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Season 6 – Spring 2021
Series 6 – Identifying Forwards
Sunday 28th March 2021 – Walk Time 33 Mins
Weekly Round Up

What a week it’s been! In some ways a bit like the three bears and their porridge … a bit of this and not too much and something just about right …. except it’s not entirely been like that. I have been playing catch up this week to last week, and next week l will probably be playing catch up to this week, but eventually, l should have caught up to at least one of the weeks.

The clocks sprung forward today, it is officially spring time now and despite knowing full well the clocks would be springing forward l still feel quite dead … maybe as a dormouse, but who knows? Not as dead as a dodo though, but not far from it. Weary perhaps, slightly knackered maybe, exhausted no, but tired yes! Three bears porridge once more.

Received my first vax jab last Monday, that went without a hitch, no lingering crowd length, just a pop in and a small but quick prick and l was done …. there’s a joke there, but is the climate suitable these days, who knows!? I made a crack the other day to a lady stroking the long, very looooooooooooong …….. neck of a giraffe and she was asking Rose [of Rose and Barry] if she was sure that this giraffe was indeed a Steiff? How could she be sure?

I happened to be outside the shop as l was talking to Rose and Baz when an attractive lady turned up in her car and collected the giraffe and when Rose handed her the Giraffe teddy, the lady began to gently stroke the neck as she talked to Rose and l had to stifle [or should l say Steiffal] an inward laugh and l just couldn’t help myself or is that mysteiff? so just said smiling “Well, if you keep stroking that giraffe the way you are doing, l am pretty sure you’ll know if it’s a Steiff or not yourself.”

Rose froze, and the lady in the car stopped stroking the Steiff and simply said also smiling ‘”Do you mean Stiff or Steff?” To which l answered …. “Both work.” the lady laughed and smiled, thanked Rose and drove off looking at me smiling. Well, it made my day. Small wins are still wins in my world.

Rose simply said “You were lucky Rory, some people may have taken that the wrong way!”

Yes, l agree Rose, there are many ways to tackle a Steiffy!”

That aside, the jab was easy peasy … l got it at 12.50pm, and felt fine, and even though a couple of hours later whilst sitting at my desk l felt a bit strange, that only lasted for 20 minutes as a feeling. Tuesday was very easy also, good job as Suze and l went for a mini-hike, well, just a long walk for me, but for Suze it was a bit of a hike. Come Wednesday, that was the day l felt a bit strange, not ill … just not right … but l also had a bad stomach and l had those before the jab it’s hard to say if it was just a bad belly or a delayed reaction to the Jab on Monday!

I worked in the garden and managed to get some more bitsnbots achieved there as well as raise the 4th vegetable bed and up the height of the other three – so that too is all good. I am now ready to plant some seeds into seed trays, but need to get hold of some trays to sit underneath as they will be in the house and when watered l don’t want puddles everywhere!

Had to eliminate an ants nest a few days back which was sad but a necessity as they were invading the kitchen in the hundreds, it was a case of Them! Or me! Ants 0 – Rory 1. No Bazookas were used in the creating of this paragraph though!

I still have this damn smaller font glitch!! If l was Ken of Barbie fame l would be fine though …. sadly, l am not!! I will have to start writing the posts in a word document from this point onwards as l know writing direct is straining my eyes too badly.

The blossoms on the walks have been stunning this week ….

I have had a few good walks, none that were particularly long well as in mini-hike walks on account of l have been pretty busy with the blogs – this one and the new one, and after this one is done, the new one must be sorted and then the Redbubble shop needs to be sorted, then the Affiliate side needs to be sorted and the list of busy goes on. Hopefully by the end of April l should be able to start enjoying longer walks again, but also by that time l think l’ll be in the garden more as well and there are plenty of jobs out there to start.

Suze was planning on coming over today, as in this afternoon, so l took a shorter walk this morning – but she cancelled as her brother was over to do some handyman work for her and what we were planning on doing together was creating a new Walks in Time post about the walks in Sandwich. But the weather is better tomorrow and so, that would be a more suitable day anyway.

This proves to be a good thing also, as l am not feeling 100% today … this week, l have been having to start looking into which parts of my diet ar playing up again? I discovered a new issue with spring onions!! I can no longer digest the white part and must only eat the green! The bread l eat is a gluten free bread and that too is now causing me problems and so with the white part of the onion, removed. I am finding more and more vegetables are having issues with my stomach and digestion of late!!

I have sent off for an intolerance testing again, the last one was in 2016 which was shocking enough as it was, but in the last 12 months my stomach has started to really suffer, so l think it is time to officially see what is causing me issues now. I am starting to fear that as time progresses a diet of water and crackers might be the only way forwards!!

All of these issues make planning a vegetable garden really hard!

Oh well, it could be worse, l could be dead! But then if l was, it wouldn’t really matter what l wasn’t eating, would it? See!! there is always a positive when you look for it!!

Anyway, below are some of the better shots from the various walks from this week and today – hope you enjoy them!

46 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. These photos are fantastic!
    I’m sorry that you’re stomach issues are making life hard for you again. Good idea to get tested. Maybe they’ll find out what’s troubling your tummy. Take care. And don’t ask leading questions, as our teacher in med school used to tell us! 😜

    1. Hey Sadje, maybe they will, maybe they’ll not … the last Biotesting identified 36 different food types l had to eliminate from my diet.

      In 2016, those 36 base items then affected almost a further 300 other issues to do with my life – from my deodorants to toothpastes, washing agents, shower gels, the list was huge and every year since 2016, on just foods alone l have lost a further 39 base ingredients.

      I don’t think we will ever truly find out what the problems are sadly.

        1. My younger brother had something similar. He had a very competent Bangladeshi doctor, who made him stop eating a medley of foods initially. She started him on one food per day and record his symptoms. That way she isolated what foods bothered him.

        2. Yes, that’s what l am also doing, l seem to spend my life counting foods in and leaving foods off and then thinking l have it sorted for suddenly something else to disagree with me from the accepted food lists.

        3. I hope you get a sensible doctor to help you with this puzzle. Has anyone ever suggested chrone’s disease?

        4. Crohns was diagnosed or l should say misdiagnosed in 2002, ulcerative colitis was diagnosed and then misdiagnosed in 2004, previous t that l was being diagnosed with IBS, IBD, AIBS all of which they then disputed with the turn of the millenium. My mother has diverticulitis and l suggested that to one of the consultants who said it was and l quote ‘poppycock!’

          I was diagnosed and then misdiagnosed for celiac disease in 2006.

          They have misdiagnosed me since 1994 on practically everything going including those above and malabsorption, short bowel syndrome, Gastroesophageal reflux disease and bowel cancer.

          i had cancerous polyps removed from my bowel in 2008 as l had become severely anemic through internal blood loss.

          1994 – 2021 or 27 years of the so called medical profession NOT knowing what is wrong and in 2017 it simply ended with … “Well Mr Matier, you have something, but it’s not remarkable, that is all we can say. Sorry about your pain. But basically, it’s just one of those things!”

          What l know Sadje, is pain, extreme discomfort and dissatisfaction with life on a digestion level.


        5. Oh my what a long history of misdiagnosis and mistreatment. They have made you suffer all lot. I do hope you find some relief! Hugs my friend

  2. It’s fortunate to buy spring onions where the green part isn’t too tough and dried out. We took to growing our own last year, and they did really well – about twice as long as shop bought ones too. We didn’t stroke them, honest!

  3. You *do* have to be careful these days… it’s too bad, really. A little “adult” banter is fun and harmless.
    Nice photos. I like the b&w of the building and the squizzles, quackery and tweet tweeters. (Not to be confused with Twit twitters😉😂)

    Sorry to hear your gut is still a mess☹ When are you going to be able to start the dental work?

    From everything I’ve read about the vaccines. The first shot is meh, the 2nd shot make you feel like you have a 24 hour flu. I’ll be eligible as of April 1st when they open to 50+. Then April 16, they open to everyone 16+ in age. That’s just California. Each state is different.

    1. i am lucky, but also as l have aged, l have learned who can take the banter and who can’t .. so if l didn’t think the attractive lady could take the stiffy l oops, no that’s one – it’s always the secret i to Steiff and the naughty e!

      But then l seem to remember you referred to me as a little rampant a few weeks back hahaha!!

      I need the dental work to begin now, but it’ll not start until April/May time apparently or as l see it a full year and some since my first dental appointment on the 10th of March 2020.

      Yes, l too have heard that about the 2nd shot, in fact only last week Sadje was telling me number 2 shot would be shit!

      1. Older Daughter was miserable. She got hers in the very beginning since she was working with COVID patients. She had fever, chills, body ache… full flu symptoms. I tell everyone to be prepared to feel like crap for about 36 hours. Her injection arm also hurt for several days. I want to to be prepared so your plans don’t get all FUBAR😉

  4. Great pictures Rory. My second was nothing, just like the first. I guess I was lucky. Stomach issues are awful. I am down to only four fruits I can eat. I can only have milk and alkaline water to drink. I am not even allowed crackers.

    1. Hey Stephen, l can but try – as long as no one is ever offended, and thenkfully she wasn’t :0 It gives me hope, we are in a pandemic when people seemingly don’t trust anyone and still bawdy humour can be shared 🙂

      1. That’s good, I just get weird looks….. from my wife as the beautiful women smile at me. Jealous she is. I just posted, first in a while, amazing right!! At the end I also add a little something for you just didn’t tag you lol.

  5. Wonderful photos! Glad the jab was not so bad but hope your stomach feels better. Those intolerance tests seem to be well worth it. I laughed about the lady with the giraffe, how could you not say something.

    1. Hey Lisa – precisely my thoughts, why do you sit in your car stroking a giraffes neck is ”’such”’ a way and not expect something to be said, that is just asking for bawdy in my world 🙂

  6. I’m glad she had a sense of humor lol … c’mon those things are funny lol

    Did I miss read? Did you say which vaccine you have?

    I’m sorry you having so many issues with digestion 🤔 I do not know that I have many helpful things for you … and not to sound like a witch doctor lol 😄✌️…

    But limes … the juice of limes might help when you start feeling an issue

    I know it sounds gross and you have probably tried everything – you should roll your eyes, humor me and try it 😘

    Drink the lime juice pure. Down it fast. Then just wait a little and it will settle everything – just try – see if it works? It probably won’t but be cool to see – imagine if it worked 😮 🙌

    Well anyway, I’m sorry you having issues – that is no fun. I hope you figure out how to get a handle on that – getting older is definitely no walk in the park lol ✌️

    1. I am familiar with the lime juice strangely enough and l used to use it … the problem l have now is that acidity is lemons and limes burns a hole through my digetive walls with horrible repercussions … l can’t have either anymore. They are basics that were taken off my list way back in 2008.

      I used to as a child love eating lemons and limes raw. Those days are gone.

      1. That was all the advice to feel better, I had.

        I hope your test goes well so you learn what is causing issues. 🙏🙏🙏

        1. I had a boss once who had diverticulitis… and she just had massive issues and she ate healthy only

          The doctor told her try eating junk and see lol 😄😄 it did not work 🙄 duh!

          But we thought it was really funny to have a doctor suggesting junk 😄😄 I would like that lol – free pass 🙌

  7. A smile can indeed make your day 😊 And those blooms too! 🌸 I hope you’re feeling better! A diet based on water and crackers doesn’t sound too good 😖

    1. Hey Ribana, ah the blossoms are indeed a beauty to behold.

      Crackers and water not great, but my diet is now so restricted that it is getting silly. Plus, the fear of eating something that may upset your digestion is even greater, so l am reticent about eating some foods now.

        1. Maybe, if anything the foods on my diet over the last 5 – 7 years have just reduced to very few. I need a diagnosis, but l have never had one of those since this problem first started in 1994. We live in hope,.

        2. Then get this diagnosis! It will be more easy to manage I guess! I have a friend that he recently did the same as he noticed some foods gave him problems…is not always easy to identify what is it though…is more like a trial and error…and go for exclusion…

        3. That’s the biggest problem .. i can’t get an official medical diagnosis because in my eyes they are ##### useless and clueless to boot, with a biolab test at least l can tackle more of the problem directly by myself.

          I am not a huge fan of doctors in truth.

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