Blog Changes 2BDUN42021

Series 2

Episode 1 – A Heads Up

Yesterday in Morning Musings l wrote about how l had found my direction again with regards my blog. A Guy Called Bloke will be staying, there will be no deletion of three plus years of my soul, but there will be serious changes in and over the next 3,6,9 months.

Ironically or is it strangely? Matters not really … however the point was this … l first ever began blogging four years ago this week. I was a guest writer for a gamer’s blog called The Gold Queen and l wrote posts with regards the ‘making of gold coin’ in World of Warcraft – [WoW]. I have played that game since it first launched in 2004 – devoutly from 2004 – 2015 and then on and off since then [although some years more on than off]. Even now, although l am not physically playing the game day to day – l still pay my subscription monthly and once/thrice a week l log on to place auctions to make ‘gold coin’.

Currently l am on a ‘gamer’s hiatus’ with WoW and have been since the start of 2021, l am playing Fallout 4 again and after that l will probably play Witcher 3 and then return to WoW for a year or so … l like to have options with regards gaming experiences.

Prior to guest writing on other people’s blogs, l was writing on a number of different mediums – such as Facebook, Scrbd and forums. The latter l began with way back in 2007 – and l either wrote on RFUK aka Reptile Forums UK in my role as both a business owner with TSKA [The Specialist Keepers Association] or as a political propagandist for pro-keeping and pro-keepers. If l wasn’t writing for others, l wrote on my own forums which l and my team had created back in 2003 …. back then, like today, l wanted to have options with regards my writing on my passion of animals and also my business.

I was writing properly and proper stories, tales and so on for others to read from the age of 13 – l wrote horror stories back then for pulp magazines and fanzines and writing competitions and then from that age onwards to my early 30’s l wrote for work, l wrote for the adult industry, l wrote for pleasure, l wrote for money – l just loved writing.

I still do … l have many passions that l like to write about …

When l first began this blog however, it was September 2017 and at the same time l was managing two other blogs – The Tee Shirt Blogger [Business Blog] and Doodlepip’s Adventures [Scrappy’s Blog] but back then, l was new to having my own blogs and l decided to amalgamate the three blogs under one roof to reduce the multitasking of three personalities writing in seperate locations and from January 2018 to January 2021 that worked like a dream. But people change, circumstances change, paths and directions change … many of our personal traits change also, they can also become experienced and wiser and more diverse and at times utterly complex.

So all this year l have been struggling with a few sides to me like Jekyll and Hyde and their shadow and trying to placate each personality but not really achieving the desired results with satisfaction …. therefore l decided to end the inner turmoil, bite the proverbial bullet and realise that in order for me to appease certain parts of my split personality ‘per se’, then l would have to once more create another blog to cater to the parts of the A Guy Called Bloke blog that need to be in their own blog again.

The new blog will share some similarities to A Guy Called Bloke, but will be it’s own blog, but wil also be like that of a sister site to this one. The new blog will be, as is my way, a new styled business blog with a twist.

Therefore A Guy Called Bloke will become the personal blog again, as it started to be in September 2017 and the ‘sister blog’ will become the new topical business blog. Here l will keep much of what l currently have, but there will be more of an emphasis on my ‘creative and reality writing’, whilst in the new blog, some of the series that started here will move there, and also, new series will begin.

This second series of Blog Changes 2BDUN42021 will stretch over the course of 2021 and will mostly appear as updates in the daily Universal Greeting posts.

Many of the immediate changes will not be visible to many of you unless you are devout followers to my navigation and administration proceedures which l know there are only a few who are, but most are not. To those who are familiar with my layout then the first changes you will see will be the breaking of the navigation system l use and implementing a newer one – however readers using the Reader will be none the wiser.

Of all the series l run and maintain here, at a quick glance l would say 45% will be transferred into the new blog ‘in theory of concept and then change’, 10% will probably end completely, but the remaining 45% will become the new 100% for A Guy Called Bloke blog.

Anyway, just a quick heads up. Thanks for reading.

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18 thoughts on “Blog Changes 2BDUN42021

  1. Personal blog for writing stories and sharing personal stuff is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing the changes. Though I’m one of those who follow through the reader😜

    1. Hey Sadje, many follow through the Reader. Worry not, the navigation to this site is a nightmare and l’ll be grateful to not have lots of people watching as l muddle though πŸ™‚

      It’s only really nerds like me that find navigation systems and their flaws fascinating.

      The Reader ‘readers’, will start to notice the differences l would say in six months time properly’, by which time most of the hard core changes will have been made and then in the last quarter of the year, l will simply be ironing out the faults in the new site.

        1. Hey Sadje, it’s not so much technical, when l find stuff that is ‘too’ technical, l turn to my Techhead friend Ashley hahaha – she’s a whizz kid in comparison to my fumblings πŸ™‚

  2. I look forward to joining you on your newest adventure! I’ve browsed through your menu and would love to have time for further exploration. Hopefully soon!! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸΌBon Voyage!

  3. πŸ€” Hmm. I could have sworn that “A Guy Called Bloke” was always your personal blog.

    I wish you the best of luck with the changes, Rory.

    1. Well, it wasn’t really what many might call a personal blog Renard. But everyone has a different interpretation of personal blog don’t they? πŸ™‚

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