Universal Greetings

Universal Greetings – It’s A Beautiful Day
Saturday 27/03/2021 – Season 16 – Series 12
Wishing my Guest Stars a truly wonderful day both on and off blog – make it great!
Photo of the Day – Flower Nature Bloom – Pixabay
If you are also a fan of todays music choices for our guest stars do please let me know below.
Trisha of Learning Life
D̲ef L̲eppard – H̲ysteria Full Album 1987
S̲a̲ntana̲ – A̲braxa̲s (Full Album) 1970
Kritika of Undressed Thoughts
Linkin Park – Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Céline Dion – Hits Medley (Live in Boston, 2008)
A Guy Called Bloke
More forgotten Songs . . . .
Black Flag – Six Pack
Bauhaus – Ziggy Stardust
Hit The Lights
The Sisters Of Mercy – This Corrosion
Blog Updates

In the last few days l have managed to finalise all the administrational changes to the Guy blog. The new logo is being tested in a sample site that Lisa has created. I use the Baskerville 2 theme here and in the new blog and it is fantastic for display of visual content but is not great for repositioning of the main header and that is taking some time. My Bio Blog or About section here which l update once every 3 – 4 months anyway needs to be updated.

I have created the new sister site which although still under wraps is called The 3 Sides 2 1 and is a combination blog made up of three prime genres these being business, personal and hobby. It is similar to this blog in many ways, but will deal with more alternative topical content. Quite a few of the series that started here and are in full swing as well as series that were introduced to this blog last year but were not yet launched will be moved to the new blog.

Series that have been discontinued here and will be transferred with some small design alterations are Classic Eggshell, The Studio Workshop, In Search of Eclectic Novelty, Magazine on a Bench, Get into the Programme, Coffee Chatz, Guest Star Day, The Question Hub, In Blog Life, Bloggers Glossop, Sneaky Sneakers, A Hiking We Shall Go, the Gardening series and Ima Hear, Topical Content tab as a genre will move also. There are a few other ‘current’ series that will close as series here and open up under a different title in the sister site as well and then there will be the new series for the other blog in addition.

I have been working on a new writing schedule and planner for the two sites. The Guy blog will become as said earlier in the week more of a specifically personal blog concentrating on my desire to write reality stories, alternative and creative fiction with some games and entertainment as l do already whilst the new blog will be journalising the approach to looking at a business style orientated blog.

However, although l am very much into niches in many areas personally, l can’t do a 100% niche blog so the style will be ‘alternative’.

I expect the new blog to launch some time in May 2021. From that period of time, l will be creating 3 posts daily Monday to Thursday and 2 posts daily Friday to Sunday here with one post to start with daily on Saturday and Sunday and gradually working towards a post per day Friday to Sunday in the new blog.

Have yourselves a truly booooootiful day folks!

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46 thoughts on “Universal Greetings

  1. Thank you 🥰❤️

    You have your blogs down to a science! That’s impressive.

    I only have one blog, and I have no schedule. I am always usually very scheduled in life – so I like to not worry about a schedule here

    What is your birthday? 🤔

    1. Hey Trisha, you are always welcome 🙂

      I think it’s a celebration of the day l was born … does that answer your question? 🙂

      Hahaha sorry humour aside, l am a May baby or as some might have it, l am a Bull 🙂

      1. Ahh Taurus … you are sweet, kind, good hearted and fair … but you are stubborn?

        My oldest is also May and someone else I know at end of April – both Taurus ❤️

        Responsible and kind.

        1. Hey Trisha,

          Yes Bulls get slammed with stubborness quite a bit – l am not that stubborn admittedly – but once l make my mind up on something – you can’t budge me. So stubborness or determined hahaha all down to interpretation 🙂

        2. Hahaha I am same way … but I am not Taurus

          I will also be stubborn if I believe in something or have made up my mind.

          I am July 🙌❤️

        3. I am almost all 7’s 🙌 only last number of the year is not a 7.

          I am July ♋️ I don’t want to say the C word – I don’t even like it on my horoscope

          Definitely not a Leo

        4. “I am almost all 7’s 🙌 only last number of the year is not a 7.”

          So you were born in the year 777something mm, an interesting boirthday for sure 🙂

          My mother and father are and were both crabs. also, my mother was a june Crab and my father a July crab with my sister being a Gemini.

        5. Yup … 777something

          Oh how funny 😮😄 wow 2 crabs together lol – that sounds very emotional

          Did you get along with sister? Gemini is full of life aren’t they?

          My oldest is a Taurus

          19… he is on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio (10/23)

          And daughter is Sagittarius

          My mother is also July (15)
          And my father was Libra

        6. My sister and l will never get along thanks to my father and my sister’s greed of money. So no, my sister and l these days are a warzone. I haven’t spoken to her since May 2019 when she decided that her brother wasn’t good enough to be speaking to her. I don’t know if Gemini is filled with life – l have not had much contact with many gemini’s.

          I have found that we tend to get along with some signs as if we are destined to.

          Taurus get along with most signs admittedly, but not all … l am easy going with Cancer and Scorpio as water signs and yet, not Pisces, with regards earth signs, l have good fun with fellow Taureans, Virgos and Capricorns. I am cool with most of the fire signs like Aries and Leo, but clash with Sagittarius. Now with regards the signs of air – – l am okay with Libra and Aquarius and yet — Gemini and l are never destined to get along for some reasons.

          Two crabs together with regards my parents were just a nightmare sadly.

        7. My sister is on cusp of Libra and Virgo – she is very emotional, but not in healthy way.

          My brother is Sagittarius- we get along very well.

          My best friend in high school was Sagittarius- she was so much fun ❤️ made me laugh constantly!! Free spirit.

          I also get along with most

          Each sign has good and bad traits – just depends on which ones were enhanced?

          I am pretty easy going and laid back also sorta lol- I will take people as they come to me, regardless of sign, but I will have caution with a Scorpio lol 🦂

          🦀 I have a shell that I like to pull into lol 😄✌️protect the tender parts lol

          The matches with people really has to be good. Regardless of what they are. Both really have to be on same page!

        8. Well that’s the beauty isn’t it .. astrology is but a mere ‘trait’ the reality of attributes is what we as people make it, we get along or we don’t – life tells and teaches us that.

          Scorpios have a sting and can pack a hell of a punch but are very fiery and highly charged. but then, so too are Cancers.

          Aye, agree, both have to be singing from the same hymn page from the start to the finish 🙂

        9. Yes I am very cautious with Scorpio – yup

          I wouldn’t say I was charged – but I am fiery – but I am also Irish 😘✌️💪


        10. I had ONE Lithuanian grandparent (my dads mom) – and the rest have been Irish – my moms mom … she was Irish also but she also had French and English.

          So I would say I am mostly Irish – I definitely look Irish … you could look at me and not even know my name and you would know I am Irish – the hair and the freckles and I have those Irish eyes you can not see when I smile 🤨🤨 oh yeah and I am pretty fair skinned too 🤨

          So I’m a little Irish lol … I grew up in Irish stuff lol … or I suppose… the proper term is Irish-American stuff lol

          Irish stuff but Americanized lol 🙌✌️❤️ ☘️ Irish with American undertones lol

        11. Don’t we all? Lol

          America Americanizes everything 🙄😄 so Americanized Irish – we take liberty and make it whatever we want and feel like lol

          I had a lot of Irish customs, songs, sayings, traditions etc.

          I was constantly reminded how Irish and if that wasn’t good enough my look and my last name are severely Irish 🤨 so was just always Irish lol

          I couldn’t escape Irish if I wanted to lol – but I don’t want to … I love being Irish now

          I didn’t used to because I am white and freckly and I am very very Irish looking – I did not like that growing up

          I stuck out. I do not like sticking out lol

          But now I just miss all the Irish things – I don’t have those anymore … all my Irish people have died. I will be oldest elder when my mother dies 😮

        12. Yet despite loving all things Irish this line “so Americanized Irish – we take liberty and make it whatever we want and feel like lol ” So you fully embrace the Americanisation and isms of that.

        13. Well yes I am an American 🇺🇸

          I am Irish blooded but I am American.

          The customs come over and then they kinda change over time – we have our own way just like everyone else ✌️

          Absolutely I embrace being 🇺🇸 American 🙌🇺🇸🙌❤️

          Even through the bad – I still love being an American ❤️✌️

        14. Most of my genealogy is ALL Irish on both sides except for my mother’s mom, and my fathers mom.

          Then I have a tiny amount of Lithuanian and then English and French

          It’s only until I reach 1772, that I find people I do not know – I still have to research that but have not had time.

        15. Used to be – only the genealogy – I always knew Irish… I just like to see how much

          Only one person stops in 1772 here in America before we were America 😮

          That is in my moms moms’ line.

          And my dads mom was Lithuanian

          Just anyone else is all Irish

          My list of Irish last names is very very Irish

          I grew up very much steeped in Irish things and influence – constantly drilled about being Irish and then gently reminded I am also Lithuanian 😄😄 … but it was the Irish who had the most influence on me. That’s what my childhood was … Irish Irish Irish lol ☘️

        16. My father was a Belfast man, and yet despite being Irish, he couldn’t abide it and called himself British much to his parents and sibling’s annoyance.

        17. That means that at the moment of my birth – the sun was in the constellation of cancer and the moon sat in Gemini …

          If you believe the stars effects or things like that … there is an influence off of both signs due to their position when you were born

          I am just curious to see how people relate to their signs – I would say I fit mine

          But ya know interpretation

  2. Happy SaturnDay JB!🪐 That’s an excellent group of tunes! I should’ve taken that for my walking music. I listened to Godsmack and Disturbed instead🎶💃🏼

    I could NOT organize and implement as you do. And I’m sure my way of doing things would drive you bat-shit crazy🤪😂😂

    Looking forward to the new blog and designs! Lisa does an excellent job!

    Keep hoppin’ you JB of a JB🐇💌

    1. “I could NOT organize and implement as you do. And I’m sure my way of doing things would drive you bat-shit crazy!!!”

      Suze says that all the time … so l can relate to what you say here 🙂

      Hope you are having a great day 🙂

        1. Hey Grandma, Suze is slowly gaining weight, but she is also still on balance shakes which give her some much needed nutrients. The problems mostly are what she can eat and what she still can’t at present.

          What they tell Suze to do …

          Eat more often and not set times
          Get ‘quality sleep’, erum mm 🙁
          Take weight gainer shakes
          Drink milk
          Don’t drink water before meals
          Eat more calories than you burn
          Eat protein – meat, fish, eggs
          Eat carbs and fat
          Cook with sauces

          Maybe these will help?
          Lift weights [gain muscle]

        2. Sleep is an issue for sure! So is eating more often.

          I eat mostly cheesy pasta, I’ve added peanut butter sammiches. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I do eat chicken or tuna once or twice a week.
          I’ve thought about ankle weights for my walks, but I’m waiting to see if, after school I’d full time, hiking off road will help with th muscles. My arms are sort of a lost cause from nerve damage 🤷🏼‍♀️

          I’m glad she’s seeing some gain. Slow and steady. We’ll ALL get where we’re going😉

        3. Sleep is one of the biggest problems with regards anything to do with weight. L will have a dig around and see if l can find anything else 🙂

  3. Thank you for the amazing Linkin Park and Celine Dion. 🙂
    Hope you have had a wonderful Saturday.
    All the best for the new site and the upcoming changes in the current one.

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