There are times in your life that just don’t make sense,
When your brain is trying to manipulate the contents…
…. And struggling to comprehend,
What you’re thinking of and whence,
These crazy nonsensical thoughts began and more importantly,

It’s the ever-present ageing syndrome,
… the one that can make others think,
The lights are on, but no one’s home,
Or maybe and perhaps your chain’s missing a link!

But it’s not that, it’s more in line …
…. With when you dedicate some valuable time,
To looking at where you have come from,
As well as, where you have been and what you’ve become?
And if you are happy with that, that person?
Could you have done more with who you are?
Can you still do more and become an improved version?
Or is and are those times gone and are now afar?
You ask yourself, what have l done that has stood out?
Is it too late to stand on rooftops and shout,
There’s more to me , much, much more than you can see!
But l haven’t shown you the true me…


© Rory Matier 2021

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17 thoughts on “Yet!

    1. Hey Grandma, l thought you might enjoy it, we have just discussed this and thank you for your email, l will write a response tomorrow 🙂

      I am quite pleased with this poem myself, it took me less than the track time of enter the sandman to write it, and Metallica was just what l needed.

      Your song is so apt 🙂

  1. My “blank” canvas gets blanker every day. I love the poem though. It sounds a lot like my life lately. Brain dead most of the time, overactive brain the rest of the time, a few bulbs missing in the chandelier, one cabbage short of a load, I’ve heard several similes, but these are some of my favorites. I think I’ll grab some crayons now and add some color to the canvas!

  2. Those who are close to you know you and all that you stand for, as for others, What does it matter if you have peace in your mind.
    Beautiful poem Rory. Keep on writing poetry, you’re so good at getting your point across.

  3. Interesting I have thought this about doctors I go to seeking help and hear their words and directions which seem solely based on what the see of the person(me)sitting before them.

  4. The message between the lines is just as as profound as those you’ve presented to us! Beautifully done, Rory. Thank you so much for sharing. (I LOVE Poetry and you, my Dear, are a master!)

  5. This speaks volumes Rory. I usually struggle to follow poetry but your poems especially this one, are so clear to me. C’est magnifique!

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