Your Most Memorable Television Series … P1

Now the other day in the [12 Bloggerz! May 2021] one of the posed questions was … In your opinion and from no ‘fixed time period’, what have been in your eyes the top 5 most memorable television series you have ever watched and what made them special to you?

This is the compiled listing of the comments l have seen so far regarding this question …. now l say this … because l had to dig around a bit to find some because not all the responses were on a traceable ping back to me or some of the posts have actually disappeared or this question wasn’t addressed … so if l have missed your responses to this question – sorry, not intentional.

However, this is currently a 4 Part Series – , so if l have missed your answers and you wish to have them listed, let me know below and please link me to your 12 Bloggerz May Edition post.

I thought it might make a nice post by itself – so without further ado – let’s start shall we …

The line up has been compiled by the following …

Savio of Goin’ the extra..aaamileJennifer of Paperkutz
Eugenia of Eugi’s CauserieMelanie of Sparks from a Combustible Mind
Carol of Wanderings of an Elusive MindDi of Pensitivity101
Sadje of Keep it AlivePaula of Light Motifs II
Fandango of This, That and the OtherGuy Called Bloke

The Televisions Series suggested are below…

Savio Friends
Paula Seinfield, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones
EugeniaI Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Flintstones,The Adams Family,, America’s Got Talent.
CarolThe West Wing
SadjeThe Crown, 13 Reasons Why, Little House of the Prairie, Avengers [61-69], Man from Uncle
JenniferPsychic Kids, Cops, Emergency 911, The Dead Files, Chuck
MelanieThe Andy Griffith Show
DiEcho and the Elephants of Amboseli [2009], Star Trek [66-69], NCIS, Fugative [63-67], Tour of Duty [87 – 90]
FandangoThe Wire [HBO], The Twilight Zone [59-64], Hill Street Blues, Cheers, All in The Family
GuyCalifornication, The X-Files, Person of Interest, Murdoch Mysteries, Game of Thrones

Your Most Memorable Television Series … P1

Savio of Goin’ the extra..aaamile
1994 ‧ 2004 Sitcom ‧ 10 seasons = 236 Episodes
Follow the lives of six reckless adults living in Manhattan, as they indulge in adventures which make their lives both troublesome and happening.
Friends: Top 20 Funniest Moments
FRIENDS Trailer: Season 1 – 4
Friends: Best Moments of Season 1
Carol of Wanderings of an Elusive Mind
The West Wing
The West Wing
1999 ‧ 2006 – Drama ‧ 7 seasons = 156 Episodes
Cutthroat presidential advisers get their personal lives hopelessly tangled up with professional duties as they try to conduct the business of running a country. Fictional Democratic President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet suffers no fools, and that policy alienates many. He and his dedicated staffers struggle to balance the needs of the country with the political realities of Washington, D.C., working through two presidential terms that include countless scandals, threats and political scuffles, as well as the race to succeed Bartlet as the leader of the free world.
The West Wing Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot
The West Wing – Best Funny Moments Compilation
BEST Political Takedowns! | West Wing
Melanie of Sparks from a Combustible Mind
The Andy Griffith Show
The Andy Griffith Show
1960 ‧ 1968 – Sitcom ‧ 8 seasons = 249 Episodes
Andy Taylor, the sheriff of a quiet sleepy town, lives with his son at Aunt Bee’s house in Mayberry, North Carolina. He spends time managing his son and the antics of his aunt and cousin.
The Andy Griffith Show Promo
Some of the funniest scenes in Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith Funny Clip

Your Most Memorable Television Series … P1

My thanks to all however special thanks to Savio, Carol and Melanie
See you next episode folks – meanwhile thanks for reading!

15 thoughts on “Your Most Memorable Television Series … P1

  1. I’m with you on X-Files. I’d add M*A*S*H, House, Xena, and my all time favorite… Northern Exposure.

    I haven’t seen any recent TV shows, obvious from my list, eh?😆

  2. Always and forever Saving Grace with Holly Hunter ( I’ve watched the entire series 3 times – first when it was on regular tv and then twice more via either Netflix or Hulu. Superb. Plus it had an awesome theme song. There are other tv series I have re-watched with pleasure – like Midsomer Murders with John Nettles, but not the ones with the new lead, these are watch once and done. Most of “Frasier” is re-watchable, most not all. There’s has been some good tv shows but those are the only ones I have re-watched. Oh, well,, we just watched 15 years of “ER” – it was a first time for my husband, second time around for me since I saw it when it first aired. It stto dup well.

      1. Saw the mention of The Twilight Zone – How could I forget that? For years, starting on New Year’s Eve, some tv station or other would run a Twilight Zone marathon and air every episode – I watched it sooo many times. Then there was “The Outer Limits” It would be fun to see if it is around anywhere and see if it still holds up…

  3. If I had participated I would have chosen Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, Star Trek, Seinfeld, and Better Call Saul. The list itself probably says more about me than any reasoning I would give.

  4. 90210 ❤️
    Charmed ❤️
    The Goldbergs ❤️
    Find me in Paris ❤️
    And my guilty pleasure “Jersey shore” lol ❤️

    I love all those ❤️

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