Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 3 – Spring 2021
Monday 29th March 2021
Main image ‘Young Seagull’, image above, one of the flanking parents, carefully watching us feed their youngster!

I didn’t take my morning walk today, on account of my stomach not being 100%. Instead, l stayed at home and worked in the garden. Second day of spring with plenty to do. It was an absolutely stunningly blue day, and we have one tomorrow which is just as good as l intend to plant up my sowing trays with this season’s grown on seedlings.

I got a fair amount of gardening done, things l wanted to tidy up, were successfully achieved.

I managed to finally identify the culprit ingredient to my stomach problems, it was found in Crispabread – a cracker l have on occasion and l discovered that the makers had changed one of the ingredients in the line-up and it was that which was causing me the problems …. that’s how annoying things become with a stomach disorder as old as mine. Every single ingredient needs to be checked in things and if you take for granted an item you eat eventually it’ll catch you out and the manufacturers did just that! They swapped one ingredient that was gut friendly to me to’ soya milk’ which l have serious problems with!!

It now means that particular cracker l can no longer have in my diet.

So, l stayed at home for the morning instead of applying pressure on the gut with walking, until my stomach settled properly. Even as l pen this post now, l can feel twinges of iffiness!

Suze came around this afternoon, and whilst originally, we had planned to create a Walks in Time – l delayed that for later in the week and we opted to simply have a small circuit walk around the Ramparts. Suze was still physically tired from being a numpty last week when she overstretched herself too far in the garden and whilst her legs were fine her upper body was knackered still! So, a smaller walk was a way better option for us both.

I decided to treat her to a small light supper, and we ordered ourselves a small cod and chips. It’s the first time we have had fish and chips since last September, that was the last time l had any form of takeaway, so l am hoping my stomach doesn’t punish me for it! I can manage potatoes in small portions, but l have a serious problem with potatoes in large portions which is why l mostly have sweet potato and l can eat fish, But l must remove the batter.

Suze can eat potatoes, but not hard chips only soft and warm chips … and she had a little fish too. But we both moderated what we ate. The main part of my fish as in the batter went to a trio of seagulls, one of which was a youngster who was three feet in front of me as we ate by the river squawking at me to give him a chip “Gis uz a chip mista go on!” and he was flanked by two parents – they all ate the batter, l ate the fish and they ate most of the chips – so nothing was really wasted.

The main thing was achieved, we had a good walk in the fresh air and Suze tackled her first fish and chips for a very long time indeed.

I will know later on tonight if l have made a foolish error with those chips … but it was a lovely walk on a crackingly sunny afternoon, and that was the best bit of the day.

Below are some of the best photographs of the walk, thanks for reading, catch you next time.

26 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. Seagulls, F&C and a beautiful day in great company!! AWESOME!! Plus garden work? 💃🏼🥳woot woot!
    I hope your gut behaves! I was a very foolish walker today. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
    HRH and his sleeping schedule, coupled with Daughter and *her* sleeping schedule delayed my morning walk. And rather than wait til evening, I went at noon. We’ve got another Santa Ana this week with temps in the mid-high 80s. Noon isn’t a good time to do cardio on city sidewalks.🤪🤦🏼‍♀️

    1. Noooooooooo, you must be careful — you’ll make yourself unwell … okay that’s all l saying on the matter – does this remind you of anyone 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you have caught the culprit giving you trouble. I don’t like soya milk at all. Loved the seagulls. They are very bold and demanding. Hugs to Suze.

    1. Thanks Sadje.

      Soya milk is liquid cardboard on a good day and just rubbish on every other day hahaha. I hate it, But when they suddenly change ingredients it usually causes problems. My body is now so sensitive that it detects it within a 48 hour period, two years ago it would have taken the body a week … l guess that is simply showing how bad my gut has become in that short period of time.

      1. I like coconut milk better. Or even almond milk.
        The gut sensitivity has increased because of repeated exposure to irritants.

        1. Yes very much so, but also the amount of crap that is placed into food these days Sadje. Environmentally speaking – we don’t need all the chemicals and pollutants that are added to foods. Manufacturers keep adding all sorts of ‘additional’ ingredients to food to make sales and there is no need. So our natural biodefences are weakened, our immunities drop and as a consequence so too do and does our gut health.

        2. That’s so true. When I was in America, I needed to check all premade foods carefully for ingredients. There are certain things, Muslims don’t eat and other things I used to avoid as I was watching my diet. In the end it’s easier to make your own food.

        3. Yes. Do you have meal services in uk where they send you the recipe and ingredients for a weeks worth of meals. It’s very convenient and economical. One can choose what sort of food we want. And there is no wastage of ingredients. I loved it when every Wednesday, a box would arrive.

        4. Yes l should imagine there is that here, but it ‘s not always great for someone like me who has such a very limited diet. even the specialist services would struggle. I tend to watch ingredients as best as l am able and make my own. The biggest aggressor for me is not just poor digestion but a seriously damaged mouth. Once l can get my teeth properly sorted, l am hoping things will start to balance out.

  3. I’m glad you found the culprit though – that is good!!

    And you ended up having good day 🙌

    I really really really love your fairy tale bridge ❤️

    1. Hey Lauren ,

      I don’t know why manufacturers put certain products into other products?? Probably cost, butb when they make changes like this – it can have serious chain reaction repercussions on a person’s health.

      With my limited diet as is, having ingredient changes like this prove highly detrimental to my gut health. it annoys me somewhat.

      It took me ages to find suitable crackers – and in the spate of a few weeks many ingredients have changed on many products making my diet very unstable.

        1. I found this one, but of late, l have been having to find ingredient culprits for the last six weeks non stop. It’s getting painful to eat.

  4. Good afternoon, Rory! Glad you found the culprit that created your tummy woes. It’s been a busy day for me trying to get my new laptop to my liking. Step by step, I’ll get there.

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