Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 7 – Spring 2021
Series 7 – Inevitable Changes
Wednesday 12th May 2021
The earliers …

It’s only Wednesday, and yet for me it is early Wednesday as in currently 07.54am. It’s not earlier Wednesday as in two hours ago when l first woke up to the new day, but it’s still early. Early enough to write this post up before l set off at 09.30am to start another day in Suze’s back garden on her Garden Project.

I have had an earlier walk as well, in fact, all this week, l have had earlier walks – l had developed some annoying routines or maybe habits that l wanted to shake off! Going to bed later, rising later – those two sound bad, but the fact was that l was going to bed around 1am and rising at 8 sometimes 9 am which isn’t terrible but l didn’t want that .. l felt like l was wasting my day. It’s come about since the demise of the treadmill routine ….. but I don’t need that kind of sleep – l need less and not too much. 5 – 6 hours is fine.

I was kidding myself that my shoulder needed it to rest up, and whilst l don’t deny that my shoulder is sore – it doesn’t need more sleep – it does need a dedicated exercise as opposed to a sloppy exercise – that’s all. So l have started working with the resistance bands again.

I have felt lazier these last couple of weeks without the treadmill, despite walking everyday. The walking simply wasn’t/isn’t enough of a workout and yet l don’t have the time like l did a few months ago to wipe out 4 hours a day thereabouts to walk countless miles. The beauty of the mill, was that l could use it as an additional form of exercise when l wanted to and in my time of convenience. The new one doesn’t get here till the 17th – which is a little annoying in truth. Because when l ordered it the advertising stated ‘Order before 7pm today for delivery in 3 days time!”

Oh hahahaha what a muppet l am to have gotten caught out in false advertising like that!! I bought the treadmill from a reputable company and still l got caught out by dubious advertising – l could have bought the same thing from Amazon and received my mill literally a few days after ordering. British brick and mortar companies need to really work on their ability to supply the British market properly …. they need to look at Amazon l feel and take a few notes!

Hey ho, what’s done is done.

So this week, l have started afresh, l now retire for bed in the evening at 11pm and ensure that all my posting, publishing and reading is done in the blog for the day, l aim for lights out by midnight at the latest. So far three days in and l am sticking to it and of course, what happens ……………… well the earlier you retire the earlier you get up! Which is what has been happening …

But this week has also been about other changes and those changes l have been working with are from the ‘less is more more is less’ credo that l have adopted with regards my blogging and been utilising for the past 6 weeks and those changes are now coming to fruition.

Some you will have seen already, others you may not even have noticed, but maybe you have seen me more. My strategy now is to produce three posts daily between two blogs working on a flexi schedule and l have been able to free up more time for currently the creation of the second blog, but also more free time to help Suze and also more time to read blogs on a more fluid basis than ever before.

But l am pleased so far with everything, the changes to blog, to life, to people, to me – it’s all good.

This morning’s walk was restricted to the Ramparts only on account of me being over at Suze’s this morning for the gardening and getting an earlier breakfast in … everything currently is about the earliers.

Thanks for reading ….

Have a great day folks and l hope you like the gallery below taken from 7 – 7.25am ‘earlier’ when the world in Sandwich was quieter and not many people were out and about. Beautifully blue, sunny and warm…

22 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. I like the morning walks the best. Everything is fresh and clean. Great pics Rory. Yes, I’ve noticed that you’re visiting more often these days. Thanks

  2. I love the quality of light in the early morning and late afternoon. Your photos are lovely.

    My walks have been later because I’ve been waiting for the clouds to burn off. We have a thick “marine layer” of clouds in the mornings during the Spring.

    I need to start using my time more efficiently. Every time I think I’ve got it figured out, things change and I’m back to finding a new plan. I’ll figure it out eventually.

    I’m glad you’ve found something that’s working. How is Suze doing in her recovery? Still slow going? Give her my best.

  3. I am not going to stop worrying until I see a post where you have a treadmill that works and that your happy with. Otherwise I will feel guilty that I have one that is still working!

    1. Haha you’re a funny guy Geoff – l mean that on a sincere level too – this comment makes me chuckle – excellent 🙂

      Wonderful comment .

  4. ‘Strollings, pootlings and musings’… our house a ‘poot’ is passing gas. I’ll notice a smell..look at the cat and ask, “Did you poot?” They are never embarrassed.

  5. I’m glad you getting your new treadmill ❤️ that’s awesome! It be there before you know it!! 🙌

    I have been more tired lately but we are really hot over here!! Been running around 95!!! 🤨 🥵 hot dry heat – like when you open a heated oven and your face right there – that is what my temps are lol ✌️

    But the heat makes me more exhausted!

    Hope you and Suze doing good ✌️❤️

    1. Dang that’s hot, but hot weather and me have a strange relationship – an odd one really, ’nuff said” hahahaha 🙂

      You be careful in that heat though and you must stop running in it ….. 🙂

      1. Well I do like it warm – I hate wearing layers and layers in winter 🥶 – I don’t like being cold

        I love the cute clothes and things for summer 🙌❤️

        But over 95 is a bit much – we only at the start 😮😵

        I know I am careful lol – always lol ✌️

        Have a great day and weekend – happy Friday 🙌❤️

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