Universal Greetings

Universal Greetings – It’s A Beautiful Day
Friday 16/04/2021 – Season 16 – Series 12
Wishing my Guest Stars a truly wonderful day both on and off blog – make it great!
Photo of the Day – Rose Spring Beautiful – Pixabay

Boy Howdy Folks – Have Yourself a mighty finely cracking Friday!

Boy Howdy – Bigger Fish to Fry

Hopefully you’ll appreciate the nod on this song Grace of Just Tawkin’ ‘Boy Howdy’ and now as promised with reference to I forgot, again here are the two photographs l was referring to on my wedding day 19th December 1994. I had met my wife to in October 1993 … it was a foolish err, but hey that’s life.

I was married in a registry office in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and whilst my bride wore white l opted for the outfit below … spookily my mother wore red the same day. They are not digital but original film and so l had to photograph them with my cybershot hence the quality.

The song below was strangely enough playing on a car radio in the background when l nervously walked into the office – should have listened to Kenny that day and folded!

Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Renard Moreau
70’s Classic Hits Nonstop Songs
2017 David Bowie Best Songs.
Juju of Roijoyeux
Lady Gaga – Marry The Night
Paul McCartney Live 2018 Full Concert

A Guy Called Bloke
Down Memory Lane . . . 1991
Rush Rush
Metallica: Enter Sandman
Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis
Lisa Stansfield – Change
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 1 – Introduction
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 2 – and so it begins
Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 3 – an ‘orrible bloody murder!

Are you up to date with all the snifty Sleuth clues?

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30 thoughts on “Universal Greetings

  1. Oooh you are so right, that tie is eye-boggling LOL Still, a handsome devil. There are some cultures where red is THE wedding color so we weren’t so off the mark. When I was researching ‘boy howdy’ I came across references to that group but didn’t play any of the videos – big mistake because I’m listening to the video you posted while I type this and I’m dancing in my chair – nice boogie piano…Dang, I’m lovin’ this tune. 😘

  2. 🙂 Thanks for the music selection, Rory.

    I love David Bowie’s music.

    Also, there is no music like the music from the seventies era.

    By the way, you will have to do some minor adjustments to the background image of your blog’s theme. It is hindering the view of some of your texts.

    1. You are very welcome Renard.

      How do you mean Renard with regards this comment ‘By the way, you will have to do some minor adjustments to the background image of your blog’s theme. It is hindering the view of some of your texts.’ ?

      I only use a PC and so when someone makes a comment like that l don’t know what that means?

      Are you meaning from the Blog itself or through the Reader which l don’t use so l don’t see or something else? If you can provide a working example, then l will know as you are the first to make mention to it?

      The colouring behind the lettering?

        1. Oh right, ok – do you mean with reference to the ‘Table l am using in block editor?

          I use tables within the block editor for this post – if that is what you mean Renard? It displays visually as an off white and grey pattern, do you mean this? 🙂

        2. 🙂 No, I am not referring to the table that you are using in the Block Editor. I am referring to the design of your template.

          Anyway, it appears much better and I am able to read the entire post now.

        3. Hey Renard, mm, that’ s interesting.

          I use Baskervilles 2 as a theme/template and l have used that since 2017 when l created the blog itself.

          I am coming across as very frustrating l should imagine hahaha – not intentional with my lack of knowledge in certain areas.

          I will have a look behind the scenes and in the gubbings so to speak to see if everything is functioning in a tickettyboo fashion just in case something is amiss.

          Many thanks for the heads up.

          Have yourself a lovely Saturday 🙂

        4. I have altered that to non italic font if that is what you mean 🙂

          Also l think we use different terminology at times – to me the Blog is the shell and the content within is articles or posts and l guess when you say blog you are referring to the content or what l call a post?

  3. Good morning Rory. ☺️ It’s raining here and cold but I’ll walk soon anyway. Nice to be out and about. I hope today will be a marvelous beginning to a wonderful weekend and quiet elephants. ☺️

    1. Well l think the adults have perhaps reminded themselves that just because they are renting for a week or whatever a holiday letting there are residentials on this road also.

      Weekend will be buzzing l feel as the weather is set to be glorious 🙂

      When you are able, have yourself a great walk 🙂

  4. Nice to read that your version or King Ben the noisemaker is quieting down. Also happy to read you’re going to have beautiful weather.
    It’s chilly and completely overcast here. I was just reading Suzanne’s comment, and I am also about to layer up and head out for walking.

    I guess the only good thing about that wedding day was your fab outfit. Live and learn, eh?

    Hope the rest of your day is exactly the way you want it to be🤞🎶💃🏼💌

    1. Mm, it was an interesting day for sure to say the very least.

      Hope your Friday is awesome 🙂

      The elephants next door … yes are quieting down, it’s that, or they have gone. The noise barriers will be sorely tested this weekend l feel.

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