The Brisker 25 Round Up 8#

Episode 822/03/2021Brisker 25 Directory

Following on from the Wildlife Roundup episodes ….. taken around the town of Sandwich and surrounding walks from July of 2020 to where we are today … some l feel you will know all too well, whilst others have not yet been displayed in either previous Briskers or Morning Musings – thanks for reading – see you next time.

Squizzles, Ducks, Robins and Woolly Jumpers too!!!

23 thoughts on “The Brisker 25 Round Up 8#

  1. Those wooly hooligans are keeping their eyes on ewe😉🤪🤣
    I like the quackers🦆, but the songbirds are so sweet🐦and of course, the squizzels🐿 are so cute! Adorable even if they are rodents. We have ground squizzels here, and without natural predators, they cause a great deal of damage. A local park had to be shut down, and the squizzels poisoned💔

        1. Ah I know these squirrels … l should have listed them, over here they are sometimes referred to as Ground Marmots – but they are a nice squirrel that tames up very well .. but like Pdogs, they are incredibly destructive.

          1. Yes l don’t like that they had to be poisoned either – we had the same over here but with prarie dogs in a wildlife park, what they did was capture them and with that they perhaps caught 600, they then transferred half to other parks and sold the other half to people like myself who then found more suitable homes for them.

            The park in question thankfully didn’t experience injuries on humans, but ground gave way for other animal species.

          1. Oh are they. The problem with that is that then they look to you for food. The living example here is that the photo here of the sheep running towards me was because it thought l had food because it was a hand reared lamb. When l spoke with the farmer, he said they would be my best friend if l treated them, but that’s when they might bleat and you are surrounded by sheep.

            Now Gary has Captain Chaos with him on many of his walks l should imagine and sheep hate and fear dogs which is why many a time sheep’ll not come near to walkers with dogs.

          2. Absolutely, and that could easily happen where these sheep are especially as the ground is hilly and sloped …. that’s an accident waiting to happen 🙂

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