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Series 2

Episode 4 – Touching Base

The new Guy Called Bloke logo for the Home Page.
Images below are the new Tab page designs in the order they appear on the blog.

I have made a lot of changes to this blog since l first published a post concerning my intentions on the 15th March or 18 days ago. I can’t believe it is not even three weeks since l started considering everything that l have performed with the new inspiration and direction … but l started with guns blaring and l haven’t stopped. In the first week l really began the shuffling and also in the same week l created the Sister The 3 Sides 2 1 blog and l have been working in both since. The new blog hasn’t launched yet and that is not due until May, although l might be able to bring that forward to the end of this month.

For those of you who read direct from my blog as opposed to reading direct from the Reader – you will have seen the new logo on the Home Page and the Tabs and l have gone for a very colourful and vibrant approach this time which is more me really.

You may have also seen that l have now more tabs and today l finalised the navigation and have eliminated the need for any drop down sub menus and introduced properly – Tab page directories. I did this to make it easier for iPad and Mobile phone users. I don’t have a Smartphone, but l do have an iPad and the new navigation is easier and friendlier to users and readers alike.

Only recently have l been using the new WP system of menu navigation and it is much smoother and more enjoyable to be able to sort out all the menu activity efficiently. Surprisingly though in the new blog for some reason it is still working with the old navigation system, thankfully it doesn’t have a lot of posts or pages yet so doesn’t take too long to sort through.

The new version of the A Guy Called Bloke blog doesn’t have many series … l have very deliberately styled it to reflect a ‘personal blog’ or how l personally perceive a ‘personal blog’ to be and so l painstakingly went through all the series l was running and discontinued many based on the interaction, popularity and statistics present. Some will be transferred to the new blog in different formats and mostly in theory of concept.

The 17 series staying are ;

Universal Greetings**Morning Musings **
Afternoon Strollings … ** The Wildlifer
Dear Blog DirectoryStories and Tales Directory **
The Confession Series …The Grumblies – Fiction Series
Poetry Directory ** Theme Times Directory
Mixitup, Playme & Blast It Too!Epic Captions
Random QuotesAre You A Snifty Sleuth?
24 Hour Blog Question ** 12 Bloggerz!
Gifting the ComplimentXXX

There are 22 direct Discontinued series and a further 15 indirect Discontinued series as in smaller series that were on seasonal end status and they have simply been extracted from the line up and archived or destroyed. Of the discontinued series a handful will be seen in the new blog directly. Although others will be present in a different variation or have been incorporated into series that were planned to launch here, but never did for one reason or another.

I am also changing many of the designs here to reflect a ‘less busy and less wordy’ branding experience to the reader and they will all be in situ before the end of April. The new ‘branding’ where applicable to the series will be clearer imagery at the top of the post and signature banners at the base of each post. Although the ‘real life series’ [ ** as above] will be using photography only as they do now.

There will be one more ‘main’ final episode to this series as opposed to ‘smaller insertions in the Universal Greetings’ posts which will introduce you to the new designs and also the new blog.

Till then, my thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “Blog Changes 2BDUN42021

  1. I do like the colors! Very you. I decided not to go with banners as they don’t really suit the look of my blog, which is very simple. I have deleted all my bitmojis as well and won’t be using them again. I think it’s fun to have a “refresh” every so often. It infuses new spirit into our writing!

    1. Hey Grandma, yes l decided that l just wanted to get it done asap really, l have just got so much to do and there is no point in dilly dallying about it.

      I am pleased with the way things are going in the new ‘sister site’ as well – whereas the Guy blog is now personal or proper personal blog, the new blog is a mixture of business, professional and personal – aka the way l do business 🙂

      The new design format should be cool as well 🙂

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