Dear Blog – 19.03 – 02/05/21

The Automatrons …

Just in case you are wondering …the automatrons are a type of robot in a game l play called Fallout 4, however … they are very much like the online retailers l have been dealing with this week … although l know the ones in Fallout 4 are a darn sight more social and helpful!!

My treadmill broke on the 24th April – last Saturday evening – the decking beneath the running belt splintered and then shattered rendering the machine inoperable for the function of walking in exercise upon. That night, directly after the incident l emailed the seller via Amazon [having bought it on the 10th February 2021 and having had it delivered on the 12th February 2021] and explained my situation and asked for them advice.

I heard nothing back till Tuesday 27th, when they simply responded with ….

Good morning,

Thank you for your message.
I am sorry that there is a problem with your product. 

Please send us the photos or vedio using a computer or a laptop – if you use a mobile or a tablet we might not get it. Save the photos on your computer as a JPEG file and attach it using the attach tab at the bottom of this message

If you are still having issues in sending us the photos through here please send them to attachment.

Please make sure to add your order  number on the subject

Once we have those we will be able to assist you further

The reason why we ask for photos is this is the quickest way to resolve any issue whereby we can offer a replacement, (or spare parts in some instances), without the necessity of a possible collection first.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Okay fine l thought, would have been nice to have heard back sooner than this – however, at least they have written back … so l took what photos l could – which is harder than you might think because the damage is actually directly under the back end of the running belt and Suze took a video of me walking on one of the lowest gears to get them to see where the damage was … problem was that was a 21MB video and Amazon only have a 10MB capacity for videos and l am not that savvy to know how to reduce that down.

3 Photos only 1 of which is remotely effective and that is the last showing the decking and it’s rend beneath the running belt which was only able to be raised a couple of inches with the palm of my hand.

I emailed them back on the same day and enclosed the photos and told them l did have a video also which would be more beneficial and show them the actual damage but was not sure how to get it to them.

Good morning,

My reference number is XXX I have no idea what is getting to you email wise and not because l have three images that in essence quite useless and 2 videos which are more informative but they are too big for the Amazon’s restrictive 10MB capacity so l don’t even begin to understand how l can get them to you and l am not technically savvy enough to know how to reduce them.

I have attached three photos which l think should get to you ok. Only one of those is probably any good and that shows the outer perimeter of the decking splintering and the resulting sawdust from the break. The treadmill’s injury is at the back end middle the platform deck beneath the belt. I suspect that the deck is seriously splintered and that there is either a crack of substance or a hole or a break, l don’t know – because the running belt is tight to the frame and l can only ease away a couple of inches of belt with just my hand. Please advise how l send the videos to you please.

Kind regards Rory

Heard nothing back from them until early Friday 30th April where upon they then said this …

Good Morning,

Thank you for your message. We are sorry to see such damage to your item.
Your comments will be passed on to our Product manager for quality control purposes
Moving forward, if you are able to find a resolution/repair for the product at your end and are able to keep it without any further assistance, we can provide you with a partial refund of 20% as a goodwill gesture.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and await your response for further instruction.

Kind regards,

Well at this point l was getting a little bit tired of a few things 1] despite me including my name in all correspondence thay never addressed with it, 2] the time they were taking to respond considering they are supposed to be an English brick and mortar store based in Middlesex in England and 3] that they didn’t seem to be understanding anything l was actually writing to them.

The 20% ‘goodwil gesture’ just rattled my anger stems. Their treadmill was with me for a total of 72 days, l had gone past the 30 day money back warranty , but their product was faulty – it had broken under regular use and before l had even had the item for three months – not saying it should break at 12 weeks of age, but the fact that it hadn’t even lasted three months was a little disconcerting. 20% would not even cover repairs. I bought the treadmill for £319 – so 20% would only award me back just over £60 and if anything a ‘goodwill gesture’ as far as l was concerned was an insult to both my intelligence and their integrity as a business, which is what l told them when l wrote back directly after receiving their email on that Friday. I outlined what options l thought should be available …

Thank you for your email ….

My Reference number is Order ID: XXX

I bought the treadmill from you on the 10th February 2021 through Amazon and  it was delivered on the 12th February 2021. I unpacked it carefully and have followed all instructions to use it safely. I have maintained it and managed my use correctly and have not abused it.  It has not even lasted 3 months – it was in functional use for 72 days of regular use? Your product broke,  and now you are asking me to replace a missing part which happens to be the decking. Treadmill parts and maintenance is not a cheap option to take on a cheaper model. The parts and the repairs alone can at times stretch far beyond the value of the machine itself. 

No, l am sorry but a partial refund is unacceptable given the small length of time l have had this machine in my care. I believe the correct procedure here would be 1] to either replace this machine with another or 2] you refund the cost and arrange a collection or 3] if you believe this item can be repaired – then you arrange collection and repair it at your end and return it to me. 

For such a small period of time, and considering that l only use it to walk on and not run or jump or bounce up and down upon, for this to break so quickly suggests possibly poor construction and l am thankful that i didn’t have a serious accident on it and cause injury to myself. 

If l can figure a way of getting the actual video to you to outline the seriousness of the damage l will – but my video is 21MB and Amazon’s capacity is only 10MB – you could have offered me alternative communication to get in touch with you and have only restricted this to Amazon. I am now also considering writing to Amazon directly and asking their advice on this matter.

Whilst, I thank you for your correspondence with me, your responses have not been timely considering it is 6 days since l first notified you and i have had to await responses from your company concerning what l consider a serious problem with someone who has bought items from you in good faith.

Regards Rory Matier

I heard nothing back that morning, later morning, afternoon, day, that night – nothing the next day as in yesterday, Saturday 01st not a thing. So l wrote off to Amazon direct to hit yet another call centre automatron to be told they could do nothing for 48 hours because the company handled their own deliveries and not Amazon.

I was at this point becoming seriously frustrated with the lack of correspndence or timely response, given how quickly l was to return my emails to them directly following their protocols!

Come Saturday evening, l had had enough, so l sent them another email …

Since l first communicated with you, you have responded twice only. I can’t help but feel that you are not taking this matter seriously. I am genuinely upset at the loss of this bit of activity equipment, but l am more upset at the fact that it broke after such a short period of time. I under stand your normal ‘warranty’ is 30 days, but that is to cover return and refund, what of the principal behind faulty goods? This treadmill should not have broken in less than three months with regular and normal usage by a user that wasn’t running on it and isn’t obesely overweight and past the machines restrictive guidelines.

I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes and if l could get the video to you you would see and hear that the damage is quite substantial.

But 20% refund for goodwill l feel is an insult to my intelligence and your integrity … £60 quid simply wouldn’t cover the repairs as l think you know. I am probably going to get nowhere with this … and l am disgruntled, but l had rather hoped that your company would have taken this and the potential for an accident more seriously.

Nothing ………. until this morning, which l found strange to receive a response on a Sunday considering, l had no response the previous Sunday following the accident on the Saturday night…

Good Morning,

Thank you for your message.

I would like to apologize that the item performed different than expected. We have two resolutions we would like to put forward to you to resolve this issue please let us know which one is best for you.

– Partial Refund: A 50% partial refund on your order if you are happy to keep item as it is.


– A full collection of the item for a refund

Collection requires the items to be fully dismantled and packed in the box with all parts included. We would also require you to select a full working day between 09.00-17.00 for the collection of your item. 

Once again I would like to apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Well now we are getting somewhere, so l wrote back directly within 15 minutes of receiving that email with this …

Good morning,

My thanks for your email this morning – looking at both options l have a question if l may … this option – A full collection of the item for a refund

Collection requires the items to be fully dismantled and packed in the box with all parts included. We would also require you to select a full working day between 09.00-17.00 for the collection of your item. 

Obviously l do not have ‘the box’ the treadmill arrived in February, am l to understand correctly that a box of the same standard size is acceptable for collection?

I await your response.

Kind regards Rory Matier

This might seem an obviously blatant question, but l have lost quite a bit of faith and trust with this seller, and it seems they only stepped up their game when l stepped up the game a bit with my complaint – l don’t know ……. however – here l am at 6.36pm on a Sunday night and l have heard nothing back … so time will tell on this, but hopefully l am slowly reaching a conclusion. I have bought bubble wrap and brown tape and have enough cardboard to be able to recreate a cardboard box – we shall see. Of course, that might jst be my Aspie literalness seeing ‘the box’ as a problem.


In other news ….

After the week from hell health wise, l am now starting to fully recover, aside from a bizarre attack to my health late last night and l admit to pannicking slightly fearing this coming week to be a repeat performance – but then l realised what my problem was … l have to take a herbal tablet to attack the candida and it is called Candaway which uses ingredients and extracts of cinnamon bark, olive leaf, fennel seed and oregano. It is a strong herbal tablet designed to attack the Candida albicans / yeast overgrowth in the digestive system. I was going through what is known as Candida die off syndrome or basically, when you start to tackle the overgrowth directly with the medication itself and it starts to heal and mend your body and l was experiencing a whole host of repair works like chills, fevers, aching muscles, skin rashes and itches, flushes, feeling tired … it can be nasty – but as they say – with candida and the die off, you have to get a lot, lot worse before you start to get a lot, lot better!

But there is always a serious downside to the Candaway tablets and that is if you continue to take them after the candida has gone, then they start to act like a majorly aggressive herbal laxative because it still strips what’s inside your digestion and if there is nothing there, any food that enters your body after the die off is complete is then subjected to the effects of the herbal medication!

Up until yesterday evening l was still taking the tablets, when l realised with the fresh attack that it wasn’t the usual, l realised my error and quickly stopped taking the herbals. Now l just need to get hold of some decent probiotics that l am not allergic to and start the recovery process of rebuilding my valuable gut health.

Hopefully, this week will be much better – health wise …. hopefully.

Ps – l have watched over the last few nights the Worricker Trilogy starring Bill Nighy absolutely cracking series of films with a great cast line up … so you might be also interested …

“The Worricker Trilogy – Page Eight, Salting The Battlefield and Turks & Caicos make up The Worricker Trilogy. All three films feature Johnny Worricker (Bill Nighy), a long-serving MI5 officer, who learns that the Prime Minister knew about secret US rendition camps long before the British intelligence community knew about them.”

Thanks for reading – Rory

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21 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 19.03 – 02/05/21

  1. I myself am getting upset just reading your treadmill tale. Well, maybe I laughed a few times too. I expect they do not manufacture their equipment to last because usually people stop using exercise devices well before 72 days pass.

    1. Hey Geoff – l suspect you are spot on. I was already exercising long before l bought the treadmill, which l wanted to use as an additional bit of kit for walking as well as a replacement for outdoor walking when the weather is poor. But during the pandemic we all saw a serious increase in exercise equipment sales – because of lockdown restrictions.

      Retailer online were making huge sale increments to this ‘industry’, but you are right – let’s be honest most people who start exercise don’t usually always continue with a programme and give up after a couple of months – so if ‘cheaper treadmills’ were deliberately produced for the pandemic demand – retailers were onto a winner .. especially if 75% of the exercisers were not going to continue and maybe t5uck the kit away or use it only now and again.

      These retailers decided l personally think l was a muppet and would be easily fobbed off with a paltry 20% refund … they are wrong, because l am inches away from getting Trading standards involved if they don’t smartening up their responses 🙂

      I will get another treadmill, but this time paying a bit more for it.

  2. NBC won’t let us Americans watch your videos, they probably want us to just watch the show😉 Glad the overgrowth is gone, and you can start fresh. Too bad yogurt is out.

    Pretty smart mentioning possibility of injury. That gets companies attention. At least in “sue happy” US it does. I’m sure any box will do. They have no choice, now do they?

    Planned obsolescence is getting ridiculous

  3. Oy. I have had such good luck with returns/refunds that I won’t even comment with the details. As for The Worricker Trilogy – we saw that some time ago and really enjoyed it. We do like Bill Nighy and will watch anything he is in!

    1. Hey Grace, yes Bill is brilliant 🙂

      I am doing a Theme Times on him this week 🙂

      This is the first time l have experienced a major problem with Amazon sellers to this degree and yet, Suze also has just gone through something similiar where she had to get Amazon involved.

  4. I wish you would get your money back re the treadmill. What an irritating situation to be in. I’m glad you’ve figured out the stomach issue and I hope you’ll be better after you’ve stopped taking the tablets.
    Take care.

    1. Thanks Sadje, l too hope the treadmill situation is ‘now’ on the road to being dealt with 🙂

      Stomach wise ‘all clear so far ‘ 🙂

  5. What a bummer, Rory. When you get a resolution, what about joining a gym and using their treadmills? They should be reopening soon. I was told those home treadmills weren’t up to the level of punishment they get. The gym type treadmills cost ££££s and built like armoured tanks.
    Of course, you could just run in the open air. 😎

    1. Hey Ian,

      Can’t run, you may recall – the impact on my knee would probably injure it.

      Yes, it is a lesson learned, the next treadmill l get l will pay more for on account of my regular usage. I use one a lot in addition to walking because of the convenience of it in comparison to the inconvenience of a gym.

      I usually exercise when not walking outside in the mornings or the afternoons later in the evening. Plus a downside to the gym is people, l don’t wish to interact with people l don’t know, it doesn’t appeal.

      I need to purchase a good quality treadmill, that can take regular use. I need an armoured tank. So if l take that into account, plus it’s an investment and what the local gymnasium membership is for a year, l have an idea of my budget 🙂

  6. I remember watching that drama – it’s quite a while ago but I remember an episode called “Page Eight”. I think Bill Nighy was quite good in that but I don’t rate him highly as an actor. He too often seems to be playing a version of himself: the dopey old geezer, like Victor Meldrew’s been smoking too much weed. 😄

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