Dear Blog – 13.33 – 09/04/21

With a Flash of Colour!

I don’t walk around with my eyes shut, because if l did, l would walk into things and l would end up with bruises everywhere – so l know l walk with my eyes open … by walking this way l notice things and today on my walk, l noticed things that were not present on yesterday’s walk – oh no, they weren’t.

Sandwich is busier today than it was yesterday, the town is undergoing a transformation …. it is waking up again and the current lockdown is winding down … the shops, gymnasiums and pubs and all other non-essential shops will open again on Monday 12th.

I took a small circuits walk today on the Ramparts and came back back home through the town and was astonished at just how many people were present again … townsfolk, shop owners, publicans, restaurant managers …. the giant awakens once more – ready for the year.

Windows being cleaned, storefronts wiped down, pavements being washed, merchandisers and display artists changing window displays with bright vibrant colours dancing, painters rennovating window frames, new signs going up, laughter and joviality, barbers readying their wares and products, chairs being cleaned down, happy faces …. not just happy half faces, but happy faces .. and that worries me … here they all are chasing the ‘giant normality’ again with a flash of colour, but how long will these smiles be worn before they may well be turned into frowns again?

Not trying to be a pessimist, l want the world to get on, to live with this … but l can’t help but side with caution either and wonder, if we will be able to stay open and happy faced and smiles galore from now to the end of this year with enthusiasm or will the dreadful C win the day again?

I get it, people want a new start, they want to return to some kind of normal, but normal has gone, a new mode of normal will now take its place … but will all those chasing the return of normality play the game cautiously, carefully and respectively this time?

Sadly, and trust me – l am always open to being proved wrong ……….. but l think we all know the answers anyway … it’s more a case of time will tell.

The pandemic wouldn’t be so bad if not for the people, you know?

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

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22 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.33 – 09/04/21

  1. The world HAS to go on. We cannot live in fear and we cannot keep “living” by being imprisoned either. We have to open life up and take our chances or things are going to be far, far worse.

    1. Hey Jeanne, l agree with you and we need to live with this – but we still need to exercise caution – because if we do not then we will succumb again … but people being people don’t always think like that .. they just throw caution to the winds.

      1. There are no guarantees in life, no matter what the circumstances are. Many years ago, long before all this COVID hysteria, my mother has a massive stroke. In 30 seconds our whole world was changed forever. My mother never came home and spent the last 10 years of her life in a nursing home. You can’t live your life in fear. I say just life life. When it’s our time, it’s our time and there is not anything we can do to change that.

        1. I agree, but l still say live life but be cautious too. Just because there is no guarantee as to when our expiry time might be up, doesn’t need we need to rush it along.

        2. Well that’s excellent 🙂

          l was sensing that anyway. I too have never been worried about it all as l am careful, but then my issues are not so much with the disease, but the dumbwittery of people not being cautious or respectful of others who are being cautious.

          I have been jabbed, but l am not a total believer in the sudden arrival of a cure so quickly … l am not a conspiracist either and l don’t hold with any wacky theories about the covid.

          It’s out there, people are dying, people have died.

          Many governments have handled it all pretty badly, and so too have people.

          It’s all a learning curve, but this isn’t the last time we shall see this … l am still of the belief this is a pilot run to years and years of global scares like this, we just need to accept our lives with them.

          BUT, whatever it is – life needs to continue, we need to move on, the big chemical giants are happier and governments are happier that perhaps global economies can start to rev their engines again.

          That’s really what it is all about – money.

    1. Same here Lauren – l am a pro advocate for life getting on with it … l accept all too well that old normality is out of the window’, but l acknowledge also that we need to exercise caution here.

    1. Yes exactly Sadje, my concerns are that people will act like children and we will find ourselves backstepping.

      My biggest concerns is the hospitality sectors and people.

  2. Other countries citizenshave been using masks in public when ill, why can’t our citizens accept the same? It’s been politicized. I’m all for SAFELY getting on with life. Cautiously reopening, with safeguards until the majority of people have been vaccinated.

    This isn’t the first time vaccine proof had been required either. People forget about smallpox. Public safety MUST be taken into account. If EVERYONE gets to exercise their “personal freedom”, how does society exist?

    1. Yes l am still up, l was lying in bed and thinking about something and realised l had to action something and there was no tomorrow, it had to be done now.
      Like you, l want the world to get on, but l am very worried about the lack of masks which was my reference to Half Smile faces as opposed to happy faces.

      I just want society to think of safety and others.

  3. To be fair though Bruce, it would be funny if people walked into things, irregardless if they have their eyes shut 🙂

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