Snifty Sleuth Post – Scene 2

There has been a murder, a terrible Murder!!

Who Is The Victim?

Where Were They Found?

Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Was Their Murder Weapon?

Your role is to to try and identify the killer –  is it just one killer, is it just one victim?

But more importantly …. is there a killer amongst you? Is it you? 

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Scene 1 – Introduction – 18th March 2021Agatha Christie Luxury Care Home

Perhaps you need to refresh your memory of Scene 1 [Above link]

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Scene 2 – …. and so it begins – 29th March 2021

It wasn’t long after that altercation that the gloomy misty weather descended into a full-blown storm. The wind howled and the rain lashed so that looking out of the windows of the grand old building was like gazing into a washing machine on a full cycle. 

Captain Haslet and Miss Melon were preparing to leave, standing in the cavernous hallway. Ercool Parrot was with them and there were tears in his eyes. 

“Adieu, mes amis!” He said, reproachfully, “I am sure we will never see each other again.”

Miss Melon burst into tears and Captain Haslet put a reassuring arm around her shoulders.

“Look here, old chap, don’t be like that. We are doing this for your own good. You will be better off here.”

Ercool Parrot pulled himself up to his full height of 5 foot 3 inches and hissed “Traitor!” before storing off into the drawing-room and slamming the door. 

Captain Haslet opened the front door to leave and a blast of wind nearly swept him off his feet. 

Coming out of the office, Matron Pushover called out.

“Oh, Captain Haslet, you can’t possibly drive in this ghastly weather, I will make up the guest bedrooms for you both, and of course you must stay for dinner.”

A voice came out from the office, clearly that of Mr Snodgrass.

“For one night only, we are not running a guest house!”

Dinner was served at 7:30 but was a subdued affair. Many people were not talking to one another and the dreadful weather was also adding to the general atmosphere of a Wake. 

Only Miss Marbles seemed to be enjoying herself, mixing cocktails and handing out drinks. She seemed to be strangely Jolly. 

“Oh, Captain Haslet, you must try one of my Manhattans! I learned how to make the best ones from my American Governess.!

Mr Snodgrass stormed over 

“I thought I made it quite clear that Alcohol was no longer allowed on the premises!”

Miss Marbles, her pink cheeks flushed, looked up rather demurely and replied, “These are just some leftovers I found in my room. We might as well use up what’s left. Now,  Mr Snodgrass here is a drink that’s been in my family for years!”

Mr Snodgrass took the glass from her and took a sip and made a sour face, although that was often his expression anyway and probably nothing to do with the drink that had been forced upon him.

She forced drinks on the other residents and guests too who drank them just to please her, or maybe just to have something to do. 

After a dinner, where the usual joint of beef had been substituted for a Meatloaf by the parsimonious Mr Snodgrass, both Stanley Mumbo Jumbo and Doctor Whatsup stood outside wrapped in yellow mackintoshes and attempted to smoke. With the wind and the rain, it was not an easy task. They came in and stood in front of the roaring fire to dry out. Doctor Whatsup poked the fire with a Fire iron. Whacking a log and muttering under his breath that he wished it was Mr Snodgrass’s head.

Gradually everyone drifted up to their rooms. Miss Marbles was a trifle merry and had to be helped by Vanessa Fisher. 

It was a noisy and bumpy night. The wind howled and doors slammed, the sound of quick footsteps on the stairs, somewhere a window smashed and then suddenly there was the sound of gunshot!

In the early hours of the morning, Ercool Parrot, dressed in his favourite gold-embroidered silk dressing gown opened the door of Captain Haslet’s room.

“Mon Amis, I cannot sleep, I must apologise for my actions!”

There was no reply so Monsieur Parrot entered and by the light of the moon shining through a broken window he saw the body, still dressed in an evening suit and face down on the bed. The sight of the body and blood on the pillow was quite a shock and he screamed loud enough to wake the whole house, not that anybody was asleep. 

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The Characters

Miss Lucinda Marbles – An Old lady who pokes her nose into everything and is a resident of the Luxury Care home for Former Sleuths. 

Former Lieutenant Stanley MumboJumbo – A retired police detective and another resident of the above.

Miss Vanessa Fisher – A former crime fiction writer who is now another resident of the above. 

Doctor Whatsup, – A former sidekick to Skylark Haymes who had been a resident but has now died. 

Ercool Parrot – A continental type who has just been admitted as a new resident of the home. 

David Snodgrass – The new owner of the Home who plans to make changes. 

Matron Emily Pushover – The old owner of the home who used to allow things that are now forbidden under the new regime. 

Miss Melon – A friend of Ercool Parrot who along with Captain Haslet has recently put her former employer, Ercool Parrot, into a home. 

Captain Haslet.  – See above. 

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  1. Okay, I’ve got two possibilities for HOW the murder was committed swirling around in my little grey cells….I admit to knowing who I hope the victim is too!

    1. Hey Kritika, no the see above attached to Captain Haslet is in the Character line up – the see above basically refers to this … Miss Melon – A friend of Ercool Parrot who along with Captain Haslet has recently put her former employer, Ercool Parrot, into a home.

      It is just a breakdown of who he is .. as in friend to ‘Ercool Parrot’

      1. Oh okay. I thought its a hint which points out to the above image.
        Will wait for the third one. 🙂
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