Dear Blog – 12.49 – 16/05/21

Awakenings to the 58th day …

I have had a busy few days, well week mostly – l have since last Monday been helping Suze out with her garden. I will write about this in due course over on the sister blog sometime this month, but it has kept me physically busy. Sure, l am to be mindful of my shoulder and l am, but it’s been a funny week of sorts, with wild, wild imaginative dreams and a mind buzzing around like a ripsaw!

My sleep pattern is all over the place – retiring to bed early is great, but not if your mind is still buzzing, but good if you are physically tired, but not great if you are not mentally tired. So some mornings after retiring to bed early the previous night, l have been waking up at 5.30am, getting up for a pee, disgruntled that l am awake ‘that’ early, set about getting up and then falling asleep again because my body is awake but my mind is then sleepy!!

Physically though, l have been bushed to a degree. This week, l have been digging lawn, carting and laying gravel and surprising Suze and myself with my new found handyman skills! It’s funny isn’t it – what conditioning and allowance make us think about our abilities and yet if we just give permission to believe in ourselves from ourselves and have the freedom to exercise that and those beliefs – it’s remarkable what we can achieve.

I have been thinking about that a lot also this week – and – granting the belief system set against conventionality and conditioning in blogging – something that the sister site will have posts on.

Someone asked the other day “What’s the new blog about then?” Well firstly, it isn’t so much a new blog, it is a sister blog, an extension of this blog. This blog will fall back to ‘Social Storytelling’ and become a personal blog of sorts or how l reflectively feel an individually private blog should be – as in a bit of this, that and the other – then 321 is made up of the other parts to my personality hence the 3 sides to me – notably, Asperger’s/Autism, Community and Business.

It will confuse some because they may say ‘well where’s the difference? That’s fair as a question, but then, my answer simply put, is you ain’t me – you don’t think like l do, you don’t compartmentalise like me, you don’t socially fragment like me, you don’t see how l see and you don’t understand how l understand certain things to be. 321 is mostly containing the parts of my personality l had hoped to incorporate into this blog, but couldn’t, through one reason or another.

Plus, l have changed deeply as a person, blogger, writer or whatever since l first started this blog in late 2017 – the last 12-15 months alone has perhaps seen the most profoundest of changes to me as an individual and my beliefs of people and community and friendship and how we all tick in this big world of ours. People l know, close friends have noticed the changes in me – many of which are truly distinct.

The sister blog is if anything a more directly honest look at how l see things through my eyes, it isn’t going to be set in stone in many of its ways or functions, it’ll be different and not everyone will like it or maybe even be able to like it because it’ll not appeal to them. 321 will be more like a working business journal … a canvas of sorts being established and created with a purpose in mind and that is business, and yet it’ll not be a 100% professional business site and it’ll matter not – because it’s a work in progress also. A case more of ‘could this work, does this work, will this work?’

Some features you’ll recognise … others maybe not, everything will be always a work in progress. What works vs what doesn’t?

Suze’s garden project kept me very busy yesterday with carting shingle and slabs and making up a storage unit, we had a lot of heavy rains and had to dash between them, and even now as l sit typing this post, the skies are open wide again for the fifth time since 7am and buckets of rains falling at 90 mph! I had hoped l could get out into my own garden today, but that’ll not happen just yet by the looks of things, there’s always tomorrow or Tuesday.

For me it’s just another day, l tend to not really big up my day of birth because of it, but yesterday was a great day. Suze and l had a great laugh, lots of giggles and it was one of my best for quite a few years. However also, two of my dearest friends across the pond also made it special in so many ways, so many thanks ladies.

The gallery below is rare … as there are not many images of me over the years holding a power tool and yet ….. who knew that there was another form of screwing l could enjoy? Strangely enough l knew l was grey, but, never knew l was that thin on top hahahaha!!!

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch up with you again at some point!

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19 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.49 – 16/05/21

  1. Laughter, giggles and some powerful screwing… sounds like a good birthday😉😂

    The brain vs body tiredness is something I am VERY familiar with! There are times when my brain and body band together against me, and I am “switched off” against my will.

    I love this: “…if we just give permission to believe in ourselves from ourselves and have the freedom to exercise that and those beliefs – it’s remarkable what we can achieve.”
    And I agree! You’ve done so much “Mental Yoga” in the past year or so, it’s been amazing to see.

    I got a giggle over 5:30am being “that” early😂 That’s not early at all by Casa Cuckoo standards.

    1. “”Laughter, giggles and some powerful screwing… sounds like a good birthday””

      I know right? who knew ???

      It’s strange when l wrote 5.30am, l thought, ‘pretty sure Grandma will know this time pretty damn well!”

      What l am aiming for is a six am wake up, from a turn off light stage of 12.30am. Last night l turned off the lights at 12.47am, tossed ooher and turned and fell asleep at 1ish. To wake up at 5.19am for a pee, with my body saying ‘YER!!!” But my eyes saying ERRR noooooooooo we are still asleep dude, you said 6am??!

      I am impressed with a lot of my changes, Suzanne emailed me an Astrology review yesterday and it was utterly awesome, so l guess l am on the right track 🙂

      1. I was thinking astrology too. The “Saturn Return” happens every 30 years, give or take a year or two. Big changes. There’s a LOT going on now. We’re coming to a “pass or fail”… individually, as societies and as humans in general. Personally, I’m excited!

        Screw on, good sir… screw on!😂

        1. Not too long? Good. I was trying to be brief. If you’re lacking in reading material, I could travel down the tangent roads… it might help you sleep too😂

        2. So that was a brief response then 🙂

          I was looking in my spam folder in case there was a longer response hiding ……………………………

  2. Well happy belated birthday 🥳 🎈

    Is free’ing when you can just speak 🙌 🗣❤️

    Will you provide a link? If you have already done so – can you do again? Lol

    You looking healthy and good!! 🙌

    Hope you enjoyed the birthday 🎂 weekend ❤️🎈

    I love birthdays 🎉❤️

  3. Happy belated birthday Rory! You’ll have to message me your address so I can send you funny birthday cards from now on haha!

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