Universal Greetings

Universal Greetings – A Jolly Good Morning To You!!
Season 16 – Series 12
Have a Great Day Folks – Wednesday 12/05/2021
Photo of the Day –Daffodils – Pixabay
From Monday 17th the Universal Greeting post will no longer be a reader dedication post.
Geoff Stamper of Suicide SqueezeBetty of Guideline’s Web
Grace of Just Tawkin’ Jen of Today’s Blog
Moody Blues – Question Alice Cooper – School’s Out
Johnny Cash – Lady Layla – Derek and the Dominos
Best of 70s Classic Rock Hits
Scenes So Far …. Links
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 1 – Introduction
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 2 – and so it begins
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 3 – …. an ‘orrible bloody murder!
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 4 – A case for the infamous Inspector Kruseau! 
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 5 – A Case of the Mistaken
How are the amateur sleuths doing? One more clue to come …. but are you up to speed on the clues to date?
The Best Wet Tee Shirt Competition – May 2021
Check out the The Best Wet Tee Shirt Competition Gallery
You too can play along, all you need to do to enter is email me your wet tee shirt photos and they will appear in the morning Universal Greeting to …

So far we only have two entrants for May 2021 – come on …. l am only asking for a tinsy winsy bit of wet fabric from you ….

Hope you enjoyed the line up folks – tomorrow – 8 from The 1980’s

25 thoughts on “Universal Greetings

    1. Hey Grandma, yes l caught the email this morning before leaving, be in tomorrow’s Universal 🙂 Many thanks – hope your day is a good one.

  1. Thank you for the dedication, Rory! Your thoughtfulness is certainly appreciated.

    Hope you have had a satisfactory day and the weather was cooperative. It has been rainy and overcast here the past several days, temp back down to 60 degrees today. Not complaining, just saying.

    The Featherlies surprised us again by chiming in with Johnny Cash on Lady. Who’d think they would like such a mellow song? They also liked Layla – love those guitar riffs! 😊

    Wishing you a good night and sweet dreams.

    1. Hey Betty, dang, but the featherlies are now trying to catch us out – now slow temp tunes are acceptable too – but must be the weather 🙂

      The weather was good for the task at hand, but yesterday’s task, needs to still be worked on for the rest of this week but now we have rain until this afternoon when it clears up again. Am hoping we don’t get too much rain or it will cause disruption to the work that needs to be done.

      Many thanks Betty 🙂

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