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Season 6 – Spring 2021
Series 6 – Identifying Forwards
Tuesday 06th April 2021 – Walk Time 33 Mins
Stop being a drama llama mate!

This morning’s walk was welcomed as l wasn’t able to go for a walk yesterday morning due to intense stomach pain, it was gloriously sunny and still is end to end blue skies, very cold though – the weather’s been up and down recently quite a bit, sunny and warm one day, cold and bitter the next.

I am still struggling with my gut health of late and have been experiencing problems with this flare up that started just under two weeks ago. As l was saying to Sadje only this morning and Grandma the other day l am really having to strip back my diet to the very basics to try and source out the main aggressor and this in turn restricts what l can ‘physically’ do. I haven’t been for a long walk for a while now, two weeks today l think was the time that Suze and l went for a long walk around the River Stour. I have been busy with my blog reshuffles, but my gut is plaguing me now and making life awkward. Luckily l have the treadmill and so l can strike up the missing steps. I manage to get a circuits walk in most days, but when the gut strikes are bad, sad to say l am at best fairly crippled.

I was in the process of sending off for an intolerance test and then read an article which basically said they are not worth it as their results can change as frequently as the weather!! This put a halt to buying a test as l am at the stage when l don’t need flimsy but accurate figures and statistics. The NHS here don’t even offer alternative suggestions and yet, trying to book an appointment with the doctor for a professional reference to a specialist currently is not proving fruitful either – so l must take the second route and that is to try and isolate the offenders myself.

In the last two weeks l have found a few … you see it gets very difficult because there are three main areas of problems with foods …. allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. I have gone through the allergy side and l know principally what l can and can’t eat in so far as food groups. Sensitivity and hypersensitivity can change very quickly – so l know that l am experiencing issues with those because of the time slots when the pain strikes after eating.

I have a slower metabolism and that can make identification at times harder to pinpoint whether it was yesterday’s evening meal, or this morning’s breakfast that is the culprit. Made easier of course by reducing what you eat – so when eating from a considerably basic and to a degree bland diet you are able to highlight more efficiently what is causing you the gut stress …….. well in theory that is fine, the actuality of the practical side is a bit more complicated especially when it comes to insensitivities created by intolerances both new and old alike as they can change in the blink of an eye!

Originally l thought the white part of spring onion was an issue, now l have discovered it is all the spring onion!! Matters not if it is cooked or raw .. it is an insensitivity trigger to an intolerance meaning if l had two types of food in my stomach one is an insensitivity and the other is an intolerance – the sensitive aspect will trigger the intolerance!! This can make identification very hard. None of this would be bad if it wasn’t for the pain of it all … when not having to be mindful of being near a toilet which can be restrictive anyway as you can imagine – the pain is at times so very intense that l am walking either leaning to my left or bent at the waist!

If l start feeling sorry for myself – l tell myself to pack it in and stop being a drama llama! I bolster myself back up and get on with it. So l am still exercising albeit limited to shorter walks and treadmill only and being outside in good weather in the garden and pottering and or weeding. I have cut a further 8 food items out of my diet including the spring onions, but two previously safe ‘cracker types’ and also seeds and a cooking oil that used to be safe is no longer safe as one of the ingredients is now impossible for me to digest properly and l now believe this to be possibly an allergy judging by some of the effects l was suffering with in the last two weeks – which is sunflower oil/sunflower seed. Also the crackers were eliminated from the diet because of the ingredient maize and corn.

Currently my gluten free bread is now under scrutiny as l think there is something amiss there and l might have an additional issue with tuna which as a finned fish category wouldn’t surprise me but then l think mm, l had fish and chips last week, l have a problem with potato do l also have a problem with cod? … So it is all getting a little bit doomy and gloomy in the kitchen and as a qualified chef a bit of a nightmare.

I am still okay with eggs and milk [well my milk – lacto free semi-skimmed long life], white lean meat like chicken and some vegetables – mostly those that have been blanched and then steamed. I am okay with banana and clementine as fruit, but am now having issues with the soya yoghurts because of my recent problem with soya products! I am still okay with the likes of courgettes and peppers [just] and red cabbage [just] and that’s really about it as far as my diet goes. I can also eat fish fingers [just] – however l now need to be ultra careful with sauces … so you can see, that the last two weeks for me have been a little disheartening. Pasta is fast becoming a good buddy of mine as l can still eat it!!

Getting old truly sucks ……. getting old and developing so many eating disorders sucks even more! Considering, l don’t smoke, l don’t toke, l don’t drink, l don’t eat take away or red meat, l have very few actual vices, l exercise and l have to ask …. where’s the fun in all of this?? But the good news is ……………. l am losing weight!!! Not just through exercise but aggressive induced dietcising as in the latter awards no choice in the matter!!

BUT, l am still carrying three pounds of intestinal gut bloat around with me for most of the day that fluctuates from morning to evening … perhaps l should simply stop eating!


Do you recall the seeds l planted last week? Well 98% of those are all in seed sprout stages!! Oh well what l can’t eat, l feel sure my neighbours and maybe Suze can eh hahaha!! Got to see the funny side to life.

Thankfully that damn small font size glitch has now gone, that was causing me really big issues with my eyes and l was constantly straining them, which is bad enough when you feel 100% but not when you don’t … so currently it’s back to what it was. Probably jinxed myself now!! That would be about right!

.………. in other news, everything is not so bad this week, mind you, it’s only the second day … the week is still young haha!

Blog wise, very pleased with everything going on – the changes are running smoothly. Garden wise, as said seeds are looking good and the garden is also just starting to produce a bit more colour as long as yesterday’s hour long snow storm has done no damage everything should be good, .. sorry? Oh right, did l not say earlier we had snow yesterday? Well, okay, ‘yesterday’ out of bloody nowhere we had a snowstorm that lasted for an hour, then as quick as it had started it was gone. Freakish weather or what?

Suze’s recovery .. as someone asked the other day? Suze is alright, still waiting for her specialist appointment concerning her hearing loss and her throat. That is still an issue as is her ability to swallow her foods properly and more seriously she is losing both weight and appetite because of her inability to swallow foods.

The radiations may have resolved the problematic cancer but they have taken away many of her abilities to taste, to sense texture, to swallow food, to want to eat – so whilst she is “”fine”” – there are still problems afoot. Perhaps one of the biggest ones is that whilst in the UK, the NHS is great at disgnosing cancer, then treating it … where they fail is their aftercare. That l would have to say is appalling. Her motivations swing upwards and downwards frequently. She is returning to work next week – still from home, but she ‘ll not be returning full time for a further 8-12 weeks so they are starting her at 30% part time.

I know she’ll be looking for a new job in the next six months because this job is not her old job , it’s all very complicated…

Apart from everything said so far, everything else is okay … ish – l am having a lot of very bizarre dreams about a lot of different topics, l’ll discuss these at a later date perhaps.

Anyway, below are some of the better shots from the various walks from Sunday and today – hope you enjoy them! Perhaps you too will be as fascinated as l am with two images side by side showing one of my favourite willow trees overshadowing the Delf Stream – The bright blue was today and the overcast was Sunday and the difference in the algae cover on the stream itself is quite remarkable. One of the other images clearly demonstrates the break between the algae and the non algae part of the stream today.

Thanks for reading catch you next time.

14 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. I like that you’re still classifying your week as okay-ish. I hope you can isolate the culprits from your diet soon. In my experience, preservatives are usually the offenders. Take a look at them.

    1. Hey Sadje, well l constantly review them .. l don’t have any sauces unless l make them myself, l only use cider vinegar which l can still use.

      It might be salt, but l am adding salt to my diet to reduce inflammations in my gums as a temp fix until dentist routine … but it might be that as l had cut all of that out, but l have been using this salt since December and that’s way longer than the flare up of two weeks.

      I don’t use any spreads or butters, l don’t eat dried fruits, or drink wine.

      I don’t eat processed foods – but the biggest problem today is as we discussed about two weeks ago is that manufacturers keep adding unnecessary chemicals and preservatives to foods, to household products to hygiene products – many people probably don’t think of all of the additions to those items and still have major problems.

      I am looking at food, cleaning, laundry, hygiene and the list is endless which is why it is so painstaking.

      1. I can imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be. Yes, I didn’t thing of other things we use like toothpaste or mouthwash! Salt doesn’t upsets the gut, though it may raise your blood pressure!

        1. A lot of people don’t think of the ‘other things in the house’ either. Last year l had to stop using deodorants as in spray or roll on because of hidden ingredients. I developed a serious allergy that became really problematic over the summer months causing me to throw up, violent headaches and it turned out to be a chemical inbalance.

          My underarms developed rashes and hives and l found out they were using wheat in the components??? Now l have to use a cream instead.

          It’s astonishing and alarming what is hidden in things now.

        2. I know it is. I have an Aunt, she is a German by birth. She believes in using only organic products. It get a bit difficult and expensive to do that but she is in great health even at eighty plus.

        3. Well yes, l only use organic, but even then – that can prove problematic over here, when is organic truly organic? Hardly ever, unless you grow something yourself, make it, create it manufacture it yourself – you can never guarantee anything anymore.

        4. Yes, that’s a big problem in developed countries. Over here doing that is easy as most things are sold raw and fresh.

  2. I am sorry about the stomach issues. Sadly, I understand. Artificial ingredients, artificial colors, preservatives, and soy are automatic no nos for me. I hope you are able to identify what is causing so much pain so your life can be filled with more joy. Take care.

    1. Hey Lauren, yes that’s the biggest issue, all the additions that are placed into creation for so many products, it makes life very uncomfortable at times.

  3. That algae is an ongoing issue I see… I thought they got that fixed. Or were fixing it🙄
    I used to have a problem with dairy… terrible pain from the lactose. I took acidophilus supplements and it stopped. Thank goodness since I’m a dairy fiend!!

    I can understand how Suze feels. I don’t know what my weight is now since I don’t have a scale at home. But I’ve been really trying to get more calories into myself. It’s difficult to force oneself to eat when there’s no appetite or enjoyment.

    Snow? Yuck! I think Spring has finally arrived in SoCal. It was Summer for 2 days last week, and Winter a few days before that.🤪🤦🏼‍♀️

    You’re allowed to bitch, whine, moan & complain… no need to tell yourself to get over it. Unless you’re sick of listening to it😉
    I hope it clears up sooner rather than later🤞💌

    1. I tried these also acidophilus at 100 million or whatever silly number it was and they don’t touch my gut at all.

      I can’t touch any dairy anymore aside from that milk, cheese causes nothing but problems.

      It’ll take me a while to get to the bottom of this flare up l feel sadly.

      The problem is that complaining isn’t helping myself and if l keep moaning about it, l get disheartened so if l stop and try and find the solution that’s better.

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