What makes a personal blog in your opinion?

24 Hour blog question inspired by Renard Moreau

You know the other day when l posted Blog Changes 2BDUN42021 [15th March 2021] l was discussing the changes l would be making to A Guy Called Blog and in the last 8 days since publishing that post l have made considerable changes to this blog already. For those who only use the Reader – most of these changes will have not been observed and only a handful of those who don’t specifically use the Reader and do read direct from the blog will have seen them.

What l have endeavoured to do is change what was the original blog into more of a ‘personal blog’. Whilst this blog has always been personal to me – l never viewed it directly as a ‘personal blog’, but more along the lines of a ‘cosmopolitan blog’. Originally – back in 2019, l had plans to introduce and incorporate a business structure to it … but l came to realise in 2020 that l simply couldn’t successfully intergrate business and cosmopolitan together under one roof so to speak … it as a style wasn’t going to work for me.

This caused and many of my readership will know this all too well a lot of struggle with me over the last few months and l had debated giving the GUY blog up at the end of 2021 if l did not find an amicable solution to my problem and this in turn created even more unrest and inner conflict with me.

The problem for me, was how to enable an income earning structure to this blog successfully without opting to fill it with WordPress advertising which l detest anyway out of principal?

I needed to secure a digital way of making an income and l was baffled as to how l was going to achieve this properly. I was desperately trying to avoid having two completely differently styled blogs and wished to have everything in one place …… ten days ago l had to finally accept the reality that one blog that fitted all wasn’t possible without huge identity changes which could have proved highly detrimental to the existing blog.

It was during a walk that l had an epiphany … why could n’t l simply turn the Guy blog into more of a personalised blog and develop a sister blog that was more cosmopolitan ‘business’ content styled ? That would mean, two blogs, one roof and merely an extension with a clearer message between the two – and that was my lightbulb moment.

To make sure that A Guy Called Bloke as a blog was switched to a ‘personal blog’ only and that the new blog would not be 100% business but if anything would be mostly content driven only and instead of saying it was a business site – simply class it as a ‘sister site’ and an extension of my original blog, where upon l could promote business like approaches to content posts but not have their style intrude upon my other more personal content.

This may well sound overly complicated – l will not contest those who suggest such – but this is the way my brain processes …

However on that post concerning changes – Blog Changes 2BDUN42021 Renard and l had a small comment conversation that ran like this .. …

“Hmm. I could have sworn that “A Guy Called Bloke” was always your personal blog.”

Renard Moreau

To which l answered ... “Well, it wasn’t really what many might call a personal blog Renard. But everyone has a different interpretation of personal blog don’t they?” 


Yes, they do, Rory.

Renard Moreau

The main bulk of my changes to the A Guy Called Bloke blog are finished, l have just some fine tweaking and administration clean ups to perform and then l will start work on the ‘sister blog’ and admittedly some of the more ‘cosmopolitan series’ here will be transferred to over there as it just makes for more sense – to me anyway.

I have restructured my navigation ‘tabs’ on this blog especially to represent a ‘personal blog’ as l see them. but ever since Renard and l had that small exchange, l have given it a lot of thought and so today, l ask you now ….

What is your interpretation of a personal blog?

Let me know below…

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79 thoughts on “What makes a personal blog in your opinion?

  1. My question is what is a cosmopolitan blog?

    I would consider a personal blog to be a blog that involves one person doing their own thing, where that thing has a primary focus other than generating income. I’ve always thought of your blog as a personal blog. It’s not primarily a diary-style personal blog, but a personal blog nonetheless.

    1. Hey Ashley 🙂

      Well here we have a classic case of mixed opinion of what you consider a personal blog and what l consider a personal blog.

      Cosmopolitan styled to me ‘personally’ is one which offers a wider range of diverse content in an entertaining fashion. BUT, and l do stress this … that’s my interpretation of my blog.

      I have never viewed it simply as a personal blog.

      However at my own concession, l think there are so many crossovers of interpretation these days with regards blogs .. it used to be more clear cut … like a niche was a niche and now some are referred to as specialised genres and yet they are clearly niche still ….

      I wanted my blog to be able to become a business blog, but it would have meant changing what already existed and l couldn’t define that style in one blog.

      i know for a fact that many a time l do view things differently to the next person along so that probably accounts for why l view my blog differently to how others view it … perhaps the answer is simply … for me my blog was never clear cut.

  2. I would say that a “personal blog (PB)” as opposed to a “commercial blog(CB)” isn’t about money, but about approach and content.

    A PB would be the blogger writing about whatever they’re interested in, just because they want to write about it. It can have ways of generating income, but it’s not the *reason* for the posts. Like affiliate links, or books for sale. Even WP ads🤷🏼‍♀️

    A CB will be all about the income and the posts will be geared toward product or service. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like an advertisement or commercial or whatever, but the purpose of the post would be highlighting the money earning thing. There may be personal anecdotes, but they will be shared as part of highlighting the thing.

    I agree with Ashley that I always saw your blog as a PB, and you hadn’t mentioned you shop very often, I didn’t think you were really pushing it🤷🏼‍♀️ other plans in the works and all that.

    1. Hey Grandma, and again another different opinion of Personal Blogs as opposed to Business or commercial blogs.

      The shop was never pushed per se, but it was originally, the incorporation simply couldn’t be introduced properly to my way of thinking.

      But like l said to Ashley, l never saw this as a personal blog but as a blog with a view to having a business element to it. I wrote about this a year ago, but the business side was interrupted with the arrival of the pandemic so everything was pushed back.

      With the changes l have made now ‘tab wise’ for me l now see a personal blog emerging – but it comes down to if anything personal interpretation.

      But also, l have avery different interpretation to a business blog, but we fall back to this … you say tomato and l say tomato … you know 🙂

      1. And thank goodness we don’t all think alike! That would be awful. How can there be an exchange of ideas, if no one has an original thought.

        You have to do “blogging” in whatever way works for you. I’m glad you found a solution to some of the problems. The others… well… 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

        1. Hey Grandma, precisely .. but l sometimes wonder if l am seeing the same things as others see, but just always differently, so we are all on the same page, but y’all at the top and l am at the bottom and eventually we meet at the middle?

          In 2017 when l created this blog l had no clear identity at all .. if people knew the real reason why l started this blog – they might be surprised.

          In 2018, l played around with the concept of a personal blog and a commercial blog [you’ll recall the Tee shirt blogger] and that was put on hold.

          By mid 2018, l knew l wanted to not just be a one styled blog but a mixed blog of personal and business , but then in 2018 it was a very difficult year for me personally and painfully.

          2019 and l decided to work towards a business diversity styled blog, but then l seemingly developed scatterbraineditis! 2020 was the year of the pandemic and here we are in 2021 and ironically l am now creating a second blog that’ll be like the damn tee shirt blogger but not, but will 🙂

          Potato and potato … all over again.

        2. I think you’re right about meeting in the middle. It’s like the Phoenix chat we had the other day. We’re just approaching from different directions. It’s all good. As long as you get where you’re going, and we all DO meet.
          You’ll never think like a non-asperger person, and I’ll never think like a spectrum person. Apple vs Android. They both work great, just different.😉

  3. Maybe a personal blog is one where you create new words. I like the “scatterbraineditis” you mentioned and that I have probably spelled wrong. But isn’t a personal blog one where you can post whatever is happening in your life, the world at large, the stupidity surrounding us these days? Or possibly even a blog where you write down your thoughts at the moment and share them with the world. Or maybe none of the above. Something you are passionate about? And maybe I just need an aspirin for a developing headache and none of it is relevant.
    The commercial blog aspect would be just that — something written in an effort to sell something, whether it be yourself or a product, heck, even an idea. It would create income rather than ideas.

    1. Hey 🙂

      Very valid points indeed Angela and many l can agree with completely – our blogs are extensions of our personalities … but if we are selling ourselves in a promotional or marketing aspe ct and we all do that to a certain degree in personal blogs, does that not automatically commercialise our blogs as well?

      How are you keeping? Is the apartment thing still ongoing?

      1. I’m actually considering a blog or something to attempt to sell some of the doll clothes I’m still making. Building up an inventory right now so there will be something to offer.
        Staying well with the exception of seasonal allergies. They go with the territory though. As for the apartment hunt, I’m still hoping something will come available soon. If I don’t get out of this hellhole I’m in now I might be caught running wildly down the middle of the street and screaming at the top of my lungs. And that would be something, since I haven’t been able to run for several years, even more so since the only place I try to walk is in my apartment, using a cane. Ya just never know what desperate measures ya might have to take just to survive around here.

        1. Goodness …. the blog sounds like it could be good 🙂

          Mm, but if you do manage to run, then maybe there is a prize somewhere considering how long it’s been since your last wild run 🙂

  4. 🤔 I view a personal blog as a digital space to publish content that is of personal interest to the blogger; such as:

    • A blogger’s personal view on politics.

    • A blogger’s personal view on technologically-related topics.

    • A blogger’s personal view on spirituality.

    • A blogger’s view on lifestyle-related matters.

    • A blogger’s view on entertainment.

    And, in all honesty, the list can go on for infinity due to the fact that people have vast interests.

    A personal blog has evolved over the years; it is more than an online diary.

    To simplify things, a personal blog is not a blog that deals with business and tries to convert the reader into a customer.

    1. Valid points Renard and as we agreed before, everyone’s interpretation is different … l personally can see all these points as being true and yet, my blog isn’t a personal blog to me as in how l personally understand a personal blog to be … but when l am finished my blog will be a personal blog as l understand it.

      But there is so much draped in tradition and conventionality here and sometimes those things no longer apply as the world of communication and personal communication evolves.

      The crossovers here in WP alone on what is considered personal blog and hobby blog and creative blog and so on leading to business and commercial blogs is confusing also as things have changed.

      I see ‘personal b;logs’ here that advertise books that have been written by the blogger – is that not a business blog but wrapped up in personal blog status? Or is that a hobby blog? when does a hobby blog become a business blog? When do personal craft and art blogs crossover into business blogs ……….. everyone has a different interpretation of what a true personal blog actually is … it is fascinating for sure my friend.

      But you are quite right … “personal blog has evolved over the years; it is more than an online diary.” This is so true and yet so too has the classing in many people’s eyes of what is now considered a personal blog.

      I look at what many people refer to with other platforms and think, my oh my how that opinion has changed, l remember when a, b and c were classed as d, e and f 🙂

      Thank you my friend for a great response.

  5. I love what you do Rory – it brings lots of people together.
    I think my blog is mostly personal – part personal accounts …part my canvass for trying out new fictional characters and dabbling with poetry…and partly about taking part in blogging events that contribute to a sort of community feel.

    1. Hey Jenna, so the journey for you with regards blogging and the community spirit is equally as important as the canvas artistry of your blog’s colours and contours … yes it’s a personal blog, but more of a personal journey too.

  6. I only have ever had one blog, and it’s personal blog. No business ventures going on, no promotions or asking anyone to pay me for a cup of coffee. That what I think a personal blog is.

    1. Mm, that’s an interesting point Sadje – especially with the bit about ‘buy me a coffee’.

      Do you think that the buy me a coffee or the other one … ‘support my whatever it is’ l have seen on a few blogs is a commercial blog or a personal blog with commercial possibilities and when we see WP random generated adverts on personal blogs what do you think they are – are they still personal blogs?

      Have your views changed enormously from the days when yoiu wanted to make an income via your blog?

      These questions are genuine from me, because l think there are many crossovers now from what was initially classed as a personal blog to what is considered now a personal blog.

      1. When I started my blog, I was very uninformed and naive about the financial aspect of Blogging. I thought the more followers one had, the more money you can make. But I was quickly educated in this respect. I did get word ads on my blog for a while, till I had a PayPal account. Unfortunately in Pakistan, we don’t have PayPal so I discontinued the ads. Word ads are better than those which are shown on “free” blogs by WordPress. And yes I do think the blogs with ads or tip jars are still personal blogs. They make enough money to pay for their annual subscription, but not likely to earn millions. True commercial blogs are those who make good money. They are associated with a business venture and can be used to buy/sell stuff. I have heard that traveling bloggers make a lot of money 💵 💰 😉

        1. But do they? As in make enough income to pay their ‘yearly subscriptions?’ I have heard very different tales on that … because a blog can have advertising, but without a constant flow of continuous traffic all they are is a blog with advertising .. so in order to generate an income of yearly subscription value you need a lot of followers, readers, viewers all the same yet different again and that traffic needs to be heavier than most personal blogs. Plus you need to market your blog.

          I read that if your blog enjoys upwards and beyond of 100,000 pageviews a month, then you could make a healthy income, but that would be a full time role and writing content on a regular basis till you were established.

          Then of course they say, that to generate income and traffic your site needs to be niche, l still disagree with that and purely because as much as l love niches, l know all too well, you don’t need to be niche in any industry to make an income. A niche just helps with direction
          and focus .. but diversity of content also sells.

          In May of 2019 as an example with everything l was doing l was only generating 25,000 page views a month … by September 2019 when l started to make serious changes to my blog, my page views dropped to 11,000 a month and here l am today and last month as in February l was on 7,000 views a month. At my height in 2018 l was on 40,000 views a month.

          On a yearly basis, this year is my lowest ever for views and as of today, and right now, l am less than 21000 views for the entire year .. l should imagine yours would be higher but the stats that are important, but l don’t have perhaps would be the engagement content and l wonder how they intercede and interweave with the adverts also.

          So it does make you think at what point is a ‘personal’ blog making their yearly subscription?

          But in the new blog, l want to examine these concepts.

        2. I made $ 34 in six months while I was paying $ 8 per month. Not enough but not too bad either. Today I am happy to pay $4 per month without and wordads as I think if I pay someone to listen to me, I’d probably pay way more. I don’t know my stats and have no idea what they were when I did ears some money. I hope your business blog earns lots of money for you. 👍👍👍

        3. So, you were paying $96 per annum, and you made $34 in six months – can you remember when that was? Today you pay $4 a month and $48 a year for your blog is that right?

          So why did you stop?

        4. I stopped in 2018 summer. It was $8 per month, but I think it was $72 at a concessional rate. And yes now I am paying $48 per annum.
          I stopped as the only way WP pay is through PayPal. And there is no PayPal in Pakistan

        5. Sorry my bad, yes l forgot about the PayPal, was that the only way it paid you?

          Could you have not established a direct to bank account system? i don’t know these things l haven’t had a paypal account since l don’t know when, probably ealy years of the millenium.

          I pay Lisa as an example through her paypal account, but with a card and not with a PP account, so have no true knowledge of how much it has changed.

          Were you running a busier blog in 2018, or would you say you are busier these days?

          I am asking these as again genuine questions Sadje. It does fascinate me for many reasons.

        6. WP only pays through PayPal. No other option. I think my blog is busier these days as then I had around 1500 followers. I understand why you want to know. If you have affiliated links, the method of payment would be different!

        7. Yes, but l am going to try something different to the norm. My biggest gripe is a personal one and that is l can’t stand trashy adverts – l like classy adverts and ones that don’t flash and move about and cause distraction in which a lot of WP adverts are guilty of.

          I have landed on blogs to read and left instantly because of some of the adverts that are displayed, l think we should have more control on what is being advertised on our blogs and not be at the mercy of RNG or random generated number devicess.

        8. That’s my issue Sadje. i don’t hate advertising, l hate bad advertising. Advertising is a way of life, but when people lose choice or care not what is going on, then that becomes bad juju in my eyes.

  7. imho a personal blog is one that no one else has influence over. A personal blog is one that the blogger writes for the need to write. When you promote anything other than your words, it seems to me that you go commercial.

  8. I don’t know. I suppose if I thought about it I’ve only had personal blogs but I don’t think of them as that. Each corresponds to a particular interest of mine: if I write a short piece of fiction, I don’t want it lost between movie reviews or posts about my running. Also, thinking about it, if everything were in one place, the emphasis would be too personal. Ha ha.

    1. This is an excellent answer Ian – thank you – because l agree with this and your view – mine probably is a personal blog in the eyes of many – but l just don’t view or even think of it like that.

      You know, l recall a conversation l had with you a few weeks ago when l was tooing and froing over my decision with my current blog and you suggested a different blog and l gave that a lot of thought [you do make me think often which is good] and decided that you were right because with how l wanted to express my business blog in a ‘personalised manner’ l simply couldn’t do it with this particular blog … but l could with a sister site.

      Your blogs are extensions to you and your particular interests and identity – to many others they might be seen as personal blogs, but they are not … they are merely other parts of your identity.

      That’s how l feel … my blog may appear to be a personal blog, but it’s not … it is however just an extension to my personality, the sister site is another side to the personality that’s all, it’ll be a mixture of business, personal and interests – basically another identity.

      1. I’ve said it many times, a website would suit me better than these blogs so it could be tailored into different categories of interests. You can’t do that in a single blog – even with categories because I’ve tried and it doesn’t navigate well enough. But websites costs money so I haven’t bothered.

        1. That is totally true Ian. I have had websites in the past and l don’t want to travel down that route again because of the way l am these days and my business concepts today are not dealing with the same things as they were in the past years, BUT a blog doesn’t always have the leeway to contain us all and our thoughts properly.

  9. Howdy, Rory! Long time, yeah. A personal blog, for me, is a blog that contains the personal views of the author relative to whatever topic the author may wish to talk about. I consider mine as personal blog as it has and always been like an open journal to me where I share my views and experiences to whoever might care to read it.

    1. Heeeeeey 🙂

      How are you? Long time is an understatement 🙂

      It’s been ages and ages Marisse – how is life treating you?

      Very valid points … interpretation and more importantly also, l am seeing a lot of ‘journey’, l can relate to that a lot.

      So, on that note – how has your life journey been since we last spoke and chatted?

      1. Been 3 years since I’d been here, lol! A lot happened and a lot did not happen. That is the sum of it all. I read your blogs by mail every now and then. But I was not able to publish FDG as promised. I really liked that piece but it was just too long for a one page layout and the text size will suffer. Is Kat still around here?

        1. I see, a busy period of time in all – as to Kat. No she moved on. She is now in Facebook, if you have a FB account you can find her under her new mosaics page “Meisha Mosaics Community” It is a private group, with just a little over 1300 members and her real love is creating tiled mosaics.

          But you might have her personal page, but that is where she is now, she no longer writes in WP.

        2. I wouldn’t call the last year a busy period in terms of our ordinary life as human. However, last year – even until now – was/is a period for inner growth and that is its own beauty. Oh thank you for the info. I will look for her once I am back in FB. I take a lot of breaks (weeks to months) from social media since 2020 which hampered the growth of my page but that is okay with me. I trust you are well? I read in one of your blogs that you moved to a different house, if my memory is right though haha.

  10. Had to give this one some thought….I think that a personal blog is written by a person about personal things in a personable way for other persons to probably ponder and peruse… full of possibilities ☺️

        1. 😊 there is a great deal of pollen everywhere and the sky is whispering of rain. I’m sitting for a moment before I walk home. It’s been rather a long day. ☺️

        2. Well that’s excellent. I would have walked twice today, but l was out in the garden for a few hours and that was good, but l did some additional treadmil this evening. I had a good fat burn walk out this morning.

        3. Well it was a great day until around 6pm when my stomach kicked off. I tried a cereal this morning called Nutribrex Gluten Free Fortified Wholegrain Cereal which is made from a plant based product called sorghum which is supposed to be an alternative and it has reacted violently with me, so quite unnaturally, l am going to bed early in pain hahaha typical.

          Tomorrow’s another day, but before the stomach pain it had been a great day 🙂

        4. Oh, that’s no fun! I’m familiar with sorghum. It’s grown here. It can be made into a heavy natural syrup. My dad liked it. I’m really sorry. I hope you’ll be able to sleep and feel a little better in the morning. I’m happy it was a good day up until then ! 😊

        5. Can never tell , for instance Suze can tolerate it, and l have found out l cannot …. my stomach is becoming verr restricting of late sadly.

          Salted cardboard and water soon l feel 🙂

        6. I wonder what in the world could be behind it all.
          You might want to be careful about the salt on that cardboard. 😉
          Honestly though, I hope it won’t come to that. I can hardly imagine how frustrating it must be for you.

        7. It is frustrating, l can only think it’s a tie in with my stomach and my mouth – once the dental can resume then l can commence that journey again and maybe get my life back 🙂

        8. That makes a lot of sense. Well I hope it resumes sooner rather than later! Then, watch out life! Here you come! 😊

  11. I had never even considered the concept “personal blog”. I got educated today. My blog is obviously a ‘personal blog’, because I don’t understand the finer points of business blogging (and don’t want to). Kudos to anyone who does business blogging (or as Angie called it “CP”) . I don’t pay a penny to blog, but the mention of those ads is concerning, because being free, I also have no control over what ‘they’ choose to advertise on my space. I just hope whatever those ads are, they’re not in poor taste nor offensive. Geez. They couldn’t just leave things simple? I ‘get’ it that they need to earn money to continue to support their site, but the on-going and increasing greed of the thing is most distasteful! Good luck and best wishes with your CP venture, I’m sure it’ll work out just fine!

    1. Hey Melanie, they are not what you would call as ‘offensive advertising’, l think it comes down to a person’s individual tastes when it comes to advertising – the most distasteful aspect for me is adverts that move.

  12. I know there is not a WP Category for this, but I consider your blog a Professional blog, because it incorporates promotion of other bloggers.

    IMO, a PB is an expression of one’s personality through their own literary works, etc. A CB is one that advertises and sells goods such as Jodie’s Touch of Style.

    Another example of a Professional blog is Go Dog Go Cafe, where there are a group of writers/poets that contribute to the content. It is not just one person posting their own work.

    I also feel, Renard’s World leans toward a Professional blog because he has a group of writers. To me, there is no either or because of the skill levels and creativity that is employed in some blogs.

    My two cents, and have a great day!

    1. Hey Eugenia,

      Happy Wednesday to you also – make it greater 🙂

      I agree with that terminology and the examples you have selected to display are also true – Renard’s blog is a very professional blog – a real go to. I think the term is appropriate because it is not strictly business nor commercial, but honest. The sister site will not be a true business site, but it will be leaning more towards a professional site and therefore this blog will become more personal.

      Well your two cents as you ‘coin’ it make sense to me perfectly, thank you 🙂

  13. Many of your words seem to stick in my brain Rory, and overtime I’ve come to the conclusion that this wasn’t a personal blog because of the different things you wanted to achieve with it. I was never sure of how to describe your blog in terms of niche/genre.

    1. Hey Ami, thank you.

      You are right, there were many avenues that had introduced as sidelines which were business orientated and were ready for launch in 2020 BUT, that was a very difficult year that has taken a lot of time to recover from.

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