Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 5

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Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 5 – A Case of the Mistaken

Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 5 – A Case of the Mistaken

The sun was coming up after what seemed like hours but was probably only one or two. 

Matron had not gone back to bed but instead had stayed in the office and went over the accounts. 

She had always rather hated going over the figures when the home had belonged to her but now she had sold it, she had discovered that figures were not something to be afraid of after all. 
Not only that she had discovered something else in the figures, something that she will have to speak to Mr. Snodgrass about as soon as he wakes up. 

The medicinal beverages that she had self-administered made her a little unsteady on her feet but she grabbed the handle of the door to steady herself then took a deep breath and opened it. The hall was still full of policemen and when she tried to go into the living room, the door was locked. 

Inspector Kruseau came towards her, he had mud all over the front of his mac and on the knees of his grey suit.
“I’m sorry Matron, but the Living Room is out of bounds at the moment. We discovered a few things that make it necessary to keep the room locked for now.”

“Inspector, do you wish to use the bathroom to clean yourself up? There’s a spare one on the landing, third door on the left, unless that too is out of bounds?”

“Thank you, Matron. I am, renowned for being a trifle clumsy but on my most recent trips to the ground, I discovered a clue. Can I show you something?”

The Inspector took Matron out of the front door to the top of the steps and pointed at a window beneath which some footprints could be seen in the mud.

“Can you tell me who that window belongs to?”

“It’s the room where the body is. The one with the broken window.”

“I thought as much. Can you tell me, do you recognise this object?” The inspector put his hand in his pocket and drew out a small gold plated revolver, quite decorative and neat. She could see some initials engraved on the handle, ‘VF’. 

“I’m sorry Inspector, I’ve never seen that object in my life. Is that the murder weapon?”

“It could be, Matron. I think it’s time we started gathering the other residents together. In the Conservatory please Matron. Would Monsieur Parrot be rejoining the land of the living soon, I would so much like him to join our little gathering.”

“I will go and find out for you.”

Matron knocked on several doors and announced that people should gather in the Conservatory as soon as they could then went into Monsieur Parrot’s room. He was still asleep and snoring gently. 

“Monsieur Parrot” she called as she patted his hand and gently shook him awake. 

After a few moments, she explained that the Inspector had asked to see everyone in the Conservatory. 

“Ahh, it is a something I am most familar with, the gathering together of the suspects. I must be there to do my part. Ma pauvre ami, he must not die unavenged. I shall help the inspector and use my superior mind to find out what happened.”

Ercool Parrot tried to stand up but the sudden rush of blood to his feet nearly made him pass out and he grabbed at the nearest thing to steady him, which happened to be Matron’s arm. 

“Pardon madame, would you be so kind as to help me.”

Matron guided the old sleuth down the stairs and into one of the chairs in the conservatory. Miss Marbles was already there sitting bolt upright and alert with a small white ball of wool and a crochet hook. 
Doctor Whatsupp followed shortly afterward and stood looking out of the window at the sun rising slowly above trees. 

Stanley Mumbojumbo arrived with a worn grey macintosh over his stripey pajamas. 

The Inspector arrived wearing his very similar mac with mud stains remaining where the mud had recently been. 

“Good morning, I am inspector Kruseau and I’d like to ask you some questions, please. I can see not all of you are here. Sergeant Walker? Would you be so kind as to hurry up the stragglers?”

It wasn’t long before some noise could be heard on the stairs and Miss Melon arrived, her hair loose about her shoulders. Then another figure stood in the doorway, tall and grey-haired. 

“I say, Ercool. What the Devil is going on?”

Miss Marbles dropped her crochet hook which rang out on the hard-tiled conservatory floor.

Ercool Parrot jumped up and ran to hug his old friend. ” Mon Amis! Mon Amis, I thought you were dead!”

The Inspector turned to the man “So you are Captain Haslet?”

“Yes, yes I am. What’s happened?”

“Someone has been murdered. Someone we had thought was you.”
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Oh my goodness, what the devil is going on then?

Well, l say, what on earth?

We have one more clue, the final clue – how are all the amateur sleuths doing?

So many questions ……………

Who Is The Victim?

Where Were They Found?

Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Was Their Murder Weapon?
When the time is right – Email me with your findings and title your email Evidence Report FAO Inspector Kruseau … that way, no one sees anything just yet, not even the murderer … –

…… the time isn’t now, but it is coming – you could of course submit your report now to the Inspector – but with one more scene and especially it being the final scene, the final clue – is that a move you wish to make …

… just yet?
This story has been brought to you by Kristian – Tales of the mind of Kristian

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