Universal Greetings

Today’s 2nd Post is Blog Series Questions
Universal Greetings – A Jolly Good Morning To You!!
Tuesday 04/05/2021 – Season 16 – Series 12
Wishing everyone a truly beautiful day and week – make it great folks!
Photo of the Day – Flaccid Anemone Flowers Plant – Pixabay
This week – Monday to Wednesday is the 1950’s, so if you too just loved this era, then let me know below and l’ll include you in the line up!
Eugenia of Eugi’s Causerie I Paula of Light Motifs II
Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mindGary of Bereaved Single Dad
Buddy Holly – Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues Rock-A-Beatin’ Boogie [Bill Haley]
Frank Sinatra “When Your Lover Has Gone” Buddy Knox – Party Doll
Ricky Nelson – Be Bop Baby“It’s Not for Me to Say” Johnny Mathis
Rockin’ Robin-Bobby DayElvis Presley – Hard Headed Woman

Hope you enjoyed the line up folks – tomorrow – 8 from The 1950’s again – let me know if you are a fan but also let me know if you are a fan of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and so on too!

The Perils of Apps!

Apps will destroy the world and we’ll let it happen!

Pretty soon there will be an app that will ‘think’ for you – yes you alone, it will think for you, it will decide for you, it will make ultimate decisions for you and you will let it out of convenience and efficiency! As so many people don’t like to read any more, this crazy app will look at the content and decide whether you need it, if not off it goes – discarded.

If however it decides you need this info, hell don’t worry – at night when you are asleep, it will download the info into your brain direct, and you will let it! And you will not even have to have seen it or let alone know you have digested it.

Wow fantastic huh?

Never happen right?
But l guess there was a time when no one thought people would be walking around with a phone in their pocket that was smarter than they were … yeah, you’re right, it’ll never happen…….

Rory Matier
“People who smile while they are alone used to be called insane, until we invented smartphones and social media.”

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Have a great day folks – see y’all tomorrow!

Coming Soon To A Screen Near You!

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  1. Happy Tuesday, Rory! And a bit of Frank, splendid 🙂 I’m really not a fan of apps, apart from having Kindle and Kobo on my phone; only for emergencies, you understand.

  2. Good morning Rory!
    “A time when no one thought people would be walking around with a phone in their pocket that was smarter than they were” …it’ll never happen? 🤣😂🤣😂 were living in that time 😂

  3. Good Afternoon 🙂
    Rightly said. There is an app which can write poetry for you. I really felt like banging the head of the person who is creating such things. How can an application write your feelings.
    Agree with Ribana. 😀 Only yesterday I was chatting with my friend about only having phones which are smart. Humans have left that category long ago.

  4. If Karl Marx was alive to see it, would he have written,

    “Social media is the opium of the people.”? 🙂

    The thing I think about apps is they’re not really that smart; so people have to dumb down to use them. I give you the ubiquitous Like button as evidence #1. 🙃

    1. Maybe so, but not all apps are dumb and that’s the problem. Most apps are smarter than the end user.

      Intelligent apps over traditional apps is the prime difference … today society’s expectations for innovation is much much higher than the average user – hence perhaps – the LIKE button – is a basic behavioural app.

      It all comes down to the apps a user actually uses and how often they are reliant upon them, upon the need for a smart phone, any phone, a computer and the list goes on.

      Most intelligent apps these days are designed to convince the user they need them and would be lost without them.

      I have a mobile phone a basic brick model that l have no expectations for, many others have Smartphones and many people today are victimised for not having Smartphones? How is that intelligent? Well, because intelligent services need you to be connected so they can help manipulate you.

      People want higher functionality from their mini mobile computers and communication devices. They don’t want to think – that’s where the laziness comes into its own, the dumbing down process of perfect clonism.

      People want to adapt, they want data input, but we are not designed to simply adapt as fast as the magical apps do …. they become smarter than the users by absolute default on intelligence.

      They thrive on those who are action motivated, people who want to be seen as being hyper efficient, those determined to be driven by the overwhelming data and consider themselves hyper responsive to information. Those who wish to be seen across many platforms ….. the sadder fact is – people are not dumbing down to use apps, but they are becoming dumber because of them and in turn the apps are becoming more intelligent anyway.

      1. One thing about Social Media is it puts extroverts and introverts on a level field. This might be good in a democratic way but it isn’t as interesting. People’s better traits and talents are expressed through their extro/introvert natures.

    1. Hey MaSadje, good morning to you 🙂

      Well in a way it is already here isn’t it?

      Your Smartphones find the best viewing results for you, they are therefore downloading behaviour and consumer apps all day and when you have an upldate more apps come on board in essence whilst you sleep …. it’s already happening.

      ……….. mm

        1. Which is the same theory – your viewing habits are being consumed by your phone, you are ‘dictating’ what you wish to see, and yet, are you … really? Or are you being subliminally manipulated by Google to look at what they think you want to see?

          1. Nopes, not me. I choose what I Google, and those are mostly definitions and synonyms. Or I get directions. No Facebook or Twitter here.

          2. Okay, however l hate to disappoint you, apps will be in your life somewhere and influencing you without you realising, Sorry to burst the bubble, but that’s the beauty of clever advertising manipulation. It’s job through algorithm psychology is to detect what you view.

            We are only in control of x amount of intelligence through the hardware we use. To be completely free of any hardware manipulation – you would have to be living in the backwaters of nowhere – 100% self sufficient and completely off the grid.

          3. Okay, I get your point. My daughter was just telling me the same thing. I’ll keep my eyes open to see what’s happening.

  5. Johnny Mathis – oho – “Twelfth of Never”… Ask people my age about that one. Or just ask people my age about Johnny Mathis…

  6. Thanks, Rory for the nice musical start to my morning! I am really enjoying the beautiful flower and scenery pictures you’ve been sharing with your daily Universal Greeting! The one today is especially sweet! <3 Oh? I like all those decades you've mentioned. Some of the music from each. It's when you hit 2010 that things start to get less enjoyable (to me).

    1. Hey Melanie, thanks l am glad you enjoyed the imagery being shared … l take a lot of photos, but even on my very good days, l am never as great as some of thes eother Photographers are 🙂

      As to the decades, thank you … l totally agree – the music from 2010 to now has been not fantastic in truth .

  7. Thanks Rory! Love these oldies! Hope you are feeling better and having a lovely day 😻

  8. Thanks Rory! I love the oldies. Apps are a trap… i think I peeved about that. Their purpose is to track you and keep your eyeballs on the site via incessant notifications. Hope you are feeling better today! 💕

    1. Thanks Paula 🙂

      Yes they are, they are one of the biggest traps going, they are highly deadly and to some sadly addictive … but then some people, never learn.

  9. Thanks so much for the oldies, Rory! Apps are evil! They collect data on every move we make. I rarely use them and some browsers aren’t our best friends either. Google and Microsoft’s Edge aren’t the safest to use if you don’t want to be tracked. I love the quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana!

  10. Awww… I really like my plant identifying app. I don’t use very many other apps. In fact, I Uninstall most of what comes with a new phone.
    I *DO* like having a mini computer to look things up.

    I’m very very aware that I’m being tracked, and cataloged.

    1. We all are … tracked by big brother … not so very brotherly really is it …

      Hope you are having a great stressfree Tuesday Grandma.

      Tomorrow you are up for 1950’s.

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