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Series 3 – Game 3 – 2021

A couple of years ago l introduced a series called “Blogger Reviewer Questions’ – it ran for 2 series from January 2019 – May 2019 and here is the third series. The answers provided two years ago helped me structure my blog and understand the blogging community – readers were asked a total of sixty questions, worry not, this series’ll be not that many and will only run once a week for the next four weeks

This is the last episode..

Thanks in advance.

The Questions ….

What are your top 5 favourited Blog Genres – the ones you enjoy reading the most?

I think that as we age in ‘blogging terms’ and not so much physically, but with regards to our writing and reading habits and our reading habits as we write more change and can change quite significantly. When l started this blog in September 2017 l was tending to read more from poetry and mental health blogs. 2018, my reading habits changed again and l started to read less on the aforementioned genres and more on the creative fiction side and prompt response creation.

By 2019, my habits had changed once again and l found that l was reading mostly fiction sites but also leaning towards more topical content again such as mental health and lifestyle and trying to introduce a balance to my reading habits but equally at that time l was starting to change my personal writing habits, certainly changing the publishing frequency and this behaviour has stayed with me till today … very reduced writing and leaning more towards topical content and lifestyle but also, trying to balance that with entertainment.

So my Top 5 favourited genres are probably: Lifestyle and Health, Entertainment, Poetry, Fiction and Business.

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block and if so, what did you do to get yourself through it and if not, what do you do to avoid it?

Bonus Question – Do you believe ‘writer’s block’ is an actual thing?

I have most assuredly suffered with ‘Reader’s Block’ – but even then, that was only really a block on reading fiction because l was reading with no problem lots of other topics easily enough.

Writer’s block, truthfully speaking, l don’t think is an actual thing in general terms … although there are times when a writer might lack the inspiration and motivation to write specifically in niche or on a niche subject or meet a niched deadline through experiencing lowered enthusiasm for the content.

I think that anyone can write on anything if they want to, but l think it comes down to just that … if they want to. WB is almost like a lazy get out clause “Oh l can’t write on x, y and z, because l have writer’s block!” Nonsense, it is a myth – just fess up you don’t want to write on the topic of a, b and c because it doesn’t interest you or you are tired or you have a hangover or you haven’t researched it or you are uninspired by the topic, the content, life and so on.

I have never experienced it and l never will – l might not have the desire to write in certain genres for a few months or so – but that will always be because of m, n, o and p and not WB.

Ashley asked a question similiar to this … ish with plenty of leeway it might be viewed as the same ‘ish on the 25th Is There a Finite Well of Blogging Material? I will not run out of ‘stuff’ to produce for a few reasons … 1] because l am producing less content these days anyway and 2] because l don’t just write about one niche and finally, because there is always something to write about in my eyes.

A post is so easy to create and my philosophy is, just keep writing … because there is ALWAYS someone out there reading.

Do you think colour psychology is an important part to the blogging journey and does it play a big part in how your readers view a blog?

Psychology Of Color In Logo Design

I know l asked about ‘creativity’ the other day and the importance of it to blogging, but equally as important to me is the introduction of colour. I am very much a visual thinker, listener and writer – l respond to colour, to colour stimulation, to visual colouring – to coloured imaging and so on … for me colour is everything’ and when l read blogs as like we all do, l find that certain colours enable or even disable me. I am always wary of greens and reds and yet these are colours l enjoy, but greens and reds are bad news for those who are colour blind. But some blogs use too much distractional colour [l might be guilty as well especially to readers whom are adverse colour]

Some colours in blogs can cause me to become as distracted as the likes of jumping and flashing advertising panels can do to me. So if the colours are too overpowering and garish l tend to steer clear. But there are not many blogs like that.

Of course colour in fonts is lost in the Reader so that’s not really an issue. The Reader rapes colour in my eyes when it comes to text – but l am anti-“The” Reader anyway, so ignore that. The Reader is merely an app for people’s convenience and hyper efficiency – colour in text format is not needed.

Many readers/viewers/surfers are influenced by colour in branding in blogs, advertising, forums, online shops and so on … so to me colour speaks volumes. This is not saying that black, greys and whites do not – they do – but they will be ‘selling’ a different message to me.

For me, and not just me, but many others too … colour brings forward life and brilliance – colours speaks volumes and that’s why l use it all the time where possible.

How do you feel about Interview series and or Guest Writing opportunities on other blogs?

Well l enjoy Interview series – as a person who enjoys being asked questions … l respond well to that type of prompt more so than other types and l was a guest writer on a gamer’s blog for 8 months before l created this particular blog in 2017, but also, l was guest writing on other blogs and websites from as early as 2005. I enjoy the experience.

So there we go folks – our last four questions for series 3 ….. let me know your views below.

34 thoughts on “Blog Series Questions

  1. I’m a reader, so all I want to see are words. Black type on a white background, in an easily readable font in an easily readable size. End of. I read some blogs in the WP Reader because the words are unreadable on the actual site because of the size and font. I do not understand why people use photographs that are not theirs and for no discernable reason except there is some blog rule that all posts should have an image. I know, going against the grain here, but you did ask.

    I like personal blogs, I like knowing people, and reading about their lives, so different from mine. And yes, opinions and outlooks that are different from mine, even when I disagree. I’m quite happy to read about what someone had for lunch yesterday. I would enjoy an interview series because, again, getting to know people. Guest writers? Let them get their own blog LOL I only read one “informational” blog and that is Ashley’s because it is informative but always infused with her personality which I find delightful.

    As for writer’s block, I think it happens when you are in the middle of writing a particular piece and got bogged down in how to express what yourself or your ideas or move the plot along (if you are writing fiction). Otherwise, I think we all have something to say on any given day, whether we wish to share that is another story.

    Oh yes, and I like photography blogs – because they are personal too…I get to see what someone else sees and most of the time things I’ve never seen before!

    1. Hey Grace, in truth l didn’t actually ask about the photography aspect, l asked about the colour aspect.

      I know your views on photography and l will answer again as l did before … l take a lot of photographs but even on my good days, my best days – l cannot get the clarity that some images require.

      I like to use 90% my own photos but on the occasion like Universal Greetings l will use other photography. Images are important – and not just because of some golden rule, but because most viewers – note viewers as opposed to readers and observers of text’ appreciate image breaks, they want to have a focus.

      Photography is important – it matters – images matter – they inform people what we inspire to, what is important to us, they allow us to communicate to others in more ways than mere text, images can aid those who wish to inspire to greater creativity, and of course imagery is powerful.

      Where the use of another platform’s photography is helpful is where people might not have access to a camera or a fancy phone or like me, they seek more clarity with imagery than they can deliver. But you know this, because you appreciate great photography otherwise you wouldn’t be viewing photography blogs.

      As always, thanks for your input 🙂

      1. If I could have deleted my comment I would have. I only noticed you asked about color after reading other’s comments. I rattled on about my likes and dislikes which have no place on your blog. I do apologize.

  2. I love reading. Since childhood I always used to read a lot of books and also write down my thoughts. When it comes to blogging I like reading about personal blogs- trials and tribulations of others as they go about their daily lives, they joys their inspirations. Also love reading blogs about fitness, weight management, fine arts and poetry.
    Though I’m relatively new in the world of blogging -merely 4-5 months yet I think writers block exists. It’s a kind of rut that people find themselves in. It’s how they are unable to come up with any words, maybe their life is going too mainstream or maybe they just feel like they have fizzled out of ideas to write. At some times even I wonder what to write so I know it’s totally real.

    1. Hey 🙂

      Many thanks for commenting, l tried to visit your blog, but couldn’t find you in the directory.

      Hope your day is going well.

  3. I agree that colour is an important part of branding and the feel of a blog. I’m not a very visual person, so I’m never sure what I want to do with the visual appearance of my blog, and I tend to change it up fairly often.

  4. I like topical, lifestyle, music, astrology, science, fiction & non-fiction, humor
    I read a lot of different blogs… I tend to gravitate to writing style over content in what I follow.

    I’ve only ever had trouble with fiction. I can write forever any just about any topic, but fiction give me trouble.

    I like color, but too much color can be distracting. Or unappealing colors.

    I think an inview would be fun. Guest writing… maybe. Depends on the subject and deadlines. I have time issues that cause me to be non-committal on many thing🙄

  5. I’m not sure I know what they mean by Writer’s Block. It would seem daft that a writer suddenly forgot how to write. I think it must be self doubt or a kind of perfectionism – I get this from time to time – or I’ll decide not to publish a post after finishing because I think it might be offensive or misunderstood. “Block” is probably a misnomer. There is always something to write about.

    I don’t go for genres or labels. I like randomness, surprise, serendipity and the unusual. Once I used to subscribe to music magazines and I saw that topics were recycled about every twelve editions. So, there is a sort of finite well of topics to publish. I told people who like to post daily but struggle to find content to recycle their older posts because they have readers who might not have seen them. I see some bloggers do this. But I would rewrite the whole piece form scratch without reference to the original; forget the original.

    Psychology of colour looks a bit contrived. Red may be cheerful and positive to some, lucky to others, but to me it might be arrogant and angry. I also agree with Grace about simple black text on white background (though I appreciate images). I like it because it’s what we expect when reading and it appears sophisticated, and that implies erudition.

    I confess when I first started, many moons ago, the appeal for me was to create a magazine style blog, so the idea of including interviews and guest writers wouldn’t have been out of place. But it’s never interested me, either including it or reading it. I don’t have much interest in reading celebrity interviews come to that.
    Guest writers is also odd, in why would I write for someone else’s blog when I have my own? I think you can take this let’s play at publishing too far.
    Though I have participated in a joint blog which is a slightly different approach, and we all wrote about the same subject so it had a focus for its readers.

    1. Some interesting answers here Ian. Lots of people have many reasons for Guest Writing – including those who have blogs and websites of their own.

      Joint blogs are different also, different angles. But then there are also community blogs and l have hosted those before alongside perhaps 5 other writers.

      Everyone has a reason as they say 🙂

      1. It would be interesting to know the reason, in a creative sense, I mean, and not just following a trend.

        1. Usually to drive more traffic to their own blogs or various platforms.

          When l wrote as a guest blogger to the gamer’s site, l didn’t have any platform to drive anyone too. But years ago when l was a community writer l was driving people to my brokerage business.

          There can be many benefits to guest blogging from the social community aspect, the previously mentioned traffic as in a billboarding of writers to promote both blogs and show both diversity and fluidiity of topics, Some bloggers invite guest bloggers to their blogs to ease the burden off their own schedules especially if they are busy.

          The reblog here in WP is a form of indirect guest blogging – ‘it fills a gap’.

          It can work many ways in promotion to and of each other’s blog – the scratch my back syndrome.

          Also, exchange of ideas and subject matters are reasons behind guest blogging.

  6. Morning, Rory! My fave blogging genres – poetry, music, photography, writing tips, fitness/health/fashion, inspirational. No politics, religious views, trending news, or porn.

    Writers Block could be a thing for those that want it to be. I can always think of something to write but I can’t always make it work to my liking. So, I select an image which usually sparks my creativity.

    I use and love images, and yes, I use them from sources that are public domains. I don’t have a camera and my phone isn’t the greatest for taking pictures.

    I love color because, I think it adds personality to one’s blog. Plus, I can’t read regular black and white because of my eyesight. I read everything using a dark screen. Also, long posts with no paragraphs and no images are not my cup of tea.

    Colors are one of the key aspects when it comes to brand recognition. I associate blogs by their appearance, as much as I do by the content.

    I’m okay with interviews and guest writing on other blogs because it is a promotional tool, IMO. I am a guest writer for Renard’s World and Go Dog Go Cafe, and enjoy it. I’m not into it for my own blogs and I prefer to run weekly events.

    As always, different strokes for different folks. Keep on keepin’ on.

  7. I get writer’s block, but it’s more publishing block. I can write a ton, but actually putting something on my blog or sharing it never happens. I tend to delete or just let my work create cobwebs in my folders. Readers block sounds adorable.

  8. 1. Personal, Lifestyle and Health, Short Fiction, Entertainment and sometimes fashion or beauty, the latter depending on when I feel beautiful haha.
    2. You make a valid point, as after reading your answer I can see the difference between writer’s block and lack of motivation or enthusiasm to write. So, for me, i’ve just struggled with the lack of motivation to write.
    3. I’ve never heard of colour psychology before so will read up on that. It’s difficult to say due to my vision impairment, I can’t deal with too many colours, flashing. Aside from that i do think colour brings a blog to life, but just don’t have every colour going on at once!
    4. LOVE THEM! Enough said 🙂

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