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Season 6 – Spring 2021
Series 6 – Identifying Forwards
Sunday 14th March 2021 – Walk Time 61 Mins
Sometimes the right tunes are playing at the right times in your life

The Four Mile Thinking Walk Route!

I saw Suze yesterday and we were discussing various bits and bots as we do, and one of the topics l was talking about was the feelings l had with regards to my blog. I have written about this quite a bit this year as you know. I set myself a year target to consider where l wanted to go with my blog? Was l to change direction, delete or something else?

With something as huge as this … in so far as a decision – and for me this blog is well over three years of age now – it’s not something l can resolve quickly. It needed a lot of very deep thought and risk assessment. In the last 12 months l have changed considerably as a person and more so from the person who originally created this blog. My life has experienced huge changes also, circumstances beyond my control changed me, as well as expected changes which have altered the path l was walking down.

You know, there are things l love about blogging and then there are things l am not so keen on with blogging … ultimately much of it comes down to the users as in ourselves – we change but also it involves others as well, the writer, the reader, the translator of those reading, writing and communicating with the ‘one’. It’s interpretation …. l had these things, these words floating in my mind since the start of this year and more so since the end of last month …. expression, evolved, communication, adaption, life, inspiration, honesty, purpose, point, confidence, digital all of these words have been bouncing around in my head, alongside, stimulation, challenge and boredom.

I realised that this was a message from my brain to me and today when walking what l call the Thinking Walk Route which is a four mile round trip, l was plugged into my sounds, enjoying the speed of my pace, watching out for some great imagery and thinking and combined with yesterday’s conversation with Suze on our walk, and a conversation l had with a friend yesterday about how l felt about things with my life – together everything has woken me up to the solution and that is quite simply put … my life has to change again!

Sometimes the right tunes are playing at the right times in your life … the secret is knowing how exactly to listen to them to hear them for you.

Things have shifted for me, and whilst l was very aware of them on a broader level, l wasn’t totally aware of them on a personal level as in how it tied in with me and my blog. But l am now …

Over the next few months, A Guy Called Bloke as a blog will be undergoing some serious changes – certain things will be going and although a lot will be staying – much will not. I have come to realise that l was struggling with the two sides of me and when that happens, l need to act on it.

Sometimes the same things just look different when you turn back time.

The walk today simply ironed out all of my confusing life crinkles … l found my direction again.

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

28 thoughts on “Morning Musings

    1. Hey Madam K – what leave you and the thoughts of a draping and dappling sun? My goodness gracious me …. l could never do that 🙂

      The changes are needed now – for me to find my sanctum again.

        1. Change is good, even if at times it means hard work and a little fear – sometimes we just have to take the plunge. It’s times like this when l am thankful for my methodical mind … l shudder at the prospect of what l must do and only because because l know how utterly complex my navigational system is and now l must break it hahahaha!! To fix it.

  1. Good morning Rory! Imagine my relief when I continued to read and discover that you will be revamping your blog as opposed to deleting/shutting it down. I am not always the most active participant but I read your posts and feel like I am having a good chat with a friend. So thank you for staying around and I look forward to seeing the updated look of your blog. And once more so jealous that you have waterways on your walk. The city I live in we do not have being landlocked and all and farming community. I feel more at home near water but alas…..

    1. Hey Jay-Lyn l feel your pain, being landlocked is not great, l used to be like that and used to live in places like that also. Water is indeed soothing.

      In all honesty, l didn’t think l would delete, but l needed to be sure .. this will be different, but not that new 🙂

  2. Good to hear you plan on sticking around! There’s nothing wrong with change, and the past doesn’t have to constrain the future.

  3. I am relieved that you’ve decided to keep your blog. A change is must when we feel overwhelmed or pressured. I hope that the changes you’re thinking of making, will make you feel more at ease. Hope you had a good walk.

  4. Ooohhh, ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… I’m ready to face the strange! I’m glad you’ve found a path! And I look forward to the journey forward💃🏼🥳🌊🦄💫🧸💌

  5. This is exciting Rory! I believe when you come to this conclusion you should follow your instincts because happiness will follow. I cannot wait to witness your journey and growth.

  6. Happy Monday, Rory! Our blogs are a reflection of ourselves and as we change, it seems feasible our blogs change as well. I started my blog in 2015 and have changed it multiple times! I changed the niche, the title, the content, the theme, etc. many times.

    Then I opted to have a second blog for poetry only in 2017. Well, my second blog hasn’t gained much traction and I was considering WP’s freebie plan or deleting it. So, I copied all of the poems into a word doc and put it on the freebie plan. Soon after, my laptop had issues so I reset it. I back up my stuff to an external hard drive but I hadn’t done so recently before the reset therefore I lost the copied poems.

    To make a too long story short, I started up the second blog again with WP’s Premium plan. I like all the bells and whistles for my blogs and have fun tinkering with them. I change themes on both blogs frequently.

    So don’t feel alone in changing your blog and please don’t delete it! You know, the only constant in life is change!! Make it a great day!! 🥳

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