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Series 3 – Game 1 – 2021

A couple of years ago l introduced a series called “Blogger Reviewer Questions’ – it ran for 2 series from January 2019 – May 2019 and here is the third series. The answers provided two years ago helped me structure my blog and understand the blogging community – readers were asked a total of sixty questions, worry not, this series’ll be not that many and will only run once a week for the next four weeks.

This time around the series will be slightly different in so far as l will ask four questions of you per published post and answer them as well as ask you for your own responses.

Thanks in advance.

The Questions ….

Are you ‘mostly’ a short content or a long content reader and how many words within those defines can you comfortably read per post?

I am mostly a long content reader, however it is also reflective upon the content l am reading at the time. I like to be able to read a post that has some bite to it … in so far as my brain can immerse itself into the content. However, l also read short content such as flash fiction or variable length posts. I can ‘comfortably’ read perhaps 3000 words per post, after that my mind starts to distract itself – but if the post has image breaks l can cope with more. I struggle with exceedingly long blocks of text with no paragraph breaks and if l find this, l will walk away and not read the content.

How many blogs do you read per day?
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I read 3 – 5 blogs per night five days a week [Monday to Friday] and on the weekends l read 3 blogs a night. I tend to read mostly in the evening between the hours of 7 – 11pm. I try to read from my favourited bloggers once a week but sometimes l fall behind. This way is way less than most readers l should imagine, but l read on average 35 blogs a week only

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Are you a short, long or varying length content writer and if so what is your preferred length for a post that you create?

I am a 75% long content writer with 25% variable length on other posts … my ideal long post length would be 1500 words, sometimes l am just beneath that, other times over. But l am working on future posts running between lengths of 1250 – 1500 for long content pieces only.

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What kind of relationship do you have with the blogs that you follow – in so far as Like Only, Read only, Interact only, Comment only or a combination of all?

This last question was inspired by Sadje of Keep it Alive from a conversation she and l shared last week on this post concerning ‘Comments’ How Much Loose Talk Do You Leave Lying Around?

This last question l was fascinated with when Sadje commented “I read many blogs daily and I leave comments on most of them. I’d say around 25-30 a day at least. If it’s a blogger with whom I have a “like only” relationship, I’d leave a like.” Sadje continued to say. “It’s a two way street. I used to leave comments on most posts I read but when some in return would only offer likes then I too started doing that. Those who comment on my posts, I comment on theirs!”

Reading that made a lot of instant sense to me on a few levels, logical and humorous both. Logical, because l could relate to it ‘partially of sorts’ and on the funny side because l thought ‘Damn, l must have a lot of Like Only relationships with my readers, because there are always way more likes than comments!!’

But all humour aside, this did make me think …. l try and balance the relationships with those that l read from as in l only ‘like’ if l actually like their content, but mostly l try and comment or at least write something … of course on occasion we find that some posts either don’t warrant a response or we can’t leave a response of any noted quality, so therefore we hit like.

I can see pretty quickly with comments left on my created posts who has actually read what’s written as opposed to those who only skim read or half read or don’t read an article because sometimes the comments left don’t marry the content at all.

Therefore l personally try to develop as balanced a relationship with those that l read from.

So there we go folks – our first four questions ….. let me know your views below.

47 thoughts on “Blog Series Questions

  1. 1) I don’t choose what to read based on length, so I don’t really have an answer for this. Concentration is an issue, though, so I’m more likely to skip words in the 1500+ range.

    2) I have no idea how many, but I read a lot of blogs per day.

    3) My average word count is around 650. My minimum is about 400, but aside from that, I don’t have a target word count. I occasionally go over 1000, but not often.

    4) I don’t have enough juice in the mental battery to comment on all the blogs I read. There are a few bloggers I’ll comment on pretty much every post, but aside from that, I comment when something pops into my mind to say. I’m less likely to comment on certain types of posts, like poetry or photography.

    1. Hey Ashley, good answers – l agree it’s not so much length as to the content l am reading – a great post will have my attention all the way through irrelevant to length 🙂

      Yes there are some post topics l can’t comment on also but they would be subjects l have no generalised interest in.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Okay, first of all, thanks for the mention! I thought you might be intrigued with this answer and take it further. Great questions. I’ll be answering them in my post, tomorrow. Thanks

    1. Your question mostly intrigued me differently because there are bloggers l like as people but l am not that keen on their content style in their blog. But read because l like them.

  3. Sadje is very good, always leaves a thoughtful comment. I often find it difficult to leave a comment I think is wanted, sometimes I feel it would be critical and have to stop myself from leaving that sort of comment (though it’s not a nasty comment I want to leave, more contradictory, I suppose).

    I only count words if it’s a word-limited writing challenge. I don’t know what 1500 words looks like to be honest. I avoid long content. I’m in the habit now of breaking a long post into sub-headings. I like the look of it and hopefully it reads better too.

    I rarely read long posts right to the end. Only if I’m intrigued and only if the writing is really good; those two go hand in hand. If I find I’m losing interest, I’ll skip to the end paragraph. I like a good ending! 😁

    I check out different (new) blogs from time to time but I only have about six or seven regular ones to read daily. I don’t find the time for more as I like to keep up with Youtube content, the news, and read books etc. Social media can be a bit too time consuming, I find. You look up and the day’s gone! 🙂

    1. Do you feel compelled to leave contradictory comments a lot?
      I agree on the limited blog reading daily, l don’t wish to have my entire day bogged down with the reading of blogs as l have other things to do.

      1. No, not a lot but I like having a good discussion about some ideas and opinions. But it’s better on neutral ground, like a pub or a web forum. A blog is too personal and we’re just there as guests.

        1. Yes, l think that is spot on – not so much neutral ground as perhaps ‘open ground’ where the speakers can see each other if that makes sense? That way, comments can be interpreted with behaviours attached and not just lost in the black and white text.

          I remember a couple of things you have said in the past and l have had to double take them …. and then apply them to some of your comments.

          “People taking themselves too seriously was one” which had me thinking for days … and also “how people take you seriously and yet they can’t always see your humour as it is”

          I miss deep conversation and l have found that blogging doesn’t always provide qualitable conversation … so when someone makes me stop and think again, l take note because l read and write with two brains .. an Aspie brain and a non-Aspie brain – always have – so sometimes l write things and they don’t read right to some but do read right to other different brains.

  4. Hi Rory, great questions, you have got me thinking. I do have a quick question though, I can’t seem to find a follow button for your site (I might just be missing it – haha). Do you have a follow button? Or are all your followers by email? Will post my answers shortly. KL <3

    1. Mm, that’s an interesting question KL. Have you looked for my blog on the Reader, l think you should be able to find the follow function there?

  5. I read long, I read short. I like both, for different reasons. Like you, sometimes I read content I might not normally because I like the blogger, or their writing style.

    I have to limit how many blogs I follow because I read the posts of those I follow, and time, time, time…

    I generally hit like after I’ve read unless I disagree with the topic, or don’t like what was written. I might comment why I disagree if it’s someone I have a “blog buddy” relationship with and know they won’t be offended by my comment.

  6. I prefer short blogs, and I read mostly blogs that write poetry. Anything over 1000 words loses me. I read approximately 15-20 blogs a day. I also read articles on other platforms, LinkedIn, beBee, MeWe, Tumblr and Twitter. Regarding WP, I leave a comment on most of them, especially those that leave comments on mine. For those that participate in my weekly prompts, I leave a comment on all of them.

    I don’t use the Reader because I prefer the entire experience in enjoying someone’s work. I follow approximately 400 bloggers, which I have to keep it trimmed because there are only so many hours in a day. I don’t follow blogs that discuss politics, religion or the content is porn or there is excessive use of foul language. Plus, I also write for other bloggers, and contribute poetry to Spillwords and PoetrySoup so I have to prioritize my time. Oh, and then there is life… Rock on, Rory!

    1. Hey Eugenia, many thanks for the insightful answer 🙂

      Kudos to your 46 hour day 🙂

      Thank you for commenting here also, in comparison, l am a terrible blogger Eugenia, l am just not that social and am always behind with my blog reading here.

      I wouldn’t be able to spend that kind of time reading from so many platforms easily – you obvioulsy have a way to achieve that.


      1. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming but fills the void since I retired. I swap them around. WordPress always; LinkedIn, beBee, and MeWe, every other day or so. Twitter and Tumblr, I just browse, even though I have a blog on Tumblr, I love Tumblr’s blog templates – some are much better than WP and either free or very inexpensive. I am trying to not spend so much time on social media. As I always say, different strokes for different folks. Stay well!

  7. I’m like you Rory, I can read long content if it’s got me hooked. If my attention span starts to go elsewhere then I stop reading.

    I try and find a balance of reading up to 5 short and long posts per day.

    Personally, I prefer to write long content because I think a lot, but if it’s something I don’t want to go on, and on, and on, and on about then I will keep it short.

    Now this can depend entirely on how much energy I have, I try my best to interact as much as I physically can. If I don’t have the energy to comment, I will keep said blog post saved and comment at a later date. Some blog posts I enjoy reading so will like their post, but if I don’t have anything to add then I will comment. I tend to only like photography blogs, but if said blogger was to post a photo that really captivated me then I will comment.

    Your response to Sadje interested me, what sort of content and blogs do you enjoy ready? Preferred style to read?

    1. Hey Shirley, strangely enough l was having this conversation with Suze today on our walk.

      Only in the last ten days have l started to once again read ‘fiction’ after an absence of about 15 months …. l am very particular on the content l read.

      It has to hook me, but a comment l read yesterday from Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude made me think .. and that was she said that blogs were her preferred reading now and l found this fascinating and it made me deep think. a question l will probably pose in next week’s post in this series .

      I prefer to read topical content that has bite to it, reality reading, lifestyle reading, history, erotica and some poetry and fiction and more informative content – l miss deep discussion and topical conversation..

      I think there is a problem for me with reading nothing but blogs and so l decided to start my book reading up again.

      I will think on your question and my answer more. It’s not just a question but a social connection question as well.

      1. I prefer reading blogs now, or online articles, I can’t seem to read a physical book anymore, but if it’s a short story and online then I can keep up with it. I think with an actual book I find the length quite daunting, but if its a short story/serial online then i don’t know how long it will be, if it has several episodes. I’m just strange like that 🙂

        Ironically, I do love a deep and thought-provoking discussion, but if the conversation or discussion has no substance to it then I can’t hold it and get bored.

        1. That’s what l am currently experiencing at present with my blog reading. Whilst the new blog is a ‘business site’ it is also a topical content site, so l am hoping l can get some meaningful conversations over there and that might balance me out again.

          I don’t think it is any stranger than some of my own quirks. I have changed in the last year of blogging and my personal preferences have shifted up a gear as to what l find enjoyable again.

          I struggle with the sociality and expectations of blogging and in recent months have found it quite overwhelming. Now this means one of two things … my Aspergers is shifting and evolving again and or or even as well as, l need more stimulation.

          If people knew how much stimulation l needed on a daily basis in certain areas they might become shocked and also if they really understood how much l struggle with sociality as a concept they might ask themselves why l do what l do and should l even be a social blogger in the first place.

        2. What expectations of blogging have you found to be overwhelming? You don’t have to answer, I’m just curious.

          After reading your musings and dear blog entries since i’ve been following your blog, it”s apparent… well to me anyway. as to how much stimulation you need daily. I’ve found that I am more sociable online than I am in-person, I can only be social with a specific few.

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