Dear Blog – 19.30 – 20/03/21

It’s been a funny kind of day … that came from a funny kind of week!

I have had a slightly dishevelled week in truth … it’s been really busy and really straining in some ways and although l haven’t been stressed to the hilt mentally, seemingly my stomach has. l have also lost sleep this week and that can prove to be detrimental to my stomach health as well, but l also have a sneaking suspicion that something else l have in my diet is reacting to my digestion and causing a lot of different stress which until l locate and eliminate it means l will have a continued stress stomach for the next few days if not sadly longer! Since the start of this year l have had and experienced serious problems with my stomach.

Stomach problems slow me down …

As you will have read the other day, there have not been many ‘fresh air’ walks this week and the majority of my exercise has been restricted to the indoor Treadmill which is fine as an alternative, but not the same as being outside.

This morning l had to cancel my morning walk on account of feeling quite unwell, but Suze came along this afternoon and we enjoyed a small Ramparts walk which was good and l shall do 15 or 20 minutes of treadmill after this post … but l am getting better at not punishing myself if l don’t achieve x, y and z on a week with regards exercise.

So today, l decided to start my yearly spring clean, sort out and reshuffle. I have felt the itch again, this time in the loungeroom – things needed to change … l decided earlier this week that my leather couch had to go as did my indoor bike. The couch is just way too conventional for me and my tastes and the bike is hardly ever used now whereas the treadmill is more efficient and productive for my exercise routine. Additionally, the couch wasn’t really mine to begin with, it was Suze’s … but when we moved, we both knew we would be replacing the seating as soon as we could.

So, l am hoping that by end April, l can have the couch and the bike out and the new chairs in … l want a couple of armchairs in vibrant colours. I started the reshuffle of the loungeroom this morning and it’s coming along pretty well so far, even if some spots do look ‘currently’ a bit naked, that’ll soon change.

Rose and Basil’s shop has been very helpful with some of my new acquisitions in the last week or so – l view their window [they are five minutes from my front door], take a photo or four and then send those photos to them highlighting what l am after, pay them online and then they deliver or l collect – either way is fine and it works!

But l have got quite a few nice goodies this way … l bought a load of indoor ceramic pot holders so that l could display my indoor plants in crock pots over that of just brown plastic pots. Plus l got a nice secondhand wicker shelving unit which will be great for seedling trays and living in the conservatory with the plants. You can see above that l have started transferring the plastic potted plants into the ceramic holders, they fit into my house style more.

A couple of weeks ago l got a new bear for the house … a big bear, l have named him Barnaby. You can see him above, sitting on the couch l need to shift. But he agreed, we don’t need a couch we need two really colourful armchairs and they’ll look great with the cushions too!

Also, l got this fantastic second hand wicker table and a bowl of wooden fruit which l have now sited into the loungeroom in the location where the long wooden shelving unit used to be. It looks to the left and right a little naked at present, but once it has some aloe in colourful pots and maybe a lamp on the table top, it’ll be better, but l have some ideas for the left and the right too. I am thinking perhaps a potted plant near the door and maybe and older styled hatstand against the book unit.

Suze said, she wouldn’t mind staying a couple of nights sometime in the future but she could never live in a house like mine as it would be soooo overwhelming for her and how do l manage to put up with so much mixed colours and abstract motion and stimulation?? I answered simply … ‘It feeds my brain and calms it down! I just needs lots of colour and ‘stuff that is doing stuff’.

It’s just the front part of the loungeroom that needs finalising really – the rest is falling nicely into place … Suze also said it’s not that social and she’s right, my house isn’t really that social, but it needs to be social to me first and foremost. Suze’s house is more warmly social and she is more warmly social as a person, it’s not like l am going to have visitors aplenty like Suze who would have friends and family visit. IF anyone aside from a friend was to stay for a night, it’s my house, l have already vowed l’ll not live with another person ever again – so my house, doesn’t need to be sweetly and warmly social, it simply needs to be the house of a single guy. Which is just as well, as it is most assuredly just that!

Upstairs in the actual spare room or what is known as the storage room, that will be turned into a Thinking Room of sorts – once l have offloaded all of those plastic boxes and the storage boxes, then l am moving the mobile whiteboard up there – it’ll be better served up there and when l need to start planning new campaigns for marketing, l will have enough space to move freely around. However currently l have that damn board in my kitchen, waiting for the five bags of bark chip to move out of my hallways to Suze’s house so we can weed mat and bark her front garden properly.

Left Image the delivery this week with the right image showing the five heavy bark beasts waiting to move to Suze’s!

The compost and bark chippings arrived earlier this week. Moving the compost down to the back of the garden was easy enough, BUT these damn bags of bark weigh a tonne and whilst l used one bag on my own back garden, Suze needs five in hers, so it is pointless me moving them down to the back of my garden and giving myself a hernia for the effort! They can stay where they are till the end of this month.

All in all, l am happy at my day’s work so far, l also managed to get a load of bedding washing done as well, which reminds me l have to make my bed upstairs and fiddle about with the quilt! Best hop to that now in case l forget. Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

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  1. Happy spring cleaning and redoing, Rory! You seem to be a very organized person and hope to see some pics of your place when you finish. 🌺 🌸

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