Universal Greetings

Universal Greetings – Have A Great Day Folks
Saturday 24/04/2021 – Season 16 – Series 12
Wishing my Guest Stars a truly wonderful day both on and off blog – make it great!
Photo of the Day – My own library image.
Weekend Special Long Play

Good Morning to you Folks – Here’s wishing each and every one of you a truly happy day!

Top Songs 2021 🍩🍩 Popular Music 2021
Grace of Just Tawkin’
Tina Turner Greatest Hits Full Album
Johnny Cash Greatest Hits
Roy Orbison – Goodnight
“Oh Happy Day” Edwin Hawkins – Anthony Brown w/ FBCG Combined Choir
Kritika of Valorous Bird
B.e.y.o.n.c.e. – I Am…Sasha Fierce
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 2000
Britney Spears – Circus
Billie Eilish – Bellyache
A Guy Called Bloke
More forgotten Songs . . . 1999
Genie In a Bottle
Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills
What’s My Age Again?
Limp Bizkit – Nookie
Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch
Guerilla Radio – Rage Against The Machine
Classic Film Clips – Your favourite Films best moments…..

13 thoughts on “Universal Greetings

  1. Well now – I typing this and listening to “Oh Happy Day” – whatever your spiritual beliefs, gospel just lifts your spirits and your soul…Have yourself a happy day!

  2. More forgotten Songs . . . 1999

    1999 is the year when all I do is listen to the radio or watch MTV!
    I love the song selections!

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