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Season 6 – Spring 2021
Series 6 – Identifying Forwards
Friday 19th March 2021 – Walk Time 53 Mins
If Ever There Twas A Startled Bee!

“Bridge Over The River ……….. Kw …… Stour!”

Above direct route my walk took this morning and coloured in block is where the police investigation for the murder of Sarah Everard is ongoing and displaying exactly how much of the town they are refusing access to the public by.

Sarah Everard murder latest – Search widens in Kent as police cordon off sites in Dover and Sandwich to investigate (

I am so tired this week, additionally my tiredness is not helped by the fact that instead of getting six hours a night sleep my body is refusing me that satisfaction and for the past three nights l have woken up at roughly 6am. Not bad, except despite going to bed early [12.30am], my brain refuses to close down until around 2am – so come today, Friday l am starting to feel a bit like a zombie!

I have noticed in the last few years and more so since hitting my mid 50’s that l now need a minimum of six hours sleep a night, prior to and up to 55, l could survive on 4 -5 hours a night. Which is still a far cry from my forties when l survived on 4 and my thirties when l could survive being a chronic insomniac who hardly ever saw 2 hours a night for almost 20 years! From 19 – 38 years of age, l felt refreshed after 2 hours sleep a night and fit as a fiddle. Now if l don’t get a mere 6 l feel as dead as a bloody dodo! So for the last three nights and only skimming around 4 hours max, l am starting to feel worse for wear!

What’s causing it is the work l am doing on the blog reshuffle and rearrange, great leaps and bounds have been achieved and l am really pleased with everything so far .. l am not admittedly impressed with the fonts reducing to the size of a gnat’s bum though and that places a lot of strain upon my eyes which l guess is also quite contributory towards my overall tiredness. But also, l am tired because l am so hyperfocused on computer screens and on getting as much done as l can this week.

I had initially thought of making the changes over the course of 2 -3 weeks, but thought why wait? No time like the present, so have spent literally hours changing, alternating and fine tuning and tweaking and by this coming Sunday, l will have mostly completed this particular blog. Lisa is working on a more vibrant design for the blog and the tabs, but that is all that is needed here.

I created the new sister blog today and good grief l honestly don’t remember the process being that complicated when l began this one or Suze’s blog last year. WordPress seem to like making things bloody awkward from the damn block editor to midget fonting! Although l don’t need to worry about the new one’s creational makeup just yet, as after this week, l must return to revamping my Redbubble shop and my affiliate store and once those are done, l can then start to build the new blog. Trying to settle on just a theme is already hard enough!

The other reason l am so tired is because today’s walk, was the first time out of the house on a decent walk since last Sunday, although l had enjoyed a small 23 minute walk around the parts of the Ramparts l could walk on yesterday. The police investigation here has closed off 50-65% of the town’s circular walk itself. Everytime l look at this, l can’t help but wonder if there is some element of overkill going on and making some kind of strange point to the residents of Sandwich? There are soooooooo many police. They have occupied most of the town car park next to the large supermarket.

But additionally we have also had considerable rain since Monday and so l contented myself with using the treadmill as often as possible. I find the treadmill more efficient that the indoor bike and am now thinking of selling the latter.

So with the blog and indoor exercising [the latter l swear tires a person more] and the gardening [had the bulk compost/bark delivery arrive] and the house changes [so many changes] AND ridiculously small slices of sleep l think it’s understandable why l am so tired ……………. but just because l understand that, doesn’t make it any less startling!

Talking of which, the bumblebee above, was so busy with pollen gathering that it genuinely looked quite startled when it finished showing its bum to the world and found me taking ‘snaps!’ It buzzed me a few times as if to say “Blimey guv, you nearly scared me stripes off!!” I don’t know what the flower is, although l am sure Angie will tell me soon enough ……

It was good to get out and walk around the River Stour and the weather whilst not brilliantly blue like last Sunday was blue and more importantly ‘dry enough’ to make it thoroughly enjoyable!

This morning’s gallery including my little Robin friend who saw me and came and said hello …………. and posed – again!

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

17 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. It seems like yesterday’s midget font was a temporary hiccup. There was also an increase in font size in the Reader, which I know you wouldn’t have seen, but both have gone back to normal size now.

    1. Hey Ashley, you are right, l never saw the Reader, although Angie was telling me yesterday that the font size on my blog was enormous in the actual blog, but that seems to have corrected itself.

      But even now, as l am trying to work in the editor the font size is ridiculously small and my eyes are straining to function with them .. so l hope they get this sorted.

      i don’t know if this is ‘justa’ glitch or some WP smart ass thinking ‘how would really small font look in editor as a feature?’

      Because my current answer involves a heavy wooden baseball bat and the smart ass ‘s monitor ….

    2. The other annoying thing and l can’t write that stress point to the exact way of feeling it is .. l work with tables a lot, they used to function really well …. but now, it never takes me back to where l was last working if l am cutting and pasting and takes me right to the top of the table … l am now using the columns function just to make tables … again, wooden baseball bat and monitor comes to mind …. why are these glitches still happening? do they need to reboot and reset or something?

      1. Somebody certainly needs a reset. I don’t use tables so I haven’t stumbled across that particular issue.

        So, after some fussing around, I realize that the editor looked more normal because I deactivated the Gutenberg plugin, which I did for a different reason because it’s fucking with my reusable blocks. And with further poking around, it appears that the Gutenberg is causing the editor to show up in 16pt Serif font, which is hella hard to read, and with Gutenberg deactivated, it shows up in a 16pt sans-serif system font for some reason, which at least is a lot more readable at that size. We pay WP far too much money for it to suck this badly.

        1. “We pay WP far too much money for it to suck this badly”

          What you write above is spot on … you know this blog could quite easily scale down after l have finished and the new blog stands at Premium and could scale up …. BUT , as you say above l have to be honest and say why is this shit still happening?

          Why am l thinking of starting an ‘actual business blog’ with WP when they still can’t fix their Block editor clusterfuckups?

          We are now 10 months into the new system .. what the fuck are they honestly playing at with errors like this … if this was August 2020 l could understand and forgive, but we are nearly April 2021 and my forgiveness is being stretched somewhat.

        2. And in truth, it’s only 10 months since they started forcing people. It’s been more like 2 years that the block editor has been around. And it’s not just a matter of existing problems not getting fixed; it’s new problems being added on a regular basis.

        3. Haha that’s even truer Ashley – in my last comment l was going to add similar lines — as in what was the point to Beta testing the damn thing then?? If we still get ‘silly errors like this?” But when l think on their ‘so called Beta testing’ l start to turn green like the Hulk and then l tend to think of other more professional businesses that get it right after smaller time frames and windows …. and yet??

  2. Lovely pictures Rory. Too bad that your brain is not letting you sleep more. Have you tried OTC sleep remedies, like melatonin? I find it effective when I cannot find my natural rhythm. Take care and I hope you can get a solid 8 hours tonight.

    1. Hey Sadje, it’ll pass once l get through the main bulk of this moving stage 🙂 it’s just frustrating at present … sadly, it is very much an Aspie thing .. when our brains speed up, it takes ages to balance them again 🙂

      1. I do understand that. A bit like OCD. I just hope that you go through this phase quickly and then relax.

  3. Your plant has been identified by my Handy Dandy App as Pussy Willow.
    So we have a bee’s bum sticking out of a pussy willow flower 🤨ummm…🙊🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Love the pictures, nice to see you have a robin friend too. 🙂 I have one that visits my garden as well. Hope you get your blog issues sorted. At the moment I’m on a free plan but am running out of space for photos. I keep putting off the day when I’ll have to pay for a new plan! All the best with getting a good sleep.

    1. I believe images can be used from Google Photos and Dropbox – or probably using URL from another free blog (if you create a new blog, you’ll get a new storage amount). You don’t really have to pay WP for extra storage if this is all you need.

      However, you have to use the desktop to write/edit. It’s not a facility included with the ‘streamlined’ mobile app yet. 🙂

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