Scattered words tumbling down …

Scattered words tumbling down …

Sometimes it’s mere affliction,
… others a twanging on their dialect,
That can make even more seek clarification,
For the spoken and written to be correct!
They’ll scream and shout …
… If it ain’t Shakespeare,
Don’t let it be out and about …
Not here!!

If it ain’t Shakespeare,
It ain’t English!

I have oft, or is it simply often…
Played with words for my delightful curiosity,
To see what happens when you harden or soften,
The impact of accented words like jocosity?
Which for the record, isn’t just, juss or even jouse,
… l mean how are you pronouncing the very last word,
On the last line above the last line is what l am asking … l suppose?
Are you asking yourself now quietly or loud enough to be heard?

So, you can imagine, my surprise,
… I’m sure when l said to myself …
Matey, should l say it straight or ‘juss’ under disguise?
Is it just, juss or jouse to others or oneself?
You may be wondering, what on earth…
…. I am on about?
You’d be right to query this quizzical dearth,
Of the nonsensical wordery that l now spout!

It all came from a single inner question,
…. Whilst l bathed and showered this morn,
Standing beneath tumbling heated waters that did so freshen,
My mind from scattered words and unusual wordery porn!

If you see a single mouse,
…. In your house …
Is it still a single mouse,
… In your house ..
Or is it mice?

Then l pondered whilst brushing my teeth,
If it is not mouse, or even twice mice, making thrice,
Is it simply something like a singular mouse herewith…
… just twice?
Which then make me consider just, juss and jouse,
… that pending upon your accent,
Every single word there can rhyme with mouse,
… all you need to do is make it make sense!

Believe it to be true,
Then make it so!

© Rory Matier 2021

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