What Kind of Squirting are YOU Into?

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Soooo, l know what you are thinking …. or do l? Or do you? Or do you know what l am thinking about what you might be thinking l am thinking what you are thinking with a question like this? Because if THIS is of any consolation …. l don’t know what you are thinking anymore than l know what you think l might be thinking….. but of course those who know me … will probably know exactly what l thought first when this question was awarded to me!

Exactly! I answered with this …. “What kind of question is that ….. cream?”

But is it Cream or something creamy or just something wet, l mean most squirts and squirtings are usually wet in some form or another … right??

So, the question ….. How do YOU like to squirt it??

For me personally, l had to give this a lot of thought and attention to what it is that l am squirting and was l a squirter or simply a squeezer? Am l more of a squeezer than a squirter?

You have to think hard about this question l feel ………. l mean there is a difference to squeezing and squirting and it all comes down to what you are squeezing or squirting and more importantly whether you are squeezing or squirting it out or in. I mean can one even inwardly squirt? You can squeeze in, but can you squirt in? Mm, l think you can … but as to what, well, that’s anyone’s guess l feel …. so in all the good humour of a belated April Fool’s Day question …..

How do YOU like to squirt it??

Me … well l like to ensure l am slow with my squirting, because too fast and it is just way too messy! These days l tend to NOT buy anything that requires squirting, but a nice gentle squeezing.

But that is just me, how about you? Let me know below, what kind of squirting you are into!

43 thoughts on “What Kind of Squirting are YOU Into?

  1. I can’t stop laughing haha! I’ve never known of a dry squirting… happy to suggest wonderful questions 🙂

    1. Well, l think because ‘squirt’ sounds wetter than a dry squirt? A dry squirt would be more like a puff, So if you were squeezing a puffer that might be considered a Dwerting 🙂

      So maybe the question should have been are you a Dwerter or a Squirter?

    1. Mm, let me see – so far we have squirt and squeeze, and dwert and spray, now we have dribble …… and distance? How do dribble and distance even appear in the same sentence?

      Is that like a spurting’ dribble or a distanced dribbler?

  2. I agree with Paula, spraying is easier for me, too. And I find it covers a larger area more quickly than a squirt, squeeze, puff, dwert, or dribble. I think the preference to spray might be an asset of the wisdom that develops with experience over time…that a spray is a more considerate and refined squirt, perhaps. 😊

        1. Well dang, that’s good then isn’t it? Phew!! For a dreadful moment l thought we were about to learn something dreadful like we get through the pandemic and then the earth is plagued by Ectoslime and worse than that squirted slime to boot!!

  3. Your questions are a puzzler into themselves. 🤣
    I like to squeeze out whatever I am using. I don’t like squirting at all. Creates a mess.

  4. I got a lot of laughs from this, Rory! 🤣 Plus, your writing skills shine in this post. Squirting brings not so fond memories of those squirting containers of ketchup! 😱

    1. Hey Eugenia 🙂

      That’s so funny, when Ami first made mention to this question yesterday as an inspiration and l was like WHAT??

      She answered with this … “I like a dollop of ketchup on the side, not messy all over. ”

      Which kind of made me see the reference to your answer too 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the question.

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