Dear Blog – 20.35 – 17/05/21

“Oooooher l say ……. that’s a big un!”

That’s the understatement of the day! Imagine if you can the following conversation …

“Gonna be a tight squeeze guv, we’ll do it like, but this thing’s big guv, know what l mean guv, big, never mind monster trucks guv, think monster treadmills!” The first chap said to me looking at my doorway and then looking at his colleague .. “What do you think Trev?”

“Gonna be tight Pete, not impossible, but a tight squeeze, nothing like a tight squeeze eh to get you thinking hard, right, am l right?”

“Yeah, you are right Trev. Mind you the ‘ard bit’s gonna be getting it off the truck first. It’s big see Mr Matter, is that right, Matter?”

“No, it’s Matier actually, but no matter if you want me to be a Matter.” I answered smiling.

“Righto then, let’s get this brute off the truck!” Pete said as he walked off talking to Trev repeating “Gonna be tight Trev, gonna be a tight un!”

They were parked about thirty feet down the road from my doorway, a big truck too, not a small white van delivery, but a proper truck. I had been waiting for the delivery from 2.45pm, and it was now 6pm. The road was busy with busses, pedestrians and delivery drivers parked up and collecting orders from the Indian takeaway across the road but also more annoyingly – it was raining hard, like raining cats, dogs, frogs and newts hard rains!. But nothing was stopping Pete and Trev from unloading the mahoosive treadmill box! To say it was just a box, is like saying Bigfoot is merely a hairy bear! It was huge, to be precise 7 feet long by three feet wide by a foot high – that’s a lot of box!

They got it in to the doorway, slid it into my hallways and then took a photograph and were on their way again with a smile.

It is indeed a big huge massive box! Or it was not long back, they arrived just as l was serving up my evening meal. So after eating , l started to unpack said massive box ………… l have done as much as l can do as one person, l could do more, but l might award myself a hernia in the process. So Suze is over tomorrow afternoon to help me hopefully not award myself a hernia!

There’ll be no treadmill walking tonight, but should be by tomorrow. Not a problem, l have had a busy day anyway, walking, gardening and composting, housekeeping, washing and moving a massive box around and all with an iffy belly too! Tomorrow afternoon should be a fun time, especially as Suze will be helping me, l hope my belly has cleared up, can NOT be shifting things around, laughing and farting at the same time with a bad belly!!

Another Dear Blog soon l feel!

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch up with you again at some point!

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17 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 20.35 – 17/05/21

  1. Hopefully tomorrow will be more powerful screwing and not “sharting”😳

    Sorry to read the gut is acting up again/still☹ better save that cardboard… it might be your next meal🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Sharting really worries me hahahaha!!

      Bloody cardboard is a nightmare these days, l don’t think l have ever disposed of so much of it!

    1. You are not bloody wrong Ashley! I asked them when l saw the box, “Are you sure that’s mine? it looked a little smaller in the advert?” It has enough belt length for two people running in single file!!

    1. Hey Geoff,

      It should do.

      It is principally a running and ….. walking treadmill, but mostly running, whereas my first one was only a walking treadmill, so hopefully one designed for mainly running should be more than adequate for walking 🙂

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