Are You A Snifty Sleuth?

A New Entertainment series this way cometh ….

This is a competition and there will be prizes for the Winner and the Runner Ups – these will be revealed at the end of the challenge.

Do you like intrigue? Do you have a flair for the unknowns in life? Are you curious? Have you ever likened yourself to Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Nancy Drew or even Hercule Poirot or perhaps you are more akin to that of Scooby Doo gang?

Snifty Sleuth Post

There has been a murder, a terrible Murder!!

Who Is The Victim?

Where Were They Found?

Who Is Guilty?

How Did They Do It?

What Was Their Motive?

What Was Their Murder Weapon?

Your role is to to try and identify the killer –  is it just one killer, is it just one victim? 

The Characters

Miss Lucinda Marbles – An Old lady who pokes her nose into everything and is a resident of the Luxury Care home for Former Sleuths. 

Former Lieutenant Stanley MumboJumbo – A retired police detective and another resident of the above.

Miss Vanessa Fisher – A former crime fiction writer who is now another resident of the above. 

Doctor Whatsup, – A former sidekick to Skylark Haymes who had been a resident but has now died. 

Ercool Parrot – A continental type who has just been admitted as a new resident of the home. 

David Snodgrass – The new owner of the Home who plans to make changes. 

Matron Emily Pushover – The old owner of the home who used to allow things that are now forbidden under the new regime. 

Miss Melon – A friend of Ercool Parrot who along with Captain Haslet has recently put her former employer, Ercool Parrot, into a home. 

Captain Haslet.  – See above. 

Scene 1 – Introduction – 18th March 2021

Agatha Christie Luxury Care Home

The Long nose of a Phantom Rolls Royce emerges from the mist, the wheels making a distinctive sound on the gravel drive and comes to a stop outside the columned entrance of a grand old house. 
A large sign above the solid oak doors proclaims the building as the Agatha Christie Luxury Care home for former Sleuths. 
The driver’s door opens and a tall, smartly dressed middle-aged man emerges and opens the passenger door. A lady’s laced gloved hand appears, and the tall gentlemen grasps it and helps the rest of the lady alight from the car. She is dressed in a simple grey dress and has a handkerchief in her hand with which she dabs as her moist eyes. 
She looks back into the car, her words are lost to the air, but those people gathered at the large windows of the house can see she is having a discussion with someone who is refusing to get out of the car. 
Her voice is suddenly louder and very forceful “Look, Monsieur Parrott. You promised. I can no longer look after you and you agreed, the documents are all signed. It looks a lovely place. 
Finally, a short fat man dressed in a pale grey suit and wearing shiny patent leather shoes with Spats, gets out of the car and casts a sceptical eye over the building. His sparse hair is slicked down with brilliantine and is glossy black and under his rather prominent nose is a small neat dark moustache. His face is heavily lined and clearly, the darkness of his hair and moustache is not natural but the result of artifice. 
“I know who that man is,” said Miss Lucinda Marbles in her usual rather annoying know-it-all voice. 
“Oh, who is he, my dear?” replied Vanessa Fisher who hadn’t joined the others at the window but was instead looking at a blank piece of paper with a look of utmost anguish on her face. For the past 5 years, she’d be trying to pen another crime novel, which would mean she could leave this dreadful home and go and live in a penthouse flat in New York. Writer’s block had meant she hadn’t penned a novel in nearly 20 years. 
“That’s Ercool Parrott the private detective! I thought he’d died years ago!” Said the gruff voice of Stanley Mumbojumbo, temporarily removing his cigar from his mouth. A former lieutenant in the New York Police department, he still missed those days and spent most of his time trying to work out how they could run this home on the little they were able to pay. 
“I was just going to say that!” Responded Miss Marbles, sitting back down in her armchair rather petulantly. She picked up her knitting needles and bright pink wool. “You always spoil my fun.” she accused. 
The final man who stood in the window puffing away at his pipe, remained silent. He often did. He’d been told it was always better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open his mouth and remove all doubt. Doctor Whatsup had always been considered a fool. His old friend Skylark Haymes had thought so, indeed had told him so on numerous occasions and he’d always been right. He still missed his dearly departed friend who had been one of the best detectives in history but had finally succumbed to that affliction that had unfortunately infected them all, old age. 
Outside, the man now identified as Ercool Parrott was standing by the front door, the lady in grey holding his right arm and the tall gentleman held his left and reached out to press the doorbell. 
Like the clanging chimes of doom, the bell rang out across the large empty hallway. Black and white marble tiles covered the floor, and several large mahogany doors lead off from the hall and a grand staircase climbed up to the floor above, lined with a plush maroon carpet. 
A door opened in the far corner and a particularly large lady dressed in a navy-blue uniform with a white hat, emerged still talking to a tall rather dour-looking fellow who followed behind. At the same time, the door to the kitchen opened and a small girl dressed in black with a white apron sprinted to answer the front doorbell. 
The maid opened the door and Ercool Parrott held up by his two companions shuffled into the hall to be confronted by the enormous form of the Matron. 
“Good Afternoon Madam, are you the owner?” Said the tall man holding up Mr Parrott. His voice was warm and sounded very well educated but held a touch of weariness and a hint of regret. 
“I am Matron Pushover, and you must be Captain Haslet who I’ve been talking to over the phone.” Turning to the lady in grey, she continued, “You must be the ultra-efficient Miss Melon with whom I’ve also been in correspondence with. All the necessary paperwork has been received and I’m pleased to say we can admit your friend, but he’ll be the very last person. I am afraid I am no longer the owner. I have sold the home to this gentleman.” Matron indicated the other tall gentleman who, although having a similar build to Captain Haslet had none of his warmth and charm. In fact, he gave everyone who met him the feeling of being introduced to a slug. 
“My name is David Snodgrass; I have taken over the running of this establishment. Too long it’s been run like a holiday let rather than a business. Matron, here, has agreed to stay on and look after the inmates while I handle the finances.”
“I’ve told you, Mr Snodgrass, we call them residents! Not Inmates!” Matron said shrilly. 
“I am pleased to hear you say so Madame, for I had too been under the impression that I was being put into the prison” It was the first words Ercool Parrott had spoken. His voice was still heavy with the accent of his native homeland despite having lived in London for forty years. 
“Don’t be like that Ercool, it’s a lovely place” Said Captain Haslet.
“Oh, it’s a beautiful place, I wish I could live here,” Said Miss Melon in those tones’ adults reserve for either the very young or the very old. 
In her naturally loud and authoritative voice, Matron Pushover spoke “Why don’t you come and meet the other inmates, I mean residents.”
She strode across the hall to the large double doors on the left and swung them open, nearly knocking Miss Marbles unconscious, who had clearly been listening at the door. She jumped back just in time, surprising limber for a little frail old lady. 
Once she had taken her seat in her favourite chintz armchair, Matron introduced Ercool Parrott to the other residents. 
When the Chorus of “Charmed”, “Pleased to meet you” and “How do you do?” was over, Matron introduced Mr Snodgrass. 
” I am sorry, my dears, that I have to announce that I have had to sell this home to Mr Snodgrass.” Matron stepped aside to reveal the tall think man lurking behind her. 
He coughed to clear his throat, “Yes, and I am afraid I have been looking at the accounts and there will have to be quite a few changes.” He walked up to Miss Marbles who was knitting frantically. “For example, we spend a small fortune on pink wool. That will have to stop”. Miss Marbles dropped several stitches but otherwise remained silent. 
Walking over to Vanessa Fletcher who had begun writing only to crumple the piece of paper and discard it into the wastepaper basket. “And we spend an unbelievable amount on writing paper too. What is the point when it ends up in the bin anyway?” 
Finally, Mr Snodgrass walked up to where Dr Whatsup and Mr Mumbojumbo were smoking, the former on his pipe and the latter on his cigar. “And smoking is no longer allowed inside this home, you will have to smoke outside in future.”
Former lieutenant MumboJumbo started coughing and while Dr Whatsup patted him helpfully on the back proclaimed “But we can’t smoke outside. It’s October and there’s a freezing fog outside. We could catch our death of cold.”
Mr Snodgrass turned and walked back to the door. “Well, that would rather solve some of our financial problems.” and then he left closing the door behind him. 
“Well, I never!” Exclaimed Miss Marbles.
“What an unpleasant fellow” Said Dr Whatsup.
“In stories, his sort always meet a bad end,” Said Miss Fisher, retrieving her piece of paper from the bin. 
“One can only hope, mes amis” Responded Ercool Parrott. “Now, I would very much like a glass of Sirop De Banae or maybe a little creme de cassis?”
“Oh, I’m afraid all alcohol is now also banned on the premises. Mr Snodgrass’s orders!” Announced Matron sadly and left the room to escape the sudden bad language. 

.…….. and so it begins ….. Scene 2 soon!

Scene 1 is purely the introduction to the game and sets the scene ….more information to follow with scene 2 … watch this space.

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    1. Hey Jenna, at this present time – nothing, this is just the introduction promo. it’s a game series l ran with Kristian a couple of years ago .. in the next few posts, it’ll become apparent πŸ™‚

    1. Will you be playing then Suzanne or is the wet t shirt more your thing? Because that’ll be with us soon as the warmer weather arrives …………..

      1. I may give it a try! It sounds like fun. I used to love Ngaio Marsh and Inspector Alleyn (not sure of the spelling). Thank you for both invitations! πŸ˜„

  1. I loved the stage settings for this new series. How wonderful that all our favorite sleuths are here, under slightly changed identities. Looking forward to the next part.

  2. I laughed uproariously at each new introduction. Miss MELON? BWAHAHAHAHHA!!! Ercool Parrott? (you did know he was dead, right? Christie or David Suchet killed him in Season 13 of the series by a similar name). He died a murderer sadly enough. Bad heart you know. I admit to crying a few tears – it is a very moving episode. Ms. Fisher is a sly one, I’d say she’s the same age as the rest of the ancient crew over there at Deadwood Manor (or A.C.’s Luxury Home For Former Sleuths). Is there bathtub gin? If not I bet Ms. Fisher can procure some. I’m looking forward to this with great anticipation!

  3. Inspector Shirley La Swoosher here would like to give her two pennies worth with this investigation, so i’m in! πŸ™‚

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