The Brisker 25 Round Up 9#

Episode 931/03/2021Brisker 25 Directory

Following on from the Wildlife Roundup episodes ….. taken around the town of Sandwich and surrounding walks from July of 2020 to where we are today … some l feel you will know all too well, whilst others have not yet been displayed in either previous Briskers or Morning Musings – thanks for reading – see you next time.

Squizzles, Ducks, Robins and a Jay!!!

14 thoughts on “The Brisker 25 Round Up 9#

  1. #6 & #8 are my favorites.🥰
    #8 had an optical illusion quality. The Squizzle’s tail kinda makes it look like he’s coming out of a hole in the tree. And that branch coming down by his leg looks like a very long rat tail🤷🏼‍♀️

    #6 looks like he was disturbed during a potty break😳

    1. Bless the squizzles my pets of nature … l had a rat in the garden for a wee while last week. He/she seems to have gone now. But ‘it’ was up on the peanut bowl sharing nuts with the woodpigeons!! Haha never have a damn camera handy when you need it.

      1. Technically, it is a great laptop! I had no problems in loading it, but I am particular about how things should work and I keep a lot of stuff on my computers. This is my second HP 17 inch screen laptop, which has a non-glare screen and much faster than my old HP. I am quite pleased, thus far.

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