Dear Blog – 19.55 – 08/05/21

‘ Fitting in like l am normal ….. hahaha ‘

I slept badly last night to this morning, l had roughly three maybe four hours of solid sleep – to some that’s not enough and to an insomniac that would be a real treat. To me however, the days of insomnia are not really a problem anymore which is a blessing because l suffered with that for forty years alone and it was with me till literally only a few years ago, having started from around the age of 15 not long before l left school.

Today, l am not one who needs a ridiculous amount of sleep like some can’t survive on less than 10 which is like almost half a day wasted?? But l do need a healthy minimum block of five with a maximum of 6, anything less, and l start to have functioning issues with my brain for a good portion of the day. The beauty of getting old eh?

So last night’s sleep was not enough. Also my shoulder is really playing up of late and even disturbing my sleep and more so if l accidentally roll over badly onto it whilst asleep, so a rough night of shoulder recovery combined with a night of poor sleep due to silly sods doesn’t make me grumpy per se ….. but!

I must be more mindful of my shoulder l keep having to tell myself that – l was doing dome compost turning yesterday afternoon and digging over at Suze’s last Wednesday, l need to be more mindful and rest it more. Otherwise it could cause me serious issues again like 2018 and l can’t afford that.

Very late last night, a car pulled up outside my house – what’s very late you ask? 11.45pm. Doors opened and banged shut – and why not, let’s completely lose all regards for anyone living in the street at that time of night! Voices, laughs and typical repair people voices, then typical gruff workman voices and then the sounds of bloody heavy metalised toolkits being brought out of car boots and dropped onto the pavement like it is 12 hours earlier in the day – without a care in the world … yeah why not? It’s not like it’s late Friday effing night, is it?

Then silence for twenty minutes, no problem l thought people getting back from some contract work and they have rented the Air BNB next door. But then from basically ten past midnight to 1am bangs and thumps and scrapes and voices – not inside a building – but outside, further down the road. Then a car driving off. The noise had started just as l was packing up the computer and getting ready to go to bed, continued when l was in bed, but the noise stopped as my light went out.

Okay, no problems l thought – l am going to sleep and they have stopped their buggering about ………… until l was then abruptly woken up at 2am when two cars were then slamming doors, and an entire army of 2000 workman descended onto the pavement outside of my house, each and every one of them laughing like a bloody hyena at the top of their voice and dragging two tonne of tool kits over the pavement ………… of course it wasn’t like that but at 2am with the noise, it might well have been!!

Over the way l hear my neighbour opposite perhaps sticking his head out of a window and shouting “OY!! It’s bloody 2am you bloody muppets, what’s your game??” [ I have toned it down slightly l hasten to add and Pete’s vocab was a tad more blue than l have written!]

Banter back to the tune of “Sorry guv, gotta get this fixed, we’ll be as quick as we can mate!”

Whatever ‘this’ was, l know not, but at 2.30am, the cars left the street. I tried to sleep again, dozed off and then at 3.15am, l was awake again to the sound of a bloody heavy machinery. I had enough, got up and looked out my window, big burly fellows in bright orange coats with reflective strips operating a towing machine and at the time l looked pulling a huge 4×4 onto the back of the trailer.

By 4.15am, they had stopped and left …… and l drifted back to sleep, until 4.35am and l awoke needing a pee and in my groggyness l stumbled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom and had to stop myself from peeing into the bath tub! Stumbled back and nearly gave myself a heart attack as Barnaby – one of my really big bears who sits on the bed looked like someone was sitting on my bed and l shrieked “WTF who are you??!” I then realised l was questioning Barnaby bear and knew l needed desperate sleep! From then sleep consisted of – l dozed, tossed and turned and dozed and then finally at 8.01am, when my alarm rang l thumped it off and fell asleep till 9.02am!

I awoke feeling like the creature from the black lagoon!

I had to get up and shave and shower as Suze was due over at 10am, but l text her and asked her to come over at 10.30am, which she did.

We had a half day planned of my haircut, and hitting the charity stores for some light hearted fun and bargain bits. We were looking for some indoor plant pots which l managed to find luckily the previous day at Rose and Baz’s and if we could a secondhand tablewear set. We had one split between us when we moved locations last year, but it was originally Suze’s and was in 2020 already 22 years of age and by 2021 was starting to become a little worn.

We managed to find some cool bits and bots as well which was really great. It’s the first time since April 12th when the shops opened again and lockdown eased, l had been back into one of the charity stores since way back in December of last year. I plan to go back next week when it is quieter as they had some cracking books which l wanted to buy.

Very strange, l am buying books and yet l am still to actively read them – any of them!!

However my ‘Bargain Hunting Haul’ for today is below ….

.… and comprised of one oval antique’y clock, a set of six woven baskets, a lovely set of warm sunflower yellow and blue crockery [dinner plates, side plates, breakfast cereal bowls and soup bowls] and 2 delightful small upright cabinets with colourful ceramic drawers. You can only see one of them here as l gave one to Suzanne. The cups and saucers you can see in the image l bought two months ago as my new tea cup set from Rose and Basil’s. The yellow and blue crockery set fits into my kitchen colour scheme as l have a lot of those already in bowls. The crockery set was so large in terms of quantity that l split it down the middle and Suze has half of it as well. All the bounty above [excluding the cup set] and the pieces mentioned you can’t see cost a total of £35 or broken down = clock £4, two ceramic drawer units £20, set of woven baskets £5 and the entire yellow/blue crockery set £6 – not bad, not bad at all and Suze and l after my hair also had a walk in the reserve so all in all, a good morning to early afternoon day.

Suze does a great job cutting my hair, but l still detest having my hair cut and l am the world’s biggest fidget!!

After Suze left, l was still tired, shattered would be a better word, so took some time out and watched some episodes of a new series l have started to watch with Alan Tudyk and Sara Tomko in called Resident Alien which is quite witty!

Fitting in like l am normal ….. hahaha, now that’s funny ……. aliens and Asperger’s so like each other- it’s spooky!

How’s your day been so far?

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch up with you again at some point!

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15 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 19.55 – 08/05/21

    1. Hey Grace, excellent 🙂

      I was very pleased. The crockery set was originally 20 pieces in total, so it worked out at 30 pence each, awesome! 🙂

  1. I need to hit the thrift stores! I love them. Great haul!
    Ben has hair past his shoulders because he hates having his hair messed with. Luckily he like wearing it in a braid, so it’s mostly neat and presentable.
    GO TO BED!! I hope the sleeping is better tonight!🤞

    1. Go to bed?? It’s 9.47pm at night – like hellooooooo that’s a bit early. I don’t want to wake up at silly oclock you know 🙂

      These days l hate my hair long and l hate my hair getting cut, Suze needs a medal for her patience when cutting mine hahaha and more so because l deliberately spook her and make funny noises! One day she’ll shear right through the centre …

      It was a great haul …

  2. Too tough that they just had to ruin your night’s sleep. I hope it goes better tonight. Lovely purchases. Love the plates.

  3. Wow! That’s a great haul, Rory, and love the color of your new dishes. Get some rest and take care of that shoulder.

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