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Medieval Town BUT an Antiquated History!

Suze was over this morning; we had agreed yesterday that today would be our Walk in Time tour as the weather had promised to be good again. The weather didn’t disappoint however the tour booklet we were using most assuredly did!

Now l am the first to agree that Sandwich as a town has a higgled layout road wise, but you can still make sense of it – you must walk backwards and forwards … but even a layman such as myself could have written a better guide, given that l walk around this town daily. Ok, the booklet was a slim summary, but it held two walks – a long one and a shorter one and l think given 15 pages long, either the guide should have been longer, or the two walks allocated to two slimmer guides.

I know we live in strange times with covid and the pandemic, and that the library has been shut since March 2020, the Tourist Centre has been shut since September of last year, the Town Hall and its Museum has been shut since early March of last year and before the pandemic because it was set to open for the season, just didn’t bother! But l am astonished at the complete lack of qualitable historical information on this town, given how old this town is.

I mean Sandwich was actually called Sondwic is 851 and then became Sandwic by 933. In the Domesday Book in 1086 it is then listed as Sandwice. Translated the town name actually means ‘Market Town on sandy soil.’ Which is exactly what Sandwich was all those years ago. I found this information just by looking at Wikipedia last year.

Our guide we used for the walk is Walks through Historic Sandwich and was written by a senior lecturer at the London Institute of Archaeology but was terribly put together – given the authority who did so. Just showing again, that just because you can write a book doesn’t instantly mean you should have it published!

Sandwich has well over 400 Listed Buildings – 400!!? Now l don’t expect the book of this size to cover them all … of course not – but the biggest problem is that it tried to fit a quarter of that history into 15 pages!! This made walking it hopeless to say the very least and a real headache – l shudder to think how those not native to this town must cope with guides like this! This guide was given to me a gift thank goodness, because had l bought it, it would have cost me £8!!

I have said to Suze that once something resembling some kind of normality resumed, l will try and write a guide of my own, because there is simply so much information that visitors would love to learn about l feel!

I need to sort through the photos and once done, l will create and publish the walk in time – however, we had some decent sun today and rather mortifyingly, give the damn British holidaymaker a bit of blue sky and warmer weather and they flock to locations! Anyone would have thought this town wasn’t STILL in a lockdown judging by the sheer number of people out and about!!

I will have to try and get some clearer photos in the next day or so that were missed due to people’s heads and shoulders everywhere!! I worry that in a little less than 2 weeks time, the lockdown will have lifted for retail .. then the Sandwich Madness will return!! Am so not looking forward to all the noise again and more of the annoying two legged flesh bags walking about with their high voices and squealing kids!!

But it was good to have a walk about in the nice weather even if the route was somewhat all over the place and badly put together ………. mm hahaha!!

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

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9 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.32 – 31/03/21

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t skim through those 15 pages and toss the booklet and just do your own walk. Sounds like any native to Sandwich could’ve done better.
    But maybe not… the flocks of holiday-ers (were they masked at least?) converging on the town, shows that brains, or common sense, aren’t always abundant.

    I’m glad you and Suze had some time together, even if it wasn’t quite what was expected. 💌

    1. We wanted to follow a guide and see Sandwich from the tourist point of view. It was a little disappointing, but we can see what is missing. Have you never wanted to follow a tourist guide?

      The writer wasn’t native to Sandwich from my perspective and yet she has written a few books about the town, but not from the heart or spirit of it.

      Masks? nope.

      1. The only “touristy” place I’ve been beside my home city of San Diego, is Waikiki in Hawaii, and I was more interested in the clubs💃🏼🥳🤦🏼‍♀️ It was a “Grad Trip” in 1986, the last year the drinking age in Hawaii was 18.🤷🏼‍♀️ Young and dumb.

        I saw a lot of the “tourist” spots in San Diego on school field trips, so guidebooks were never a thing.
        Makes me wonder if other Americans feel the same about guidebooks in American cities. 🤔
        Maybe it’s more of a UK/European thing. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You have a lot more history than we do. Buildings and stuff anyway.

        1. Well in truth , the only time Suze and l were wearing masks was when we were near by people. i’ll not lie the only time l do wear a mask is when l am near to people as in less than a metre, otherwise, l will not wear a mask for the mere sake of it.

        2. Right, but you have it. I wear my “chin diaper” when I’m walking… when I pass someone, I pull it up, then back down after we’ve passed.
          I don’t think it’s necessary when you’re on an empty street or path.

        3. In town, l keep my distance. But l am astonished that so many people ‘say they don’t own any??’ Like what the good grief fluck is that all about??” How can you NOT own a mask? Of course that question isn’t supposed to sound naive, but l am really baffled at times by some people’s flipping ignorance.

          Suze double masks, and l have thick singulars, but yes we have them, my secret to success is to simply avoid direct contact with aliens hahaha!

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