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Welcome to Yesterday’s Poetical Reflections – a sub – series of my poetry directory in which l shall ‘reblog’ some of my previously published poetry.

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Nine Times A Lucky!!

l don’t have the best of luck with my blind dates,
Not quite sure why, but they always end in bloodied mistakes!
But by God, l’m feeling quite damn plucky!
For today l am going for nine times a lucky!
l should be counting my lucky stars,
I am going to date women in the Americas!

Starting as l did, back in the late eighties,
Back then my attempts were considered frailties,
Always was it a major hardship to get it right,
Five women later and no longer do l suffer stage fright!
They were quite the ladies too, Nichols and Stride,
Chapman, Eddowes and Kelly, but none a bride!

Maybe it was just the wrong time in good ol’ London,
For l had to leave quickly with much wooing undone!
I have tried to elaborate upon my dwindling income,
By marrying into money, and women of real funds!
Yet still this goal eludes my many, many desires,
Hence why now l must set my target and aim higher,

Alas however the next three also were not to be,
For some strange reason they all died mysteriously!
So sadly this is the way it goes on in our life,
Mourning three times now at the loss of a dear wife!
Ireland, France and the good old valleys of Gwent!
Sorry to see them no more, but at least now l am a proper gent!

I am tired of living with my mistakes, no more panic
Changes now it does, going to Americas on the Titanic!
Meeting a lass over there by the name of Lizzie Borden,
And if she does not pan out, there are always other women!
Oh yes, life for me now is perfectly and utterly stable,
Who knows? Might even meet a damsel at the Captains’ table!

What can possibly go wrong??

© Rory Matier 2010
Just in case you ever wondered what happened to Jack the Ripper …………………. who knows and maybe had he not met this fate, perhaps Lizzie Borden would have awarded Jack forty whacks too!!

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