How Much Loose Talk Do You Leave Lying Around?

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How many comments do you think you make every day on your blog in response to comments left by other bloggers and how many do you think you leave on other blogs during the course of any given week?

I saw something the other day whilst l was on the Internet looking for something or the other and it got me to thinking … the topic l was reading was about how many words we talk a day to ourselves and others and they were saying that on average we speak roughly 5 – 7000 every day – whilst bloggers can speak four times plus that daily!

I speak to myself from the time l get up to the time l go to bed and l probably vocalise just in general talking easily 7,000. Today l went for a walk with Suzanne and we spoke the whole time. In fact when she is here l probably triple the amount of words l speak daily.

When l am long content writing as opposed to short content post creations l am talking to myself both inwardly and outwardly and when l am proofreading, l do so again out aloud and even when l have published to the blog, l again am reading out aloud the words looking for errors l missed the first time around.

My average post length in long content can be 1450 – 2500 basic, and l probably read each long content piece an average of five times … l read an article once that said the more we speak to ourselves, the more we aid our memory. Which is kind of ironic really, because sometimes l forget l am talking to myself!

But that is just on content creation, what about comments? Do you speak to yourself when writing comments on either yours or another person’s blog?

All that aside, how many comments do you think you post a day or week if you prefer in total to other blogs – not your own?

Let me know below. Cheers.

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  1. I’m not a big talker. I tend to listen, observe, and read. I don’t comment often on things when I read. I do maybe one or two comments every few days. It’s not that I don’t have much to say. It’s more that I want to think about it. I sometimes become super embarrassed when people comment on things that I have written. I’m known to delete things if too many people have noticed it. It’s counterproductive to being a writer, but I write to soothe my own soul. I like hitting publish as it makes things seem more fancy and final. I like readers, and I read every comment, but that’s not why I write.

    1. I am the same in some ways, l read a lot of blogs but don’t comment just for the sake of it and if we took responding to comments left on my blog like now to you, then sure you’ll find me here more commenting.

      But on average other comments elsewhere is probably only 5 comments a day.

      Hey Kitt, how are you by the way ? 🙂

  2. Oh, SHEESH! I have no idea, but it’s a BIG number! And all the emojis too… Lawdy lawd!

    When I was doing “Adventures” every day, they ran 1000-1500+ words, then the comments on those, then my comments on other blogs… I really can’t come up with a number. YOU could probably guess better than I could.

    And out loud words to myself, Zeus, Sven, Daughter, birds, plants, the wind… and BEN! I have to repeat things many times with HRH.🤦🏼‍♀️

    LOTS & LOTS of words!🙊🤐😱

  3. I know there are people who like to edit text to use the fewest words possible. Sometimes that makes sense, and again sometimes not. The question to me is does the message justify the words used?

  4. I probably make a couple dozen short comments per day on other posts. I talk to myself all the time, so I probably say more than the average.

  5. I talk to myself all the time too. After all, i know myself better than anyone. I like to make comments on posts because it feels more interactive to me that way. They are usually not very long, just what I am feeling by reading.

  6. I read many blogs daily and I leave comments on most of them. I’d say around 25-30a day at least. If it’s a blogger with whom I have a “like only” relationship, I’d leave a like.

    1. That’s an interesting comment all by itself Sadje … a like only relationship’.

      What qualifies as a like only ‘friendship/relationship?’

      I read 3 – 5 blogs daily – but admittedly, l rarely read abstractively [like the Reader encourages] and perhaps once/twice a month do l add a new blog to the fold. Currently l read from 42 blogs a month. On average l leave 5 comments a day on other blogs. I try to answer all the comments of note l receive on my own blog with a comment, but if it is a small comment that has nothing to really respond to, l merely offer up a smile or a like then.

      So it is interesting to read of Like Only Friendships 🙂

      1. It’s a two way street. I used to leave comments on most posts I read but when some in return would only offer likes then I too started doing that. Those who comment on my posts, I comment on theirs!

  7. I read about 20 blogs a day and comment as much too. Then I also reply to every comment that drop into my posts. So that easily totals up to hundreds per week. Thanks for this post!

  8. I love this for so many reasons. I also talk to myself all day long. I also talk to my pets and make voices like my pets are taking to me and with each other. It makes for quite a dialogue. I enjoy talking to myself. I work out Ideas or issues or just rationalize world problems. My son has stopped saying “what”? as he now knows that it’s a me myself and i convo going on. I catch him doing it all the time when he’s playing video games or just thinking out loud. I find comfort in him doing so. Thank for sharing a great read friend!!! Xo

    1. Hey Jackie, my appologies for a later response, but l found this comment sitting in my pending folder.

      Yes when l had dogs and cats and other animals in my life l would envision what their voices would sound like and speak for them to me, so l can relate oh so well.

      there is a beauty to talking to ourselves as fluently as if we were talking to another – but not everyone sees it that way and more so if you are having a conversation with yourself in a room filled people….

      1. No worries…. my comments are also making it to my spam folder…

        I notice that when I talk to my pets about upcoming events such as grooming appointment and shot appointments the anxiety is less and the events following always go smoother. Lol xoxo

  9. “…. what about comments? Do you speak to yourself when writing comments on either yours or another person’s blog?

    All that aside, how many comments do you think you post a day or week if you prefer in total to other blogs – not your own?”

    I didn’t get ‘dinged’ about this when it aired, so I’ll blather on now. I don’t even understand the first part of your question. Of course I’m ‘speaking to myself’ a bit, else how would I know if the comment was gibberish or stupid? O_o I post possibly (rough estimate) probably about 250 – 300 (or more) comments in a week, break that down (I suck at math so if the numbers don’t add up forgive me) about 42 comments per day ( Lordie). No wonder my fingers get tired! LOL

    1. Some people write responses Melanie in their head … that’s what it means as opposed to many others who actually voice their responses out loud – that was what l was referring to 🙂

  10. Hmm … I only post if I have something to say. I am not always talkative – sometimes I’m just quiet.

    I also like breaks in paragraphs or something to break it up or I get sleepy faster lol… it will lose my focus also

    During the week is hard because I am working all the time really hard lol … and I work long hours, and my commute is long, so by time I get home – maybe eat? I am exhausted and have to sleep and do all over lol … so during the week I completely slack

    But I can catch up some on weekends 😊❤️✌️ I also have to do my own errands and things but weekends are easier ❤️✌️

    1. Yes, l can imagine how tired you must be with the commute. Years ago, l used to live not far from where l am now, but l worked outside London in a place called Lakeside – it was a massive shopping complex. I didn’t drive so had to take public transport and that was literally, a series of trains, ferries and coaches.

      If l was working the early shift and if l had finished the later shift … this meant l would have got home the previous night around midnight if lucky and there had been no delays, go to bed, and then for the early shift be up at 4am and then spend 5 hours traveling to get to my destination for 9.30am.

      It was a nightmare travel time daily of around 14 hours and when the weekends came, l collapsed and talked to no one hahaha 🙂

      I can understand.

      1. Yeah it is a lot sometimes and work so busy.

        Hahaha that is pretty much same as me lol … I do have to run errands on weekends but I also talk to no one if possible lol – I catch up on errands and sleep lol

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