Universal Greetings

Universal Greetings – A Jolly Good Morning To You!!
Wednesday 28/04/2021 – Season 16 – Series 12
Wishing everyone a truly beautiful day – make it great folks!
Photo of the Day – Butterfly Wings Flowers – Pixabay
To those of you not mentioned today who also love the 70’s – let me know below or simply enjoy the selection ….
Carol Anne of Therapy BitsBetty of Guideline’s Web
Di of Pensitivity 101Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
Abba – Dancing QueenMichael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
Layla – Derek and the DominosStevie Wonder Superstition
Grease – You’re The One That I Want Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop
Simon & Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water Glen Campbell – Rhinestone Cowboy
Epic Captions as a game could not be simpler …. in fact it is astonishingly easy to take part and play and it is and quick too!

Each game l will provide an image and all you have to do is produce a caption for it!
[As in what do YOU think it should read or say?]

I TOLD you it was easy!!
So here’s your image – [Above]

Epic Caption This!

It’s yours to play with!

Comment Below!

The Last Game’s Image is above and this is what our readers said about it!

Happy Points 5 PNG
Sadje of Keep it Alive

“So now we are sat here, what now?”
Kritika of Undressed Thoughts

‘Boy: What should we play? Do you have any game in mind?
Cat: Thinking.’
Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude

“They told me to sit here and look smart which I did. Why can’t the boy do it too?”
Ian Kay of Moon Is Rising

Master Dick Whittington: “I can’t understand it, Cat; I was sure it was paved in gold!”
Cat: “I think I’ve got a splinter in my butt…”
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

“CAT: …then I woke up and saw what they’d done to me.
CHILD: I hope I don’t have to go to the Vet”
Suzanne of Ellie894

Once a tiger met a small boy with curly hair. The boy sat flat and tugged his ear. The tiger quite disappeared becoming instead a small striped cat… now what do you think about that??
Betty of Guideline’s Web

“I’m so concerned about him, Doctor. He’s just sitting there, staring into outer space. He might have gotten some bad weed, or something.”

Hope you enjoyed the line up folks – tomorrow – 8 from The 80’s – let me know if you are a fan!

31 thoughts on “Universal Greetings

    1. A long time then Lauren ……. a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time 🙂

      Great caption, that’s about right – l remember how ‘pet’ insurance would creep up frequently.

  1. Good morning Rory ✨. That’s a beautiful swallowtail in the photo 🦋. Hope some whimsy finds you this Wednesday 😊

  2. Good Evening, Rory! Wow! Thanks for the dedication and great music. Sure got our motors going today! By the time we had listened to Stevie Wonder, Bud was so rejuvenated he decided to go for a bike ride. (No, he didn’t even hang around long enough to hear Glenn Campbell. 😊 ) I would say the Featherlies and I agreed on our top choices in today’s lineup as a tie between ‘You’re the One That I Want’ and ‘Superstition’.

    Epic Captions: “Holy Shucks! It can not be! Orange is the new Black?”

    Thanks for the fun! 😊
    Wishing you a good night!

  3. White Rabbit here 🙄 Hope you’ve had a good Wren’sDay🤞

    Eric Clapton:
    “People think COVID comes from bats? But I’m not really a bat… where did they all get the pitchforks?”

    1. Hey Grandma, Happy Wednesday to you … let’s just wipe out how l am this week, it’s been a rough few days, that seem to get better then l fall back again.

      Excellent caption, have you caught a pitched fork? 🙂

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