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The Shneeky Shock

“It ish reported to be true,
That the leopard keepsh its shpots,
But l ashk honestly of you,
What about the shneeky shock?
If the leopard is shimply unable to change,
And as shuch alwaysh remain dotted,
Doesh this mean that the shock is eshtranged,
Because it ish not shpotted?”

Sitting there listening to this bizarre philosophy,
By my psychological professor,
Herr Franzic Undterich who is considered potty,
Talking of the notorious sleep depravation disorder,
Insomnia, one of the puzzles of the mind,
And comparing lack of shut eye to a missing sock,
Was an incredible misuse of my time,
Not forgetting the stupidity of it all was a shock!

How can one seriously compare the spots,
Of the leopard to a missing Sneaky Sock,
And that this must now occupy our thoughts,
In psychological terms to the minds unblock?
Those poor souls who find it impossible to sleep,
Must now take on board the pattern,
Of thought that ‘missing sock syndrome’ is the new sheep,
Secret to them being able to enjoy slumber in the nocturne!

Perhaps l have missed the professors’ point,
But sleeping disorders in my belief are not down to this,
They are the results of the minds’ disjoint,
And occur when something is somewhat amiss,
There are simply so many variations of this disorder,
And insomnia is often blamed when not responsible,
When the reality of actuality is usually the impostor,
True recognition and stable diagnosis is simple,

It’s one thing if one is only unable to sleep,
Another if they have not slept for days,
Terrible if indeed they fear the hidden deep,
Of slumbering in case their patterns betray,
Secrets of mysterious and strange rituals,
Unbeknownst to them or anyone else,
Of spiritualistic fantasies and other such dabbles,
Common in the depressed mind that rebels!

Understanding first which type we are addressing,
Is usually the best way forwards in diagnosis,
Transient, acute, chronic or just unwilling,
Discovering the cause is in my books the true focus,
Not toying around with imaginary leopard spots,
Understanding the reason for the lack of sleep,
And curing that rather than looking for sneaky socks,
Is the only way of reintroducing the twilight creep,

Is insomnia really to blame for depravation,
Or is the culprit nothing other than inability,
To actually shut ones eyes and motivation,
Or desire to ‘want to sleep’ through stupidity?
Perhaps the problem is nothing more than non-stop thinking,
About the routines of the day, and affairs of the heart,
That prevents the drowsy soul to not stop blinking,
And results in the ceasing of the eyes to depart!

Not forgetting the symptoms of misperception,
When they are convinced they have not slept,
Yet in reality they have indeed been fallen,
For the normal hours required for sleep depth!
Poor quality sleep can easily be solved,
And is nothing that is life threatening,
Once the issues are found, it is easily dissolved,
The mind can rest assuredly and stop blocking,

My basic advice to those who are concerned,
Perhaps worried that may have insomnia,
Is first to identify why your mind is alarmed,
And try to ease off that possible trauma,
But before medical consultation is thought of,
Try this tested theory of my own for sleep,
Forget leopard spots and the sneaky sock,
Just try counting cute fluffy white sheep!

© Rory Matier 2010

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