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Welcome to Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections – a sub – series of my poetry directory in which l shall ‘reblog’ some of my previously published poetry.

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One Step Closer

I had a dream once,
Long ago,
So very long ago,
When l believed in myself,
And all things good,
That life was meant to be lived,
And l always thought that,
I was one step closer to the,
Then one day,
Life changed, and those beliefs changed,
And l lived my life,
But different,
And then l thought,
I am now one step away,
I lived my life,
Pretending to be happy,
But living a lie,
For l had guilt,
And no forgiveness,
And now l was one step further away,
From ideals
I found forgiveness, but at a cost,
And then felt guilty for forgiving,
Tried to be happy,
Tried to live in another’s’
Footsteps, hiding from myself,
Riddled with guilt,
Plagued by falsehood,
But not really happy,
Then suddenly, only tonight,
Realized did l,
That l am one man,
But of two faces,
The hidden face and the real me,
The time has come for me to be,
Me again,
And to take that one step closer,
Believe in myself,
Forgive myself,
And again step forwards in life.
Chase my happiness,
And again be the man l want to be,
Now, l am one step closer,
I am me.
© Rory Matier 2010

28 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections

  1. I love your journey of self discovery here Rory. One can only be happy if they are true too themselves. Lovely poem

  2. Awww …that is beautiful

    I’m sorry you felt so??? Sad? Or not who you wanted to be.

    I think you have a beautiful soul and a very sweet gentle heart. I was never so impressed than when I saw how you were with Suze even after everything and still to this day!! That is really beautiful what you do for and with her. That is a man – I think I tell you this all the time but can you PLEASE give lessons!!!! 🙏

    Anyway… life will always be a work in progress. Always know your worth 😘✌️

    I’m glad you feel more like yourself now and hopefully free. Or more so now 😊

    Your poetry has great feeling to it – you are a deep thinker lol ❤️✌️

    1. Yes, l am a deep thinker and many a time an overthinker.

      Suze is my mate first and foremost, she’ll always be my best friend and whatever l can do to make her days easier, l will always help her when l can.

      Life is funny … we start at A, finish at Z and yet, we have all the throes of B – Y don’t we 🙂

      1. Me too ✌️ ..sometimes.. because sometimes I want moments of not thinking lol

        See – how sweet is that?! That is beautiful! ❤️ I’m glad you have her!

        Yes indeed we do lol

        1. Awww … no wonder you stressed. 😕 you need a balance or release for yourself.

          What is something you wish for yourself? To release stress?

          What is something you love that calms you?

        2. You should!! You need some sort of balance for yourself. You give so much of yourself to everyone else, you leave nothing for yourself – that is probably why you not feeling very good – it taking toll on you.

          Take your time – think about what you would love – something simple you can fit into your lifestyle … to brighten your life 🙌 … FOR yourself. 😘✌️

          “Self care” 🙌❤️ very important!! Then you be happy every day!!

        3. Well Trisha, l am working on these things – l have a lot of passions, but only a few that completely relax me – l know what they are but l have to find a better version of me to project to achieve them l feel – get my confidence back into shape 🙂

        4. Yeah ❤️😊 take your time for yourself.

          I had to learn that too

          I still do – I have areas I do not have balanced as well lol ✌️😘

          I take my time and roll as it comes 🙌😘✌️

          But I always make sure everyday I breathe lol… and laugh somehow – I always mostly do anyway lol (I have moments though – am human lol)

          Well anyway – have an amazing day ☀️🙌✌️

  3. A beautiful poem expressing your feelings, Rory! It’s good that you can reflect on life then compared to now. Happy Tuesday!

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