Dear Blog – 12.28 – 13/04/21

A much needed undertaking…

From todayish, l will be taking a ‘Blog Break’ or rather a slight step back from this blog for a period of 2, 3 or 4 weeks. I will still be here as ‘in WordPress’ and if not here, then on the other blog The 3 Sides 2 1 and I will still be reading your blogs daily and commenting, but not as prolific published post wise.

Universal Greetings will be published daily – like now, and most days will have a second post but not always a third. There are many reasons for this – from reshuffling the administrations here and switching in the new banners and feature designs [which you may have started to see recently] to introducing the new writing schedule for this blog l have talked of in the past six weeks.

For the last six weekends l have been working with the new weekend writing schedule which has been two posts daily for Saturday and Sunday whilst the Monday to Friday week has had three posts daily. The new Monday to Friday schedule for the Guy Blog is Monday to Friday 2 posts only with an occasional 3rd on alternate days and the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday is the Universal Greetings only with the occasional 2nd post.

The Sister site will enjoy a daily post Monday to Sunday called The Daily Bounce to begin with and then it will create an additional post Friday to Monday – but that will be a gradual build up over the first three months.

I am also having to work with my Redbubble shop and tidy designs up.

Also, l am going to rewrite Who Let the Geist In as a story of Realistic Alternative Fiction of sorts under the new title l discussed last week. This will be one of my main ‘personal undertaking’s and it needs to be done and l need to focus on it. It will be available to those who wish to read it, but it will be password controlled only viewing. All 18 episodes of Geist were deleted although they were placed into one long paged document for my reference.

l also need to concentrate on some business training.

However by this time next month, everything should be sorted.

Thanks for reading – Rory

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34 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 12.28 – 13/04/21

    1. Thanks Paula – do you remember those banners l made for you? But they weren’t right for your look? Well in the new blog, there are features to highlight authors under a Bulletin / Advertising board/ Promotions are you ok if l use them to promote you from that blog? It will be introduced here also as a new feature.

      More organised yes, but also, more in control of ‘you’ 🙂

  1. Good luck with the business training! That side of things always feels quite foreign to me, no matter how much I read about it.

    1. Hey Ashley, cheers … admittedly things used to be easier when l was younger with regards absorbing – now that l am older and supposedly wiser ….. mm!

  2. Sounds like your schedule is quite full. I do hope you’ve put some fun/free/relaxation time on the schedule too… yes, I’m a- naggin’ again, but only cuz I care😘💌

  3. Hey Rory! Wow! Sounds exciting! Wishing you well with all your endeavors! Also, since I might not get a chance to reach you during our Taurus birthday month, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and may it be the best year ever! Sorry, but I forget the date. Will you be 58? I will be 82. Oh, please ignore that. I decided to reverse the numbers as a stimulus to regeneration – I will be 28! (Don’t try that with yours.) 😀

    May all go as you wish and you have a wonderfully productive month, Dear.
    Above all, In-Joy! 💞

  4. Good for you for taking care of yourself! A break is a great idea if you feel that you need to re-charge your ‘jets’ and get further education in another aspect of blogging – the business side. One question though: What about the “Snifty Sleuth Challenge?” Are you shelving that?

    1. Hey Melanie, happy hump day to you 🙂

      No, because l will still be here …. l will be in the main producing 2 posts per day as per the new writing schedule. I will also be slowly launching the new business styled blog – but taking more time out because l’ll not be producing three posts with the same regularity as l was doing as an average week come May will be Monday to Friday probably only 12 posts a week as opposed to the current 15 and where as the weekends are currently 4 posts over two days, they will become 2 posts a weekend.

      It is really a downscaling of published post content 🙂

      The Snifty Sleuth challenge [now three scenes long] will still be maintained 🙂

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