Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 7 – Spring 2021
Series 7 – Inevitable Changes
Friday 07th May 2021
The Last Week

All this week, l have felt a little bit naked …. not physically – but l have missed not having a Treadmill to walk on. I have walked most mornings, apart from Wednesday morning when l went over to Suze’s and worked in the garden. Cripes, but l think my body is going to really be problematic in the next ten years, if these last couple of years are anything to go by! My body isn’t aching from the work we did, but it has been beginning to start aching more freely in the last year especially …

My hands ache, fingers, all joints, wrists, elbows, knees, back, shoulders, ankles, neck … the list of aches is long – l think arthritis and l will walk hand in hand in my older years sadly. In the industry’s l have worked in since leaving school each has taken its toll one way or another, but my time with the animals and working with horses quite possibly more so with regards breaking bones, rupturing tendons and cartilages wearing thin on bone – as l said to Fandango only yesterday, l am gonna ache. if l was a television set, l would have been cast aside years ago …. and goodness gracious me, let’s not even begin to talk problems internally!

Wednesday was a good day, l will write about it all soon enough in a new feature in the sister blog called Garden Projects. Suze’s garden is one major project for this Spring/Summer season. I have projects in my own garden, but in comparison to Suze’s – mine are minor issues. But on Wednesday, what was required to be done was digging of sorts … we were to dig out a section of the lawn at the back of her garden. I did probably 65% of the hard grafting, but l will give Suze excellent credit to her grim determination to NOT let cancer recovery take everything from her – she was getting stuck in like a good ‘un as well!!

I tried telling her to be careful …….. but you can’t tell a Libran to take it easy anyway, nevermind adding on top of the astrology – Suze … she wouldn’t be told.

Suze’s monster seedlings planted three weeks ago, 2 weeks after mine…

What l did notice over at hers and it was quite significant … was the size of her seedlings! I am so, NOT a green fingered gardener … my role in gardening has always been better served as a brown fingered gardener as in compost! Suze’s seedlings were monsters in comparison to mine which are midgets! My indoor plants are doing really, really well – they are monsters, but the vegetable seedlings are strugglings and l figured out why!

My seedlings planted 5 weeks ago – French beans doing well, but the rest are struggling – they are healthy, just not growing at the same speed of Suze’s who planted hers two weeks ago!

My house here has a heating system that always comes on, it’s an old system with a sensitive trigger of sorts and the moment it drops a few bars below the setting the heating comes on, but also, being the very nature of the house – it keeps warmth for much longer periods of time and so that can be deceptive for seedlings.

My indoors are doing really well though …

My house is artificially hot, but has natural sunlight in the conservatory. Suze’s house has more natural heat and less artificial heatwith a modern heating system that doesn’t just come on at a fart’s notice – and doesn’t hold the heat at all. So her plants in the kitchen are growing naturally whereas mine, were and had become very leggy. So, whilst they got lots of natural sun, they were unbalanced with the increased house heat and their growth rate became unbalanced, whilst Suze’s had more equal sunlight and equal heat ratios.

Also, Suze is using 100% my own compost whereas l planted mine into garden nursery commercial compost which l have to say is really bad potting compost and l know doesn’t hold many good nutrients! Honestly folks, nothing beats home grown compost! I have decided that for the next season, Suze will be in charge of all green seedling growth and l will stick to compost production and wildlife gardening.


Last night, l saw another house mouse nibbling on my seedlings!! Like they don’t have enough problems! So, did l originally have three mice? Did l have two mice of which l caught once, released twice and died once at the pussy paws? Or did l have just two mice and one has managed to get back in but the other was caught? I don’t know! Traps down again tonight maybe … but l felt so terribly guilty at the death of that other mouse, if l capture one, it will be released into the reserve!! But then, what damage is one little mouse really achieving? Should l just not let her/him become a household ‘Stuart or Little?’ Not sure, will have to give it some thought.

I am also seriously convinced my house was built on an ancient ant hill or something, l am constantly having to tackle ant nests, they are everywhere and NOW, they are ignoring the traps and the liquids and the powders …….. aaaarggghhh!! They are actually more annoying than a mere seedling nibbling house mouse! Suze jokes, l don’t need a pet, l have enough wildlife in an out of the house to start my own petting zoo!!


The retailers refunded the broken treadmill, and even though l am looking for a repair facility to be able to fix the old one – l can’t find anything local to me, so it’s now living under the stairs! If l can get it repaired and a new decking installed, l will let Suze have it – it will help her enormously.

I tried selling my exercise bike, but no one is even bothering about looking and there are so many on the market and at the most ridiculous prices .. it doesn’t warrant me trying to sell mine which is less than a year old for stupidly low money. I will keep it, and when the poorer weather returns in the winter l will use it again no doubt!

I have bought myself a new treadmill now, not from Amazon, from a different company that is offering more warranty – l went for a slightly more expensive model on account of the fact that this is an investment piece of kit and l do use it more than most apparently. I walk daily, but l can use a treadmill at times as an additional exerciser and of course weather pending as the prime exerciser sometimes twice a day for anywhere between 30 – 75 minutes and that means … l need a hardier bit of kit as that is considered ‘too much exercise for a treadmill’ or l should say a normal treadmill! Very confusing if honest because most treadmills are bought for running on and not just walking …. trust me, you learn more when you have a broken treadmill than you do when you first buy one!

It was Ian, that set me on a different path with regards Treadmill – look for a heavier beast, he didn’t that say that directly, but he did make reference to commercial Gymnasium models being more durable, so this time l have opted for a Reebok GT40S Treadmill which has a lot of features and is mostly a running Mill, but is great for fast walking! I managed to get mine at a good discount because …. well exercise equipment is no longer as ‘wanted’ and so many companies have major surplus on their hands. All going well, it should be with me in the next week or so, l hope so, l really miss having all round convenient access to one.

It’s great walking, but in order to get a really good workout, l was having to walk for at times 4 hours a day and l can’t dedicate that time to being outside anymore exercising. So, if l want to get on the Mill for a quickie of say 20 minutes at 9pm at night, l can do, whereas walking outdoors at that time is not ideal. But walking in the reserve and around the ramparts in the morning for a good 45 to 55 minutes is fine, then l can crack on with the day and get things done during the day time.

I had a target weight to achieve before my 58th birthday which is this month and that was to hit 12 stone or 168 lbs well l am currently weighing 171 lbs and that is my achieved target really, due to the internal weight l carry with my stomach disorder – exercise has helped, but also – l now eat from such a ridiculously reduced and strict diet – weight loss was bound to happen. I had to cut 85% bread out of the diet, so now l only have 1 loaf of gluten free sourdough a week … yay me!

Till the next time, thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Time for me to tend to my worms!

The reserve and the ramparts in Sandwich in spring are both lovely as you can see in the gallery below – displaying mallards, bees, bluebells, spring blossoms, St Clement’s graveyard and the rare white ‘bluebells – White City or something l think.’,

24 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. Hope the new treadmill is good value for money. Aches and pains are a part of growing older but not every joint should ache. I hope you feel better soon. Great pics

    1. Hey Sadje, l was thinking about this whilst gardening this afternoon. My body has had a hard life 🙂 I have broken maybe 23 bones over the last forty years, l have torn countless muscles and ripped tendons, so it wouldn’t surprise me to be aching like this in truth. The biggest ache is the right shoulder, which l don’t think healed properly back in 2018.

        1. Yes l know that Sadje hahaha 🙂 Bit late now, l am doing my best, but when we are young do we think? Plus when young, we don’t think about getting older do we? Did you think when you were 16, l wonder what my life and body will be like when l am 58?

        2. I always thought I’d be very old at the turn of the century, 39!!!! And now almost 60, I feel okay not old! But I too had a lot of injuries when younger. I had had 3 surgeries on my right knee before I was 40! Injury prone we are!

        3. Well then, same here, l live my life at least and yet you know and l know you do – so many do not, they miss life, they let life stride past them.

        4. Yes, exactly. At least we won’t have the regret that we didn’t do anything with our lives at the end.

  2. I do wish they could fix that algae problem for good. It looks so mucky and yucky to me.

    I miss seeing the ducks at the water feature at our city hall. They’re too “messy”, so feeding them isn’t allowed, so they left☹

    Soon enough I’ll feel strong enough to do the 7 mile lake walk and see ducks and mean geese again.🤞

    I’m so used to aches and pains… I’m hoping the plaque psoriasis doesn’t lead to psoriasis arthritis. That’s the swelling, deformity kind☹ I get to start my treatment next week, so hopefully it will reduce this itchy, scaley stuff all over my body. 🤞

    Good luck with your new treadmill! Gym grade is the way to go I think.

    1. Let’s hope your treatment goes well … l think my biggest issue is going to be this shoulder, it’s playing up something awful!

      The algae … tell me about it … there are many reasons for the build ups all over the town. From 13th century drainage systems to silt build ups, to improper usage of chemicals on fields, to, to, to the list is endless.

      There are works ongoing to try and fix it.

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics, Rory! I hope your aches subside and your new treadmill works well for you. Rock on and have a great weekend.

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