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Me and Tom Hanks Have a Thang Going On!

It has long been suggested that Bram Stoker was enthused to write the book Dracula after a nightmare he had that was induced from eating blue cheese or crab, according to who you read from. Whilst Mary Shelley simply dreamed up her own Frankenstein creation, whether she was asleep or it too was food induced l know not. But l do remember reading an account many years ago that stated that she imagined the creature whilst vacationing in Lake Geneva with the poet Lord Byron and it was whilst in a small private party that she, Byron and friends were under the influence of ‘mysterious herbals’ that she managed to visage her Gotic masterpiece. Who knows?

There are many books that have been motivated by authors in slumbering times … like Misery by Stephen King, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Twilight, Jane Eyre and even Stuart Little ALL were magicked from being asleep…. if only l should be so lucky?

Suze was over this morning to join me on a walk, we had a longer walk together which was great as it was sunny, still a bit chilly, but she has been down a lot recently and confessed to suffering with depression and stress and so l decided that we / she / us needed a longer walk to blow out the cobwebs. I was telling her about my weird dreams l have been experiencing lately and she asked me did l think it was the food causing them?

Which was a good question … because l think that for me ‘overdosing’ on carbs makes me very foggy brained … it’s just a theory and l don’t know if it holds any water to it in truth … but when l am foggy brained l have more strange dreams!

I have been experiencing for the last three weeks some very bizarre dreams, and l do think it is odd that this happens to coincide with my current digestive flare up.

I have managed to whittle down two ingredients in my diet which l think are causing me problems … or l should say l believe they are fast becoming intolerances for my stomach, one serves as a sensitivity trigger and the other is the intolerance itself … both are gluten free products as l have issues with gluten and they are one partcular cracker and my brown bread. Today l am working on whether it is the bread in raw state or l can eat it toasted or is it that l have to eliminate bread from my diet completely because l can simply no longer properly digest bread?

It has taken me quite a bit of time to really pin point but l am slowly and woefully painfully getting there. Today so far l have only had four eggs, a litre of my milk, two gluten free oat coffees, three slices of GF toast and 1 and a half packets of crackers which isn’t a lot of food and deprives my energy levels a bit considering l am still pushing myself … and this can award me brain fog at times……

.… which might be responsible for my dreams.

They say that dreams and nightmares are messages from our brains that are being communicated to us in a visual mental state and that we are either to translate them or try to interpret their meanings and that they are induced by things we have seen during the previous day, week and or month in some situations and more often than not are stresses we are experiencing whether we are aware or not.

I was having dreams of large ants and giant ant swarms – ok l sorted that … despite everything l am doing, l am of the firm belief that this house is built on an ancient ant burial ground and everytime l kill off a nest, they come back twice as large as ghost ants!

I was also having dreams of giant rats … but some of you may recall me saying l was having a rat visit the garden? Well l managed to capture her/him on my camera yesterday – see below.

I shouldn’t be bitchin’
Nor having a right mard on,
…. at least it’s not a rat in the kitchen,
It’s only out in the garden!

I am not that bothered, it’s the same rat as before and l have discovered it is coming in from Edward’s garden next door – l might try and hand socialise communication with it … l used to tame rats, wild and domestic – it might be interesting. But l did trim the bush yesterday and moved the table slightly back to stop the easy access from the garden shrub. I can’t determine its sex just yet, if it is a solo male that’s not a big problem, but if it is a female … that could become a problem. I am not that surprised l have a visitor really, my garden’s tidy and l don’t have any rubbish, BUT the birds do drop a lot of seed, and l have seen mice around. A wild rat is still wildlife.

However what has that rat got to do with Tom Hanks and me?

Nothing, nothing at all …. the point was that l could resolve two of my weird dreams about giant rats and ants – but last night’s dream – has left me in a bit of a fuddle, so l decided to leave it with you and see if you can fare any better, okay?

According to my FitBit l get the best sleep results if l don’t sleep straight but l wake up without knowing l have woken up and more so if l wake up during my REM phase – which to the novice is ‘rapid eye movement’ phase of sleep. If you do so, you are more likely to remember your dreams. I can see easily that my sleep patterns for the last few weeks have been bloody awful hahaha!

Dreams can last between 3 – 5 seconds OR 15 – 30 minutes, which might explain to those who wonder how that loooooooooooooong dream they had could possibly fit into 5 seconds only when it was like they were watching a mini movie!!

Anyway, no more will l digress … here’s last night’s mini movie.

It opens with ‘my’ office that l share with Tom Hanks and one other male and two female secretaries ….. we have just received a silver lined potted tree plant as a gift from a gracious client. The client is happy with our services to the city. It is a beautiful tree, a real silver tree, not a tree covered in tin foil, but the tree is pure silver!!

Tom Hanks and myself and the other man are pilots, and our secretaries are also engineers who can fix planes!!

We run a form of airborne rescue taxi service ………… l know, like WTF??

Basically, if you have ordered a normal taxi in the city and it doesn’t turn up, we jet to you and jet you to your location and it’s all part of the city service!

Our planes are parked up in the office we all share, the office is at the very top of a skyscraper that happens to be 300 stories high??

The planes we use are not real planes but tiny toy planes that we sit on and fly with pedals to keep us up in the air!!

One day, we arrive in the office … it is midday because the skyscraper doesn’t have lifts only stairs and every day we must walk up these stairs to our office, we are very fit, as you can imagine…. but one day we arrive in the office and discover that a competitor has stolen our pure silver tree and we have to run down all the stairs and catch them – which we do …..

I woke up at 6.45am this morning and lay there thinking about this dream and what it could mean? I have no idea!!


Do you?

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

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27 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 16.14 – 08/04/21

  1. The toy planes were hilarious and walking up 300 floors. Wow!
    I have no idea why you had this dream. Maybe if you ask Tom Hanks?

    1. Hey Lauren, l have tried that … but the dream analysis comes back and says l have too many ‘pieces’, so l must try and determine what all the pieces mean 🙂

  2. Perhaps it’s not the gluten but the yeast. Google “yeast intolerance” (not yeast allergy, tho you can google that too if you are experiencing hives).

    1. Hey Grace, it’s complicated as l was diagnosed with Candida which is a yeast intolerance/allergy. i then had to [2016] strip back my diet and for months l had to trial and error food.

      I have candida in my gut but it also attacks my organs – candida is a yeast infection as you probably know.

      My diet and household ingredients had to be mostly thrown away and l had to start my eating life again .. but because of the candida l will constantly experience gut problems and foods that were once safe can suddenly become unsafe.

  3. I’ll give that “movie” some thought… I have a few ideas, but they’re flashes. I’ll let you know.

    I am thankfully dreaming again, but remembering them is difficult. I’ve lost the knack or habit. Working on it😉

      1. I have a food that hates me… avocados. But I’ll pass thanks. Hours and hours and HOURS of intense pain… I’ll keep a notebook by the bed, and keep working on it, TYVM😉

        1. Yes, avos don’t like me much either – talking of another ava sadly. I don’t think l can save her anymore 🙁

          I have battled to save Ava, but the blight has her now fully, everytime young leaves sprout they instantly die, l don’t think l can do anything else. I rootball washed her last week, but l have no idea anymore. It made me very sad, she turned 5 last month.

        2. Oh noooo… poor Ava ☹ She just can’t thrive in UK climate. She fought a good fight. She wouldn’t have survived the snow or a deep freeze. The groves here use smudge pots when we occasionally get super cold weather. The citrus handles it better than the avocados.

  4. All i can think of with regards to your dream, is that you and Tom would work well together. What type of tree was it, apart from being silver?

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