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Season 7 – Spring 2021
Series 7 – Inevitable Changes
Thusday 15th April 2021 – Walk Time 75 Mins
It takes longer to capture a quiet moment than it does for the world to get noisier!

I probaby take 600 digital photos a week on average, more if l am in the garden and if that is the case then it’s been known for me to take 1000 in a week … thank goodness they are digital. I can upload from the camera then sort through and destroy what l don’t need to keep. I only really keep the nicer images or the practical images for future reference checks. I suppose thinking about it, l eliminate 95% of all the photos l capture in a week in the search for an exclusive shot. I tend to not keep a lot of photos these days … l used to have 1000’s in digital archive of all the beautiful animals l worked with, but many of those were lost due poor handling by an at the time, good friend. It’s a pity we don’t yet have the technology to think of a memory we have and then connect our brains to a printer.

Maybe somewhere in the future that will happen, but l can’t see domestic applications being available during mine sadly….. oh well, such is the way of life. I was thinking only yesterday as l walked through the nature reserve looking for a great shot that it can take longer to capture a quiet moment than it does for the world to get noisier! The noise here in Sandwich has increased 40 fold since the world re-opened on Monday – although thankfully the earlier public house disturbance this week is no longer present in the evenings, but then …. we are only on Thursday … we have a weekend yet to arrive! I dread to think of the noise that is yet to come!

The Air BNB next door l think has been rented out to a herd of effing elephants – that IS me being polite – as l mentally was wondering if elephant guns are sold freely in this country? The renters have a family of l think 20, l could be wrong and probably am, l think it is more like two adults and two children, but each individual seemingly has ten legs …. because the stairs next door are wooden and l can hear each bloody footstep going up and down, down and up and someone thinks it’s really funny to jump up and land heavily on each wooden step and giggle every time!!

Oh yeah, dying of laughter in here ………. but thankfully hahahahaha ……. it’s ONLY of an evening!!! How lucky l am at THAT convenience!!

So no, it doesn’t take a lot for the world to overspill into bedlam again………. and yet it took me forever yesterday to capture this shot of this shy but friendly little Robin. I just had to stand still in the quiet of the reserve and wait for she/he to venture out of the dense bracken and wild rose …

.….. but it was worth the effort. With both images l am only using a slight zoom, for l was literally only 2 feet away from this beauty.

Suze was over again today, she is here most Thursdays to take part in this guinea pig covid trial of testing, and although she has started work this week with her first official day yesterday and another tomorrow, she wasn’t working today, so we were able to take a walk on the wild side as l refer to the Gazen Salts nature reserve here. It’s very peaceable and away from the madness of the town centre.

This week for me has been all about taking control of aspects of my life again, l switched off ‘silly’ notifications on my Fitbit as l was tiring of being instructed to move and sometimes if l was busy writing and had forgotten to get my 250 steps in, l was running around the house like a lunatic desperate to hit the target and had to take hold of my common sense by the short and curlies and DEMAND what the hell was going on with me?? Now l have more control and more of a relaxed’ness with my inner me! Plus, l am taking time out to slow down a bit on one side and recoup on the other.

I am on my second week of weird dreams and first week of nightmares so l needed to chill out somehow and being dumbed down by a watch is not a great way to go …. here l am wearing a watch of sorts and one of the reasons l stopped wearing a watch properly back in 1999 was l was sick to the back teeth of Time controlling me and yet now l had a Fitbit doing that!!

All that aside, Suze and l decided that the reserve was the best place to be this morning for nearly an hour and a half – it’s only five minutes away from my house and today’s weather whilst slightly chillier than yesterday’s warmth, was still very pleasant. You have seen it before in this series …. last year and again early this year. It’s currently undergoing some serious renovation and conservation tidy up and the image above is one from very early last year on Google Maps and l know from the ground that the reserve no longer looks like this as there are way more open spaces now.

The middle has been stripped back to bare ground revealing just how very large that inner pond actually is and all the small connecting streams leading to the River Stour and the Delf Stream have been cut back also. Many of the the paths which last year were rough shod and unclear are now clearly defined and have bark chippings present. The footbridges have been cleared, cleaned and repaired and made footworthy again.

[As a side note here, l received an email the other day asking about ‘Walks in Time’ and had that gone as a series from this blog? [Yes]/No, it ‘s just been relocated into the new blog/Sister site – The 3 Sides to 1 as it is more of a topical series, or will be. Morning Musings, Afternoon Strollings and The Brisker 25 will stay here as regular series but W.I.T has moved.]

With the reserve undergoing wildlife conservation work and tidying – more of the flora is now able to be seen and not hidden by weeds and bracken and spring is finally able to take a firm hold again.

[I feel sure Angie’s application will identify some of these plants more quickly than l have!]

But l think we have Primrose, Periwinkle or Myrtle, Mayflower, Daffodils, Lesser Celandine, Dog Rose and l am not 100% sure about the deep lilac coloureds, not Mallow but they might be Mayflower as well or a variation of.

But with the cleared space, Suze and l were able to enjoy seeing more of the bird life, some way faster than me and my cybershot, but next time here l think l will bring the Sony which has a much faster shutter speed. The ducks were out and like us enjoying the weather and the serenity and the captured quiet moments in a world gone mad again with noisy sods and heavy footed elephants!

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you next time.

20 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Sounds like a relaxed walk. How is Suze doing?
    I turned off the hourly reminders during the first week of own the Fitbit. Do your steps at your convenience. I hope the noisy neighbors move away soon.

    1. I got the new Fitbit so l could log my various exercises and especially the bike and the treadmill, but the 250 step counter has annoyed me from day one – l find it too controlling and now it has been switched off for all of this week and l am more relaxed instantly. it’ll never be switched on again. Strangely enough, l couldn’t turn it off, so had to set the times from 1am – 6am as l am asleep.

      Suze is ‘alright’ but her deafness is becoming a much bigger issue she is now having to have an operation on her ears but in the interim period she is having hearing aids sent to her to help her out.

      1. Oh, I hope they can fix her issues. Give her hugs from me and my best wishes.
        I think in the settings you have the option of turning off the reminders.

        1. Yes you do, except in mine, l can’t turn off the 250 step count? I spent an hour searching for it yesterday, so if you know where it is Sadje – l am all ears 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your nice walk and beautiful nature photos and musings with us all, Rory. I especially love that you share the sweet animals and lovely flowers along your way. Bud has a FitBit and finds it entertaining to use. I have no interest in them. But then, he is a Techie and I’m not. Just not wired for it. Sad, but true. 😊

  3. Ugh… I think it sent an unfinished comment or it got deleted… let’s try again. According to the app (which isn’t always accurate) #1 is some kind of plum, primrose for the win on #2 , your pinky purpley are “annual honesty”, periwinkle on the Itty bitty purple

    No daffydillies that I see.🤷🏼‍♀️ the annual honesty is also called moonwort, or it might be a different plant called “Dame’s Rocket”.

    Whatever they are, they’re lovely.💌

  4. Love your walk, Rory. It sorta takes me back to the farm when I could walk and would spend the day roaming the woods. One of your purples, the first one, I think, looks a bit like a violet to me, but I’m not an expert in wildflowers. I just had a yard full of violets at the farm and they look a lot like those. and no, not a daffodil in sight. Maybe I’ll be able to find some that are on a slight rise on the farm, They carpet the area and smell heavenly. Oh, to be young again and to be able to take a long walk in the woods.

  5. Off to a very pretty spring there. Such a lovely walk fresh with life. The ducks are marvelous and the Robin is as sweet as can be. What a treat to be so close. ☺️

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