Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

Strollings, Pootlings and Musings
Season 7 – Spring 2021
Series 7 – Inevitable Changes
Sunday 25th April 2021
More than a few changes in the airs…

I am still not sleeping 100% well, it fluctuates between good, bad, healthy and unhealthy … my mind is very active or rather overactive at night … l have a few stresses and frustrations, irksomes, vexations, thoughts, musings and ponderings currently ongoing in my mind of late. Making decisions of this and that and the other too, not to make it feel left out.

I think on this blog, the new blog, plans and people, friends and sociality, community orientations and quizzicals to do with all of them … and more to boot. I am lucky if l can read more than a page in a book most nights … l have a hundred plus things l want to do every day and YET, that proves harder each day because Time is only as long as you can make it…. this means, that things have to change, therefore changes are in the airs … again. They always are, l would just like my mind to maybe take a break for a night – just to cut me some slack perhaps.

What didn’t help last night, was that my treadmill, the one l received on the 10th February so not yet 12 weeks of age … broke!! The platform underneath the running belt crumbled and has now rendered my treadmill dead in the water so to speak! I am a bit fucked off at that in all honestly, pointless being polite and diplomatic with my language about it – we all swear when we become angry – whether the cuss is a major expletive or something gentler, matters not! We all cuss and curse in our own ways! I did!

So l have written off to the seller and hopefully they’ll write back soon with some advice – looks like a new treadmill may be in order. I might have to go for a slightly more expensive model as l have been extensively researching what makes these things break?

Well the good news, it wasn’t me or my behaviours … l am a guy who weighs less than 15 stone, l have never been 15 stone, my heaviest was 13.5. Today l weigh in at 12.3. I never used it for running only walking and l gradually built up to the top speed of 6th gear and hit that and started walking with regularity from last Monday. I would use it sometimes twice a day from between 15 – 45 minutes pending my available time. I cleaned it, oiled it and looked after it ……….. so nothing l have done has caused it to break. However, beneath the belt is usually an MDF deck and sometimes if the walking frame is too short these can crack and then crumble ….. interesting!

So, this morning l took a walk in the reserve and around the ramparts to get some much needed destress chill time in before this afternoon’s gardening, phase two …. but also, l mentally wrote this.

Changes in the airs….

Sometimes, you wake up from the night before,
…. the next morning,
Different from the person you once were…
…. and yawning,
Asking yourself is this right?
To feel this way so often,
…. And discovering the previous days thoughts still haven’t softened?

I am none too sure,
… maybe it is, maybe it’s perfectly natural,
It’s simply the brain rendering new contours…
… and not the supernatural, but simply the mindfully nocturnal!

And yet, it happens so frequently,
… and it’s not that l am ‘not’ yet awake,
And these thoughts are swimming dreamily,
Around and around inside my mind like a niggling headache…
… no, that’s not it, that’s not right!
They are determined and precise in the way they invade,
…. my waking space each morning from the previous night!
Therefore, one must assume that the thoughts stayed…

…. From the day before,
From the person you once were,
That person from yesterday,
… thinking this way,
No differently to the previous day,
Still thinks this way, and the thoughts weigh …
Heavily upon your mind,
…. You slept on them,
And yet, still they stayed behind …
So that when you awake next, they too have become…
Part of you,
… part of the very fabric to your life,
They are now intrinsically true …
… to the woven materials of your mind’s mental wildlife!

Perhaps, that is exactly what it is,
…. The beautiful complexity of thoughts and philosophy,
Biorhythmically working on the analysis,
Of nightly jaunts into the darkened honesty.
…. The cynicism of us,
… The reality of us,
… The fuss of us,
The unnecessary
superfluousness …
of us …..

© Rory Matier 2021

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19 thoughts on “Strollings, Pootlings and Musings

  1. Yeah 12 weeks… definitely refund or exchange. Unless something was written in small print (🤨) on the purchase order or receipt.

    If want repeat customers, they will take care of you. Or should. Good business

    I don’t know how much stones weigh lol … that is a funny way to see how much weigh. Some differences we have are harder for me – like your stones and Celsius lol ✌️😘

    Your photos are just so beautiful!! Like walking around inside a fairy tale ❤️ how beautiful is where you are!

    Your poem is beautiful and that’s normal. That’s growth ❤️

    All your memories from the past and how you saw it will always be intact.

    But when you grow, you can see beyond and differently.

    When I left my ex – I had to see what being Catholic and sheltered did – I had to give up many beliefs to move forward

    So I had these moments of where my beliefs would crash into reality?

    It always reminded me of the TV?? From like the 70’s… you trying to find a show, and are in the UHF area lol … and you might get slight picture mixed with snow? You keep adjusting until it is clear?

    Do you understand the things I am saying ? Or is it sounding weird? Because I only know how to explain the way I see it? And when I explain it sounds weird lol

    The way you view or see mellows over time. And you also realize what is truly important to you in life as you age.

    Remember not to stress the little things – also take lessons from the things that do stress you because then you handle them better.

    You learned more about treadmills and are smarter for that. So not all bad – and I’m sure the seller will accommodate somehow! 12 weeks is definitely not acceptable and should be under warranty or something?

    Anyway. I know what you mean ✌️

    But I run around a lot all the time so I am always tired lol … the minute my head hits that pillow I am out!! Down for the count usually

    But when I am over stressed… I will keep waking up all night. Cause like you say – the brain does not turn off if stressed

    Well hope you can destress little bit today.

    Also remember to be thankful you woke up this morning – I always remember that too ❤️✌️

    I am happy to still be alive ❤️

    1. Hey Trisha, do you not use Stones and pounds in weight terms in the States?

      There are 14 pounds to one stone – so my weight of 12.3 is 171 pounds or 78 kg or something. For my height of 5’9″ l am a few pounds overwight – 3 or something. The reality is that l am actually on my ideal weight of 12 stone now, but the stomach disorder l have adds a further 2 – 3 pounds of intestinal weight on my body. I can’t shift that ever it seems and if l keep reducing my weight , l will become ill.

      I have not heard back from the seller yet, but it is only Monday. I bought it from Amazon, and if l don’t hear back l will write to Amazon direct.

      You are quite right, we do indeed mellow as we age 🙂

      1. Nope we don’t use either.

        We use Fahrenheit for temps… and our weight is measured in pounds. Also our distance is in miles.

        I was gonna say – that doesn’t sound over weight for your height? Sounds pretty good actually

        Yeah see if they answer and is good you buy through Amazon – they should help if you don’t. Hear anything 😊

        1. Well we use Fahrenheit as well as Celsius – the latter is metric and the former is imperial – l still work as an example is imperial and never really converted to metric which annoys some people and confuses others especially when it comes to feet and inches over their centimetres and metres.

          I can do both but prefer imperial.

          Like l still work in miles over that of kilometres – Suze on the other hand before of her career in SAP [Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing], she is very much into metric and so on.

          Well it’s been 2 days and l have not heard anything, l will give it the full 48 hours as advised by Amazon, as l reported the breakage 9.41pm when it happened on Saturday night …. that aside however, l should have heard something already.

          So, l am calm at present, but my anger could creep if l have heard nothing by tomorrow.

        2. Mine is imperial? Oohhh I like that ❤️🙌❤️

          How did you get to using imperial in a county that prefers metric? I prefer imperial too lol 🙌

          No idea how to figure out the metric – no desire to know. ✌️ happy with my imperial ❤️ easy!! Metric is difficult and weird – have never needed it.

          For distance I would be lost all the time over there if speak to me in anything else but miles lol

          Yes they should be responsive to complaints – but if not I am pretty sure Amazon will have your back… they are REALLY good with that.

          So then tmrw you can go right to Amazon?

          Yeah sucks when you pay good money for a product you expect to be made properly and not break after 12 weeks. I would be pissed too… but I’m pretty sure Amazon will help you with a purchase like that. They won’t leave you high and dry – I’m pretty sure

        3. The seller got back to me this morning finally and thankfully, so l will try and sort that out for them.

          I stayed in imperial that’s the thing, the world went metric around me and l stayed where l was hahaha! 🙂

          I understand metric, but still like the old ways.

        4. I am so glad Seller got back to you!! Hopefully works with you to make you happy.

          Oh wow! I didn’t realize you knew life before metric?

          I don’t ever see the United States converting. We are stubborn lol – we like our measurements ❤️

          I don’t understand or like the metric thing. Very confusing – loses me literally instantly. I would have no idea about anything

          And at my age I am not interested in changing that in slightest, and I won’t.

          The United States… I just don’t see them ever converting – unless it’s after my lifetime?

          I don’t really think we could be bothered with that – we have enough issues over here lol – let’s not add more lol

        5. I am always open to discussion and learning …

          But we can’t even get over the issues we currently have- no way we learning that 😄

          Then temps sound freezing all the time… Celsius makes me cringe constantly because sounds really cold!!

          I do not understand “stones” at all – how is that more precise ??? What?? Pounds… way easier 🙌😘 and it seems more precise than a stone ??

          Let’s not even talk about distance – I would forever be lost over there without miles …I am already directionally challenged 😘✌️

          I do not understand your distances ??

          We were not raised with metric – only the imperial ✌️❤️

          I like it this way better ❤️

        6. Yeah… I know … I could Google … but I will never use stones, km or Celsius lol

          I do when I read blogs usually, so I can understand what people sorta say. I have to do that all the time with Celsius 😝

          I’ll do that one – cause I like to know the temps

          I don’t really like the stones or km.

  2. You’d think those under decks or whatever would be super reinforced. It’s for exercising, they should be designed to take a pounding🤦🏼‍♀️

    I like your poem. I do wish your mind could settle a little bit. You seem to be running in 15 directions and getting nowhere. I’ve had a bit of that, but mostly my mind wanders. It wants to play, not focus on stuff.

    There’s a lot of upheaval happening in the collective. You’re already sensitive to it, and the more time you spend alone, the more open you ar, cuz you’re not having to shield. Not exactly sure what my point was, but it seemed important to write. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I wish I had a place like your reserve within walking distance. I share all my walks with lots of cars.

    1. I am thankful for the reserve, it just means that l no longer have to walk miles and miles to get to a bit of peace.

      Yes, l am sure there was a point and when you see it, let me know ……….. just saying, ‘woods for the trees’ eh??

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your treadmill and hopefully it will be replaced. If I can’t sleep because my mind is in overtime, I listen to music and make myself get into the lyrics. Have a great day, Rory! 🌻 🌞

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