Musically Speaking Who Are Your Faves?

Musically Speaking Who Are Your Faves?

The last episode in this particular series was October of last year believe it or not and since then l have been working the dreaded block editor system and having to change many of the formats which l had your music directories and dossiers stored in this blog. This week, l will finally be able to say ‘Hey Rory, well done, you can now see everyone’s musical faves in one page’, however l still have a few gaps and thought l would just ask y’all again for some tidying up on a few artists as it helps me with the Universal Greeting posts. I know there is a lot, but l will have it displayed for the next few days anyway, so take your time.

If favourites of yours are not listed, just add them in the comments section.

So looking at the names below which artists or groups and bands and or genres do you like?

Let me know below, many thanks.

Diana RossSavage GardenEurthymics
Boney MCat StevensJack Johnson
Robert PlantGrunge 90’s BandsGreen Day
George MichaelREMBB King
Bob DylanBilly JoelMarvin Gaye
Jimi HendrixNeil YoungJoni Mitchell
Eric ClaptonBob MarleyRod Stewart
Otis ReddingThe Rolling StonesAlanis Morrissette
Sheryl CrowStevie WonderEminem
Ed SheeranBarry WhiteKaty Perry
AnthraxThe TurtlesSimple Minds
GodsmackMorris Day and the TimeAndy Williams
Miles DavisBob SegerSantana
Depeche ModeThe BanglesBon Jovi
Louis ArmstrongStingChris Cornell
Janet JacksonBarbra StreisandWhitesnake
PinkClassic RockMotown
Jennifer ‘Jaylo’ LopezYanni Blue Oyster Cult

Many Thanks Rory

50 thoughts on “Musically Speaking Who Are Your Faves?

  1. Cross Boney M & Cher off my list. I like everyone else. But I think you knew that.

    I must be one of the easiest… I like almost everything. 😂🎶💃🏼

  2. Well you left off country – new and old, now there’s an endless list. And Simon and Garfunkel.(just off the top of my head, tho Disturbed did ‘Sounds Of Silence’ better than they ever did.) And as a sop to us old folks, where’s all the great groups from the 50’s and early 60’s like The Shirelles (the greatest girl group of all time!), but please not the The Shangri-las (I went to high school with them – not a fan on any level LOL) And The Ventures, and Dick Dale and the Deltones (surf rock) and Santo and Johnny (Sleepwalk, the sexiest song evah!) and all the instrumental hits from that time. A bit more jazz perhaps like Chet Baker or Sonny Rollins. Psychedelic rock, Jefferson Airplane amongst others; A chanteuse or 2 like Edith Piaf, Peggy Lee, Judy Garland. And then – hey, Charles Aznavour (oh sing to me in French and I turn into a puddle at your feet.) Oh and Bruce Springsteen is not on your list? And for some reason Nick Cave keeps crossing my mind. So much music, eh? (Completely leaving off opera, a great love of mine but not everyone’s taste…) And perhaps some gospel – The Staple Singers (anybody from the Stax records library…) Can here ever be too much music?

  3. I’m not blogging much anymore, but I had been toying with just posting music – I once posted a music video of Leontyne Price singing Un Bel Di – interesting response it got…

    1. Hey Sadje, that’s great, but can you let me know please? Some you may already be listed for .. however in the directory l use to create the music for dedications to bloggers in the mornings l have you listed for 20 artists – now that’s a lot anyway, but another aspect l provide and work in, is when many of the ‘guest stars’ have similar music it means that when l display two bloggers at the same time, they are in essence enjoying from potentially four songs over just two.

      Check the directory and see what you think you would add yourself to.

        1. Mm, l think you are listed for some of those anyway from memory but thank you for the new additions too – that’s more music to you 🙂

  4. Some I like better than others and can’t say there are any I dislike. I don’t see one of my faves, Tina Turner. I like mostly classic rock from the late fifties through the seventies. Rock on!

    1. Hey Eugenia, this listing is literally those that only have a few hits to them, it was to patch gaps … you are not yet listed in my directory. I have a word document that l refer to for your music choi ces, that l am now working on transfering information to. All you need to do is just add to your comments, the current directory status of everyone’s likes can be seen here …

      1. Oh, I get it! 🙄 I have a new laptop and trying to load it while multitasking so a bit stressed. I loaded most of it yesterday and wanted to be sure I released my weekly prompt post on time today. My newbie has a non-glare screen so colors appear a bit different and I had to make some adjustments. Onward and so it goes…

  5. Hi Rory,
    May I suggest Eric Darius, Kool & Klean, Diana Krall, Fourplay and Cindy Bradley for your list? Wishing you and your readers a truly wonderful weekend 🙂

      1. Hi Rory, I am doing just fine, thanks very kindly for asking 🙂 My other blog disappeared again – like many others since 2012…LOL. I keep having ideas and want to expand my creative writing horizons, but always keep returning to my poetry. That’s what truly makes me happy so everything else comes and goes. By now, I smile about it 🙂 I am glad you like my choices for your list. I hope I wasn’t intruding in a community only type of prompt. Have a wonderful weekend!!

        1. Hey Claudia, worry not my friend, you are part of this community as much as l am :0

          Oh right, why don’t you have a blog that has a diverse tab selection and that way you have one blog but many tabs that meets your emotions at the time?

  6. From your lists, I like Savage Garden, Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, and Cher. Everyone else i like, Westlife and Boyzone (obviously), Ronan Keating, McFly, Cliff Richard, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Little Mix, party songs… just off the top of my head 🙂

    1. Excellent additions Ami, when it comes to your turn [which for the record is tomorrow morning] l shall have a broader list to play for you 🙂

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