everything wonderfully moist! Nope, it’s dripping wet, droplets are dropping and splashing everything and making them wetter – great for a wet tee shirt contest, but not for planting seedlings!

My butt, oh sorry, my water butt is filled again and could have filled twenty times alone since Saturday!

We are supposed to have really wet rain all this week as opposed to simply moist rain … l could live with moist grounds but not soaking and or sodden grounds …. the seedlings will have to wait for drier times, which is all well and good, but a few are starting to get a bit leggy. I am currently over run with seedlings and they NEED to be outside in the moist ground and not outside in the sodden grounds.

It was wonderful earlier for my morning walk, a bit cloudy, marginally overcast – but warm, and the rains falling now, were not set to fall until much later in the day than they currently are – they started in earnest around 12.30pm, and they weren’t really supposed to be here and this heavy until much later on in the day – roughly 7pm. So that has put a dampener on the day …… mm, damp is like moist you know, slightly damp – so that’s not the right word, to say the rains have put a dampener on things just aint right … the rains have done way more than merely make the ground damp!

Even the ducks are not currently impressed with all the water falling ….. l have seen more ducks off the stream than on it this week.

But l was glad to have gotten my morning walk in when l did, as l had wondered if l should take an afternoon walk instead and spend more quality time in the garden with the seedlings ……. to decide against that idea was lucky, l guess.

Suze is over here at 3pmish and we are to start work on the assembly of the GT40 S Treadmill – monster that it is! It’s way bigger than l thought it was going to be even knowing all the measurements as l did … and once it is together l think it’ll be even bigger again – it’s like having some kind of battle tank in the house – but it is going to be l hope a huge investment.

I said to Geoff only this morning in comments that this is a running mill as opposed to purely a walking mill – so it should be sturdier and more robust. It is certainly heavy duty for sure, but it will be great to have as an additional bit of home exercise kit for times like now when getting outside for walking isn’t practical on account of the squallish weather!

This morning’s walk was fresh and whilst spring finally feels like it is here, summer is just around the corner too and that can be seen in the way the colours of the trees are changing – buds have turned to blossoms and now the blossoms are changing again to display either the fuits or the summer leaves which are vibrantly coloured in various shades of green, russet and orange – and walking along the Ramparts today with the sun dappling through the foliage was a very much welcomed break.

Anyway, Suze’ll soon be here, so l best start making preparations for a giant to be born! Catch you later and thanks for reading!

25 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. Love the photos (as always). Good thing you weren’t planning on have the treadmill on the second floor! We are expecting a 25 degree jump in the weather here – it is supposed to be 90 by the weekend…I had the heat on only yesterday…

    1. Hey Grace 🙂

      I know, the weather has just been crazy this last few months and l have seen, heard and read comments like yours now and posts in the blogs about how untypical the current seasons really are.

      The pandemic upset the proverbial applecart in more ways than one l feel 🙂

  2. Trust you to use a word that you say people dislike, to the utmost! Haha! I’m glad you got your walk in before the downpour started. All the best with the assembly 👍

  3. It’s interesting, I find moisten far less objectionable than moist. Maybe it’s to do with the “t” sound disappearing with moisten.

    Good luck with the gargantuan treadmill assembly!

  4. Hey, Rory! Do hope all has gone well with your treadmill assembly! So glad to know you have Suze to help you. As they say, two heads are better than one and that can make all the difference! Here’s hoping you will enjoy your new treadmill immensely!

    The photos of your walking trail look so inviting! That would be a pleasant walk indeed! I can just imagine… 😊 Thanks for sharing.

    I don’t know of any word aversions (thanks for the link!), but have learned to avoid certain topics over the years, due to my very vivid imagination – for instance horror movies or novels. And certain pictures can be very disturbing, too. So, I just don’t expose myself to such, if I can possibly help it. 😊

    Wishing you a good evening and pleasant night, Dear.

  5. Lovely pictures. I think all that green would get a bit dull after a while. It’s nice to see the russet and orange. I guess it’s another way I’m spoiled by where I live… we have so much color, almost year round.

    I hope the powerful screwing went well, with zero moist sharts😆

    1. No moisted sharting from me 🙂

      I never get tired of the green, it’s very soothing – having lived in Lincolnshire for so many years, where the grounds are barren of tree and all you see for miles is brown 🙂

      The other thing is my cybershot doesn’t take great pictures of flowers, but the sony is too big for daily walks. I have said the next time l do just the reserve l will take the Sony in, that captures things differently with more ease than trying to crouch down with a buggered knee and the cybershot.

  6. Morning, Rory, and sorry to hear about your rainy weather. Ashley’s post was a hoot and there are a lot of words mentioned that I don’t like but moist isn’t one of them. Love the photos and have a great day! 🌞

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