Man, Now Unmasked!

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Man, Now Unmasked!

Is the time for fun,
…. Now undone…
…OR has the time for fun,
Simply begun?

It’s not that l don’t have anything to say,
Nor is it that it’s not to be said …
It’s just that there is too much either way,
… and not all is yet to be read!
They say your poetry is like your diary,
To the world!
Inner mindful tales no longer wishing to be solitary,
… simply awaiting you to grant their unfurling!
I can buy into that; l understand the implication …
All too well …
…. When thoughts, ponderings, and vexations
Need somewhere else to dwell!
Tis true, my mind and inner sanctum,
Are overwhelmed and fraughted with a worrisome depth,
The tranquillity of mere simplicity now rides random …
… with every single one of my breaths!

Yesterday’s turmoil runs amok deep inside me,
… and no matter what l do,
I can’t shake the sharpened claws completely free,
So I must simply see it through!
I have done it – ‘THIS’ – before,
And l shall do it again …
The purging of my darkest grimoire,
… needs to be ripped from my brain!
But it always comes at a cost,
When l dredge deep into once locked vaults,
The things from years gone by that l have tossed…
… and hidden due to their faults!
Crypted secrets needing to be unearthed,
… and thought about once more and tasked,
The accursed need to forever be dispersed,
 …. by the man now unmasked!

Is the time for fun,
…. Now undone…
…OR has the time for fun,
Simply begun?

© Rory Matier 2021

12 thoughts on “Man, Now Unmasked!

  1. A few more cobwebbies to get out of dark corners? All the planets in the sky and all the feelings and thoughts of all the people are pushing, pulling, and running amok.
    🎶times, they are a-changin🎶

    Full wattage light in every corner. Every item seen, cataloged or tossed, THEN… it’s time for forward steps and Fun, fun, fun!!💃🏼🥳

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