Stuck Between A Reality Rock and a Fictional Hard Place!

Some of you may know l have been writing a series called Who Let the Geist In? Which is an introduction to a series of tales l plan to write this year called Confessions of a Ghost Hunter.

When l originally sat down and started writing the introduction, l didn’t really know what format or style it was going to take, l certainly never realised a single trek into the past would become a mammoth undertaking of a journey into looking back onto some of the darker archives of my younger years. However, it has become just that – a ghost and horror story, a coming-of-age story, a look at my life with my parents, of my emerging bipolar and Asperger’s as a teenager and the behaviours of that time, the angers as well as some very strange circumstances which changed my life forever.

I have written about this before, but not quite like this … many years ago l wrote a book that never saw the light of day called Yesterday’s Adult, Tomorrow’s Child which l penned back in 2009 – 2012. It was the pre-book to Dancing in the Grey and it was a very dark look at my Asperger’s diagnosis and my life. Whilst that didn’t touch in any deep detail on the Geist series, it made brief mentions to it and how l believed the dramas and abuses of my childhood had shaped many of my behavioural traits as an adult.

But after completing it, someone suggested it was ‘too dark’ a look into autism and so, l rewrote the book in a much lighter style and named it as said ‘Dancing in the Grey’.

As l have been writing this ‘mini-series’, a series that started back in November of last year and includes currently 18 episodes, l came to realise perhaps two weeks ago that … l was stuck between a rock and a hard place of how to actually proceed? This was supposed to be an introduction, but l found through the writing of it, that it could no longer simply be an introduction – l mean now it is just under 30,000 words and l have now only just started the story side to the introduction and that could stretch into a further 200,000 words.

I have been unwittingly writing the ghost/poltergeist disturbance story behind Yesterday’s Adult, Tomorrow’s Child and when l realised this earlier this week l also understood that, whilst YES l would continue writing the episodes, l was probably writing it for me exclusively and exorcising demons of my own from way back then.

It is an extremely hard story to write, because l have not penned it before like this – so it’s an emotional journey as well that is preying and playing on my mind.

I am a very verbose writer, a long content writer with a mind that as it ages goes off on tangents and this series especially is proving just that .. and trust me, this series alone has made me look at things very closely in all of my life and has been responsible this year for a lot of changes to me and my blogs, yes plural – this series was one of the triggers to accepting l couldn’t introduce a business blog here, it had to be separate.

I can’t change my writing style, l am detail orientated, but what the Geist series has shown me is that l need to pen it as a book to be written and published and not as a series to be written and blogged and published. This is something l guess that needs to be done and maybe l should have published the darker side to my Asperger’s all those years ago because that too is now coming back to haunt me and l don’t need anything else to jump on board the haunting wagon.

So, l will still be writing the ‘reality episodes’ to the series but only under password and once l have written all of these episodes and the rest of the period this refers to which goes long past the Ghost Hunting days of 1980-1983 but ends somewhere in the 90’s, then my intention is to write a book about it and utilise the content l am writing but tidy it up for the book. The series has become a labour of love and hate of sorts and research.

I know that l have readers that are following this series and still wish to and you are very welcome to continue to read this ‘story’ in the raw random form it is being written in and join me on my journey – you can find the password here The Confessions of A Ghost Hunter 1980 – 1983 at the top of the page.

Anyway, l just wanted to explain my actions of writing this series and now placing it into a protected space.

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Stuck Between A Reality Rock and a Fictional Hard Place!

  1. This is the time we should all be shining a light into those shadows and confronting them. Even if we’ve done so before.

    It’s time to level up, but only after we completely clear this level😉

    1. There are many reasons for doing this .. like the biggest one, this is something that needs to be written in long sweeping strokes and not in segments, because it’s not making sense, then because it is a journal of reality and not fiction – it becomes deeper as l reexamine those events … then it becomes personal, and whilst there is many dark truths in there, one has to look at the metaphorical aspects to it as well as the haunting aspect of anger and poltergeist autism ….

      Becomes very personal – so l need to shine the light on this reality and then write it again as alternative reality fiction.

      1. Make sure you’re protecting yourself, JB! I have the feeling that the deeper you go, the darker it gets. Dark things fight against being dragged (drug?) Into the light.
        As you know…
        🤐🤐🤐”Yes, mother”🤦🏼‍♀️😉😂

  2. I wish you success as you undertake this journey. In my opinion having a factual account of what it is like to have Asperger’s would be a very interesting and absorbing read. The other day I talked to someone who is raising a child with another form of autism, and we got into quite a discussion on the wide spectrum of the condition, a spectrum and condition that weren’t even totally recognized even twenty five years ago (not very well at least).

    I have written several chapters in my own ‘life story’ but have to keep stopping and getting my psychic breath back, it’s too overwhelming to try to put out there in one lump. You have my admiration for doing so with your own story.

    Thanks for being brave!

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