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26 Years of Nothing Remarkable and YET, that’s 26 Years of Nothing Remarkable??

Most of you’ll not know that l have been quite ill this week – literally only a couple of people knew that l was crippled up in physical pain from Sunday evening to last night, and now l am recovering from internal bruising of the gut. This morning, l feel 100% better than l did Monday and 80% better than yesterday and today of 100% fitness level – l am probably at a 85% mark.

I haven’t been out for a walk since Sunday morning, although l was working in the garden with the compost till around 7pm on Sunday. I took seriously ill very late Sunday night around 11.30pm and was not able to start to get some sleep till around 3am.

I have been as you know unwell since roughly later January of this year with gut and intestinal flare ups, bouts and attacks and l have been slowly and surely trialling and testing my diet and the ingredients listings to try an eliminate the aggressors. This is a very difficult task, because without professional medical help it’s like trying to find a fart in a sewage farm – it can be nearly impossible because it’s not just ‘ a basic ingredient’ in food but can be a changed ingredient in everything you personally use and consume – ranging from foods to household products to personal hygiene products.

Now, the medical profession in the United Kingdom today refuse to recognise the problem l have which is most likely to be Chronic Candida Yeast Overgrowth [CCYO]. All of us have yeast in our bodies, but sadly some of us have bodies that go into overdrive with the yeast production for a number of factors – but usually anything that can cause or create extra stress. Not label diving, but l sit on the spectrum of autism with my Asperger’s and l have had stomach issues for as long back as l can remember – even as a child l had stomach disorders. Many of us on the spectrum do indeed suffer from intestinal gut disorders and or troublesome bacteria’s.

The only official way the NHS will recognise and identify and diagnose CCYO with me is if l have been diagnosed with AIDS – otherwise, they fail to see how you could have a yeast overgrowth that is attacking your gut, stomach and organs which is what mine does.

I had to get a ‘loose’ diagnosis of CCYO from an alternative practitioner and l did so through Vega AllergyTesting. The NHS provide very few allergy testing facilities sadly which is really outrageous considering that something like 85% of the British populace suffer on a regular basis or has experienced serious issues from one form or another of gut and intestinal disorders or IBS/IBD aka Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis and so on at some point in their lives to date..

In the United States last figures seen concerning 2015 it was estimated that just over 3 million Americans suffered with the same thing which was noted as a significant increase since 1999.

Many of these increases have occurred since the arrival of the millennium and more so with the increase of unnecessary chemicals in our food chain – our stomachs and intestinals are simply not designed to accommodate all of these chemicals.

I was reading an article the other day that said that cancers had also increased with people since the turn of the new century due to the pharmaceutical companies adding in more and more chemicals to our daily food stuffs and ingredients within other non – consumable household products to aid with more flavour and scents and colour – to basically make things more attractive to the buyer.

I first became ill in 1994 and from then to my last time with any form of medical body in 2018 so basically at that point 24 years, l had received perhaps a dozen diagnosis and then they retracted those and would always come back with ‘There is something there Mr Matier, but it’s not remarkable!’

If you think on it, that’s pretty bloody insulting especially by the time of 2018 when for 24 years l had already been experiencing major health problems and been plagued with severe stomach cramps that prevented me from actually walking most of the time, internal bleeding, bloating, cancer, polyps, horrendous weight loss, iron deficiencies, anaemia and the list went on. Whilst that MAY NOT be remarkable to the doctors, here l am in 2021 so on my 27th year since this first began for me at the age of 31 – l would have to disagree and say ‘Well for something that’s nothing remarkable in your eyes, the fact that l have had a severe stomach problem with me for most of my adult life is seriously bloody remarkable all by itself!! How on earth has this still not been diagnosed??”

I had initially thought on Sunday night that perhaps l had somehow ingested some of the compost, but poo pooed that notion, l am not six and sneaking handfuls of the dirt to eat as a bit of fun!

Suze managed to remind me of something however yesterday which is probably what has happened …. you see the last time l had a serious attack like this was very late 2019, so 18 months ago – at that point it was what is known as a Candida Die off – when the work you are doing towards aiding your recovery is slowly starting to come into fruition and the yeast overgrowth is ‘dying off’ in your stomach and in my case around my organs … as they say you have to become a lot worse before you become a lot better and l think this is what is happening. I do take herbal tablets three times a day to combat and aid the die off so that too has helped.

Whilst it is indeed good news that the yeast overgrowtth no longer has an aggressive a hold as it has had for however long, probably six months – the bad news is that something that was in my diet was the problem and l have spent all of this year mostly trying to locate it – to the point that today, my diet is ‘remarkably slim’ ingredients wise.

I think the culprit was a gluten free brown bread …. l think, but that’s now out of the diet …
I think the culprit was spring onions …. l think, but that is now out of my diet …
…. l think ……….. trust me this list goes on for another 8 items l have removed from my diet this year alone … never mind the 110 ingredients l have extracted from my diet and non consumables since 2015 and the CCYO diagnosis. Every year it just gets worse and every year more is extracted.

It does get to the point that you become stressful about what you can and cannot eat and sometimes in order to reduce the potential pain … you don’t eat … thankfully l am NOT yet in that bracket – but l can relate to it very well. On the sarcastic side to life, my target weight of 12 stone for May is fast becoming a reality as l am 12.3 and as l carry a 3lb natural bloat weight , this means l have indeed hit my target – which is good news. It doesn’t matter l guess to the medical profession that whatever this is that has been inside me is still present and will be no doubt to the day l die – because in their eyes, it is nothing remarkable….

Suze is to be here at 1pm, and we plan to take a slow walk on the reserve, as much as l might want to walk miles, l simply don’t have the energies to and l am still feeling the bruising of something like forty trips to the toilet is 48 hours which is never pleasant … but l am hoping we can perhaps visit a garden nursery to boot – we all need something to cheer us up eh?

Thanks for reading – Rory

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  1. Oh, this is so tough for you my friend. I hope your diagnosis of the candida infection dying is correct and you’re going to be rid of it. Take care. Hugs.

    1. Hey Sadje, many thanks – l too hope that is what has happened and is happening – but it now means l have to be really tough with my diet. This attack, literally floored me more so than the last one, which means if l was to experience another really bad attack like this … the next one might be way, way worse.

      The attacks of this year have mostly been flare ups or what l think is better termed ‘shots across the bow’ as in to say ‘Mate, you have a problem and if you don’t fix it, it’s going to strike you hard’, which is what has happened.

      You know, l used to love food which is why l became a chef … a savage irony in that statement now 🙂

      1. The sad part is that there is no doctor treating you. If you had medical help, it would be easier for you. I hope you feel better soon. Take care my friend

        1. It would be easier is the NHS would in the very least acknowledge that a person doesn’t have to have AIDS to have CCYO, that would help enormously.

        2. Yes, it would. It seems instead of going forward, the entire system in UK is regressing. I feel for you my friend.

  2. I do hope that you are correct, and in so your pain subsides. I wanted to say I recently read something about this, but I’m sure you have read everything coming and going. Knowing too that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. I do hope you feel better soon.

    1. Hey Rebecca – l am pretty sure it is a die off that l am experiencing and l have read, and read, researched and re-read all sorts of things … BUT, unless we are a professionally qualified doctor which many of us are not, we never know anything really.

      Do we?

      1. No, and then even some of them are questionable. I had an email this morning with the subject line, “Why you are always cold” Being that I tend to be cold–a lot, I opened the email. It can be anything from low blood to near death. So you’re right, reading really doesn’t help much.

        1. ” low blood to near death.” Case rested but can you imagine how some people might not use sense and instantly call the paramedics in alarm ….

          It’s like when people are brushing their teeth and they see spots of blood in the basin, instead of thinking innocently, many instantly think mouth cancer – not they may have an ulcer or been brushing too fervently – that’s one of the problems of our world today, people at times are very quick to see the worst.

          With me, l have to have a leg dropping off to visit a doctors and with my history of this stomach disorder and the uselessness of the NHS with regards my symptoms – l have become very weary of even going to the doctors, l have lost faith in the system.

          It whatever it was was deadly, l would be dead, as there is no way it can be here after 25= years, whatever it is has hybridised or mutated from the original problem, aged and is slowly eating away at my insides like a parasite without it actually being a parasite … that just makes it insidious reallly, like a bad horror story.

  3. Yikes. The plan of simplifying diet until the bad foods are sorted and discarded altogether seems to be logical. I had a massively weird stomach pain on vacation that lasted a whole evening but then mysteriously disappeared. Weird…

    1. Hey Paula, since 2015, l have eliminated and discarded over 100 ingredients from my consumable and non-cunsumable diet and even this year another 10 basic food ingredients have been extracted … it is getting harder now to know what is right.

      So, l now have to eat very basically and have very few complicated meals as in … l cannot nowadays always have a plate of mixed vegetables .. which is a little downheartening for someone who used to love food so.

  4. It does seem that a proper diagnosis and at the very least some input from a nutritionist is in order. You really have to be your own diagnostician these days. The cure being worse than the disease ie: …die off is something I didn’t know existed until recently when someone I know was finally, after years of being ill, got a proper diagnosis and the treatment was to encourage ‘die off’. Anyway, I hope you get this sorted soonest…

    1. I am very disheartened by the lack of medical help these days Grace, and you are right – now it is down to us to do many of the so called simplest things. I overheard a conversation the other day where upon two guys were talking. One guy was saying that his doctor at the local surgey here was saying that Google ‘really’ was this guys best friend when it came to checking up on things …. l would have poo pooed that conversation, had it not been a few weeks ago l read an article that said Google was now being suggested as a medical tool by doctors in British surgeries as a very good bit of ‘information kit’ to use for self diagnosis….


    1. Suze and l were just discussing this. I didn’t go for a walk or take a trip to the nursery as my energy and internal bruising said ‘rethink those thoughts’.. but if all those years ago if the professional medical bodies would have cared more, maybe l wouldn’t have this problem as severe as it is now … we’ll never know sadly.

        1. I am not the only one Lauren, there are thousands of patients over here not receiving the right treatment for various ailments.

          I mean if l even look at Suze – they were gung ho aggressive on her radiation treatment [rightly so], but after care is dismal and she has to fight tooth and nail for urgent and necessary appointments.

          Covid has a lot to answer for – the NHS uses the c19 as the general excuse to delays, poor treatments, appojtments … but then l have noticed way too MANY industries still blaming covid for poor service.

        2. I have gone privately, l have gone conventionally too and it was only whilst tyrying out an alternative practitioner that l finally got some results that made sense.

          Suze and l privately together spent around £4500 privately a few years back to be told Nothing remarkable’ and l had to be dragged from the office because l was going to punch the doctor.

          I had said to him at the start – DO not say the words remarkable to me ….

  5. Gracious! Now if I read correctly (not a given factor any longer, I see the words but sometimes the content and context escapes me… I call these brain farts); your gut problems got worse after 2000? But you’ve always had some sort of issue with your GI tract? Well if you ever figure that out, share the information. I’ve had GI related issues my whole life, but they exacerbated and grew worse after I turned 20 (1980). They’ve worsened ever since too – not in an orderly nor logical fashion either. The doctors over here in the USA are just as clueless as your NHS doctors are about WHY too.

    My last severe episode was in 2019 when I underwent a lot of useless testing and all I got in return for an answer was “We can’t find anything”. Arrrggh. Now they tell me it’s my diabetes and an attack on the nerves in my stomach/bowel called gastric neuropathy. I guess if you can’t diagnose the problem, confuse the patient with labels.

    Remember (stay vigilant) to stay hydrated (water or Gatorade (although that has a wicked amount of salt in it) or whatever will stay down and keep you hydrated. Getting dehydrated can cause symptoms that mimic the flu or a severe bout of IBS. That’s pretty strange to me, but there it is.

    I developed lactose intolerance in about 2018. To me (not scientifically based of course) something has changed in our food sources (additives, chemicals, GMO messing about) that causes some of us to have digestive problems that worsen and worsen because perhaps we’re mildly or severely allergic to those new additions to our foods.

    I just watch and listen to my innards, and if I hear a trouble signal, I stay home and drink a lot of something and don’t go out. Rest helps as much as anything else as I’m sure you’ve found out.

    Your symptoms worried me in the light of Covid. I’m sure you’ve been vaccinated and you’re at no risk, but if it keeps on and doesn’t improve or keeps coming back, you might want to make sure.

    Take care Rory and again I’m so sorry you’re ill! Glad you’re improving too!

    1. Thanks Melanie, with this problem and how long it has been with me and sadly worsened with age and mutated from the original format due to no diagnosis or corrective treatment – l have learned what l can do to lessen the problems but as l age, certain things become worse in tyerms of gastro digestion because more and more foods are no longer able to be literally digested.

      I keep hydrated all the time because ‘ not being course’ but urinating is way easier than the other option.

      Gastro issues suck.

  6. So sorry you’ve had to go through this for so long, Rory! So glad you are feeling better today! I continue to hold you in my HEART, wishing you well. 🤗 💞

  7. So sorry you’ve been so unwell Rory.
    Hubby suffered with IBS and a host of other things over the years. The reflux op he had last September seems to have failed, so we are always watching his diet and trying to find foods he can have without repercussions. Most are sloppy or liquids, but we are making progress, albeit slow.
    Hope your diagnosis is correct and you’re making positive progress. Take care.

    1. Hey Di, thanks – yes it is an extremely painful process trying to get through foodstuffs. I have serious reflux issues also, they can be crippling, in fact, l have just recovered from one not long back this evening that saw me writhing on the bed in agony, all sadly part of this recovery die process … never pleasant.

        1. Hubby found this suggested on the internet , and bought DGL chewable Liquorice from Holland and Barrett. It helped him but you are limited to your intake.

  8. Hey JB, glad to read it’s improving, but not fast enough.
    Autism and GI problems seem to go hand in hand, unfortunately. Poor Ben inherited GI issues from my side of the family, add Autism and we just assume he has trouble.

    I hope the flares of the die off end soon! I’ve had gut issues that took my breath and had me doubled over, but not anything like what you’re dealing with. I hope you’re able to rest tonight!🤞

    1. This has, l’ll not lie really hit me hard this week and l was really shocked at the ferrocity of this major attack. Whilst you never forget how ill you have been in the past, it’s something you don’t like to dwell on ….. but all this week has done has frightened me – it means that despite a typically bland diet l still have something inside that is causing me very serious grief.

      It takes roughly six months for a major yeast overgrowth to attack, that means that something l have been eating more or less since living alone has created this attack.

      But it’s all coming back, so it is very much a die off …. l have cut so much out already so l still may have something that is causing issues.

      I too hope the ‘die off’ ends soon … l really thought l was through this 🙁

      1. It really sucks that cannabis isn’t legal in UK. There are cannabinoid receptors all along the GI tract and I bet it would help. There are tinctures so edibles and/or smoking aren’t even necessary anymore.
        It’s beyond ridiculous that you should have to suffer like this!🤬

        1. Suze and l were discussing this literally the other day, how it would just help and yet the UK is dragging its heels … very antiquated in so many ways.

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